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RUSH: I get a couple e-mails every day, “Why aren’t you talking about Chris Christie and Medicaid?” Folks, reason I’m not talking about Chris Christie and Medicaid or Chris Christie and CPAC is because, A, it doesn’t interest me; B, the reason it doesn’t is because it doesn’t surprise me. It just doesn’t. Rick Scott surprised me and Bob McDonnell surprised me in caving to Obamacare and expanding Medicaid. That’s basically saying, “Yeah, we’ll set up exchanges and we’ll assume the Medicaid responsibility.”

Christie didn’t surprise me.

Not after the photo-op with Obama and all that stuff after the hurricane. He didn’t surprise me. So that’s why. The CPAC stuff is they rescinded his invitation because he doesn’t appear to have a future in the Republican Party. Now, I don’t know about that. He may go third party. Who the heck knows? But I’ve always told you that I only talk about things that interest me here or that intrigue me, and that doesn’t, because it doesn’t surprise me. I’m sorry. (interruption) No, Christie’s not off the radar. I’m just saying that what he did there with accepting Obamacare… For crying out loud, he’s been…

Obama is his new best bud, okay? So I’m just not surprised.

It doesn’t surprise me. That’s all.

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