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RUSH: Audio sound bite 19. Marc Lamont Hill, Columbia University agitator, organizer, professor, has apologized to the families of Chris Dorner’s victims.

HILL: This has been an important public conversation that we’ve had about police brutality, about police corruption, about state violence. As far as Dorner himself goes, he’s been like a real-life superhero to many people. Now, don’t get me wrong: What he did was awful, killing innocent people. He’s just bad. But when you read his manifesto, when you read the message that he left, he wasn’t entirely crazy. He had a plan and a mission here. And many people aren’t rooting for him to kill innocent people. They’re rooting for somebody who was wronged to get a kind of revenge against the system. It’s like almost watching Django Unchained in real life. It’s kind of exciting.

RUSH: The apology’s the next bite on the next page. So that was to set it up. That’s what he said on Wednesday. This guy’s a superhero! He’s a world-renowned hero calling attention to all this. The apology is next.


RUSH: Marc Lamont Hill. Marc Lamont Hill was on CNN on Wednesday. We played you that sound bite. He was joining the chorus of everybody… Oh, by the way, they did confirm that it was Dorner in the cabin. An ID has been made. Dorner was the body found in the cabin. So he died in that fire that nobody set on purpose. Marc Lamont Hill and everybody was trying to make this guy out to be a modern-day Django, a modern-day hero.

This was a guy that was out there alerting everybody to the evils of racism and slavery and discrimination, and all of that heightened and intensified and focused on the LAPD. He was doing the Lord’s work for a lot of people, reminding people that this is still a slave state. Well, in the process, Marc Lamont Hill, who’s a university professor at Columbia, started getting a little heat over making a hero of this guy, particularly from the families of people this guy killed.

So Marc Lamont Hill tweeted yesterday, and he was gonna go on The O’Reilly Factor last night to discuss his misunderstood comments on Dorner. He was gonna apologize. Now, the way the left always apologizes a certain way. The one thing you have to understand is, when they apologize, they’re really apologizing for you being too stupid to understand what they meant in the first place. Their apologies always boil down to, “You just didn’t understand me, but I’m sorry anyway.”

So here is audio sound bite number 20. I’m giving the numbers ’cause I’m throwing these numbers at the broadcast engineer all out of order from what was originally planned. So O’Reilly said to Marc Lamont Hill: “Put yourself in the place of the family members who are grieving because of his murders. How do you think they are reacting because of that analysis? To be fair to you, because I have known you a long time, I’ll give you a chance to explain this. Go.”

HILL: You just mentioned the family members of the victims. And, quite frankly, my heart goes out to them. And if my words in any way caused them any pain or trauma or stress more than — than — they are already experiencing, then I offer them my deepest condolences and my apologies. What I was saying on CNN, though, was not that I support Dorner, not that he was a “superhero” to me. I was asked to explain why he was getting so much online support. And what I was saying is, to many people, they’re not seeing him as a mass killer. The media narrative isn’t that he was a mass killer. The media narrative is: “He’s someone who was wronged by a corrupt department and now he’s exacting his revenge,” which is the Django, uh, comparison. I’m not condoning what he did, but Americans are capable of having two thoughts at the same time.

RUSH: If he woulda kept talking he would have eventually retracted his apology, because while he makes the apology then he keeps doubling down on why he said it in the first place — and, by God, I had every right! The media narrative was that this guy’s a hero. (Mr. Marc Lamont Hill, when you’re on CNN, you are the media.) The media narrative here is he’s not just a mass killer. The media narrative is he was someone wronged by a corrupt department.

Now he’s exacting his revenge, and we gotta listen to it. He’s a smart guy! He wrote an 11-page, 7,000-word manifesto. We gotta listen to the guy! (Folks, it was obscene.) This whole episode was profoundly obscene and insulting to every decent person’s sensibilities. But it didn’t stop these people. They just doubled down on it, and now conspiracy theories abound over why the guy was killed and what he was going to say.

“They couldn’t let him live!

“The LAPD, the San Bernardino sheriffs, there’s no way they were gonna take him alive because they didn’t want to deal with the truth that he was gonna tell the world. That’s exactly right! So he had to be wiped out, he had to be killed, ’cause this guy had the goods! This guy was gonna expose the corruption, the racism, the discrimination. He was gonna expose it all. This guy was gonna bring the LAPD to its knees, and the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department to its knees. That’s why they had to take him out. He had too much truth.”

There are a lot of people that, to this moment, believe this.

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