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RUSH: I’m gonna tell you, I’ve been watching CNN ever since Jeff Zucker took over (they got rid of Jim Walton) and I think I know what they’re doing at CNN. I think CNN has decided to fill a market niche that they think is unfilled. You have Fox, ostensibly owns conservatives. MSNBC, ostensibly owns liberals. I think CNN is going upscale celebrity trash. I think Piers Morgan is the role model for everything they want that network to be. By trash, I mean supermarket magazines with flair, supermarket magazines with noted bylines. I think they’re gonna target politically oriented celebrity news as their niche. I could be wrong. We’ll see. It won’t take long to find out.


RUSH: Look, I’m not that saying what CNN is doing is gonna work. I’m just saying that’s what I think they’re targeting. Think, National Enquirer with a British accent to give it some air of respect.


RUSH: Ah look, a lot of people are dubious. Even Snerdley! Snerdley is dubious. You know, I must tell you: I’m into my 25th year now, and I think I have established an incredible track record of accuracy, predictions, and cutting edge stuff. Yet it is amazing how often people think I don’t know what I’m talking about, even among my own staff! Snerdley says I cannot possibly think that CNN would do anything that makes Piers Morgan the star because his numbers (his ratings) are so low. You’re missing the whole point. Take a look TMZ’s ratings!

That’s what they’re shooting at here. And, by the way, it’s not just Snerdley. I checked e-mail during the break. So, let me just tell you. Here are the top CNN headlines as of this moment. “Investigators Find Fire Clues Aboard Crippled Carnival Triumph.” “Letters from John Lennon’s Killer to be Sold.” “Danica Patrick Wins Historic Pole Position at Daytona 500.” “Man Accused of Slapping Crying Boy on Delta Flight Loses His Job.” “’93 World Trade Center Plotter Ramzi Yousef Wants Contact Ban Lifted.” “Country Singer Mindy McCready Dies in Apparent Suicide.”

“What Else to Blame for Chicago Murder Rate, Victims?” “Environmentalists Occupy National Mall to Fight Climate Change.” This is it. Those are the headlines. You go to CNN’s website and that’s it. By the way, nothing on preexisting conditions. Nothing on the sequester. Now, admittedly, that’s their website and so forth, but I’m just telling you. If you start paying attention to CNN, do it for the fun of it, and see if more and more their “expert” guests on things are not celebrities to one degree or another. They’re weighing in on the sequester, for example, or weighing in on Hugo Chavez and whatever’s being talked about.

You see if I’m not right.

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