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RUSH: It’s actually mind-boggling to me. I’ve never seen this before. This is one thing that is new. I have not seen a president in the eyes of the public have no relationship to the events of the day. I have not seen that before. I thought about this, started doing shows like this in 1984, Reagan was president. Every president that I have seen has always been tied to national policies, be they military, be they economic, be they social. Obama is the first president that a majority of people do not associate with actual events and actual occurrences. He’s seen as not involved, but trying to stop them. Not involved, but fighting them.

Five years he’s been president. Well, four years and a couple months. He gets away with not being perceived as governing. He’s still fighting Bush. He’s still fighting Reagan. He’s still fighting all that crap that happened before he got here. Every president would love this, by the way. They would love to be able to pull this off. Obama’s just the first one who has.

Let’s grab sound bite number one. I’m gonna get started, got some good ones here. This is Madam Albright, the former secretary of state for Bill Clinton. She’s the one who said many things over the course of many years. Among the things that she has said is that she always thought it was a bad idea that the United States was a lone superpower. That wasn’t good for the world. That was a world that was not balanced. If there wasn’t a competing superpower, there was nothing to stop us. So in Madeleine Albright’s view, we’re not the good guys. We’re just as bad as any other superpower that’s an enemy of ours. It was a good thing to have the Soviet Union, another superpower.

Superpowers, you know, they keep themselves and each other in check. We made sure the Soviets didn’t establish communism all over the world, and the Soviets made sure that we weren’t able to spread freedom all over the world. Can’t have that. There are certain places people don’t know how to be free. They need to live in tyranny. They need to live in chains and dungeons, like Cuba. I remember Madeleine Albright was part of the group when the Berlin Wall fell, there were a lot of liberals that were very worried about that. That the people in Russia, the old Soviet bloc, they’d been living under communism for so long, they weren’t gonna know what to do with freedom, and they wouldn’t be able to handle it. Meaning, without shepherds in their lives, they wouldn’t be able to know what to do day to day.

So that’s Madeleine Albright. It’s not good that the US is the only superpower. No, no way. It’s bad for the world because we’re not the good guys. So she’s on with Charlie Rose on his show on PBS. Charlie is talking about the budget and the sequester, of course, and Charlie Rose said to Madam Albright, “We may face sequester. What will that do to America’s ability to conduct a wise foreign policy?” Can I just tell you, not a damn thing. Look, we weren’t able to prevent the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi before the sequester. So what’s gonna happen with the sequester? We’re gonna somehow be able to stop the loss of life? Anyway, here’s what Madam Albright said in answer to the question: “We may face sequester. What will that do to America’s ability to conduct a wise foreign policy?”

ALBRIGHT: I think it will hurt us immensely. It just makes us look incompetent. We are not presenting, I think, the right image to the world in terms of what can be done when Democratic and Republican — or, you know, when leaders that have been elected are able to come to some kind of a solution. We are looking dysfunctional.

ROSE: This is a sharp criticism of your president.

ALBRIGHT: No, I think the president is doing everything he can.

ROSE: Oh, so it’s just Congress.

ALBRIGHT: I think that at this stage I truly do believe that, that there are — is an awful lot of game playing, and I think the president has offered a variety of solutions. I think that he gave a great inaugural speech and a State of the Union.

RUSH: So you see, we’re being embarrassed. This is embarrassing. Everybody in the world is looking at us like we can’t get anything done, and Charlie just assumes (imitation), “Wow, that is a sharp criticism of the president.” Madam Albright, “No, no way, the president is doing everything he can. It’s the Republicans. It’s Congress, Charlie. Charlie, you’re off message here, pal. It’s not Obama. He’s doing everything he can.”


That’s right. That’s right. Well, no. She came out and said she didn’t think Clinton had sex with Lewinsky. She didn’t really believe that. I mean, you’d have to be an idiot to believe that Clinton wasn’t having sex with Lewinsky and a bunch of others. They just circle the wagons. I mean, they do not throw their people overboard, Snerdley. They defend — doesn’t matter — you know, they will protect the ideology. They will protect liberalism. Dan Rather did what he did with that phony story, circle the wagons and give him a couple of awards.

We conservatives will throw each other overboard at the first chance we get because there are certain conservatives who just want to get rid of others so they can ascend to whatever they think the top of the mountain is, but these guys don’t do that. How many people on our side wanted to throw Clarence Thomas away because they believed, “Well, even if Clarence Thomas is truthful and even if she’s lying, he’s damaged.” How many people wanted to throw Sarah Palin overboard? The Democrats don’t do that.

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