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RUSH: I think what Obama’s gonna do is he’s gonna try to blame all of his massive defense cuts on the Republican sequester, but he’s got a little problem. Bob Woodward is out there reminding everybody that this was Obama’s idea, and journalists are now conflicted because Woodward is Mr. Journalist Emeritus. What that means is, Woodward ought to be leading the defense of Obama, and he’s not.

Woodward is saying it’s Obama’s fault; it was Obama’s idea.

So these young buck journalists are going, “Oh, gee,” and they’re turning on Woodward. Journalists are turning. Ezra Klein, the young “wunderkind” at the Washington Post, is writing he thinks Woodward’s wrong — at Woodward’s own paper! Other journalists are conflicted. Bill Plante. Oh, what sound bite is Bill Plante talking about State-Controlled Media? It’s here somewhere. Here we go, audio sound bite 26. This is during Reliable Sources. Howard Kurtz yesterday on CNN said, “Bill Plante, you’ve been patrolling the building since Ronald Reagan,” meaning the White House. “Does the White House press look a little self-involved, a little whiny, complaining about this Tiger [Woods] incident?”

PLANTE: We’ve gotten used to be calling whiny lapdogs.

KURTZ: (guffawing)

PLANTE: I’ve heard it for 30 years!

KURTZ: (guffawing)

PLANTE: But this is not about a picture of Tiger Woods. This is about access to the president, and access to the president has been cut and pushed and curtailed over every administration I’ve covered — and here’s the nub of it, Howie. This administration has the tools to reach people on their own. They don’t need us as much — and to the extent that they’re able to do that, they’re undercutting the First Amendment, which guarantees a free press through many voices. If they put out their own material, it’s State-Run Media.

RUSH: Well, that’s a good question: “How would we know the difference between what President Obama puts out and what the press puts out?” Bill Plante’s right. They don’t need them! The White House doesn’t need ’em, but they’ve got ’em anyway. The White House has its own Twitter account. They still have all the campaign websites up. They’re still out fundraising. But they also have the press. He just said it: “State-Run Media.” Where have you heard that before?

So here’s a guy in the State-Run Media complaining. See, what Plante’s saying is, “Gosh, we’re in the State-Run Media. There ought to be some kind of loyalty here! But he’s not including us anymore. He doesn’t need us.” So now Plante is calling these other propagandists State-Run Media, when they all are. But since Obama is not giving ’em any love… All this over no picture of Tiger Woods! Just to show you, you talk about petty and hurt feelings? Man, this is like not being in the clique in high school — not being among the group passing the notes — and feeling left out.

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