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Here’s John, Chester, Connecticut. Thank you for the call, sir. And it’s great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Thanks for having me.

RUSH: Yep.

CALLER: You know, one of the things that I always wonder about with these reporters a little bit is if they’re maybe a little bit fearful. I mean, every once in a while you see, you know, Jake Tapper raise his head or one of those guys, and they dare to ask a question or something comes up and they kind of get put back in their place. I always wonder if these guys see a little bit of the monster that they’ve helped to create, certainly. And, you know, one of the questions I always ask my liberal friends is, you know, what their limit is.

You know, we kind of always push the envelope always to the left, you know, the issue of gay marriage, multiple marriage. You had the pedophilia justification a few weeks ago. The issue of confiscating people’s 401(k)s. I like to ask my liberal friends, “What are your limits?” Because you’ll reach those limits eventually, and that becomes the mainstream of liberal think at that point, and then, once you resist it then you in fact become the enemy, and that’s what I wonder a little bit with these reporters, every once in a while, you know, questioning the Great One.

RUSH: What do your liberal friends tell you when you ask them about their limits?

CALLER: You know what? Most of the time they really try to avoid the question —

RUSH: Yeah, because there aren’t any.

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: Because they’re never happy with what they get. They always want more. They’re never satisfied with it.

CALLER: No, because what it comes down to for me is, once I reach that conclusion with them and they don’t answer the question, I look them in the eye and I say to them, “Then it’s religion for you, that’s what it is, it’s religion. You’re not thinking rationally.”

RUSH: You know, the fact of the matter is, you and I, everybody else looking at it, not quite correctly when you ask them what their limit is because the truth of the matter is they aren’t going to stop until they have no more opposition, until they can do whatever they want to do without anybody standing up and saying, “No, you can’t.” And until that happens they will never be happy, and as such they need opposition in order to feel energized and they’ll create it if they have to. But the answer to your question, there aren’t any limits. Whatever they want to do is morally superior and fine, and the problem is anybody opposing them or saying “no, that’s too far, you can’t do that.” They’re not gonna be happy until there isn’t any of that.


RUSH: You know, the question that the guy asks his liberal friends, “What are your limits?” Well, look at Obama’s upcoming State of the Union address. Who would have ever thought that the things he’s gonna talk about would be the goals of the Democrat Party and the country even 30 years ago?


RUSH: It was really a great question. Our last caller said that when he talks to his liberal buddies, he asks, “What are your limits? At what point do you say, ‘Enough is enough’? At what point, say, in the culture will you say, ‘No, no. We can’t do that’?” And he says they avoid answering. The answer to the question, folks… It’s a great question, but it’s not the right one, because there are no limits. They are not happy with whatever they accomplish, because there’s always opposition to it. Now, I know there’s opposition to everything, but, remember: They don’t want to deal with that.

I’m telling you that they’re… Liberals are like fans, if you will. I mean, they’re “team live or die!” Their team can’t do anything wrong no matter what, and you hate the opposition, pure and simple. I think that where they are is that what they resent is any opposition. When they say they want to do something, there’s always somebody judging them. There’s always someone saying, “No, you can’t. No, that’s wrong.” They don’t want to hear that, and so it’s not that there are limits to even what their desires are. It is that there’s opposition to it. They’re not going to stop pushing the boundaries until there’s no opposition, and that’s really what’s underway here.

Look at what Obama is going to push for in his State of the Union Show tomorrow night. In all honesty, who would have ever thought that these would be the goals of the Democrat Party just 30 years ago? Another push for amnesty, same-sex marriage, total gun control, cap and trade, global warming regulations, reducing nuclear warheads to a token number. Outside of amnesty and immigration, none of that would have been imaginable 30 years ago, even within the Democrat Party. None of it would have been considered mainstream. All of those items were kook fringe, far-out, extreme items.


Would you not agree with me? Maybe you disagree with me. I’ve been doing this 25 years, and before those 25 years, there were four years in Sacramento. So let’s make that an even 30. I’ve essentially been doing this radio show for 30 years, and I’ve learned. When the liberals come out and start targeting SUVs, I know what it means: They’re not gonna stop ’til they get rid of ’em, one way or the other. Same-sex marriage? Same thing. Once it gets started, they’re not going to stop ’til they get it; then there’s gonna be something to come along to replace it that you’re gonna say, “My gosh, I never would have believed this.”

So the Democrat Party’s president is gonna go out there with a State of the Union agenda that, 30 years ago, was close to unimaginable. Certainly somebody with this agenda, 30 years ago, wouldn’t be making State of the Union addresses, because somebody with this agenda 30 years ago would not have won the presidency. I think we can all agree with that. It’s arguable — and I know some of you may disagree with me on this, but it’s arguable — that Obama would be president today if he ran on that agenda. Clearly this was not his agenda in 2008. In 2008, it was unity. It was getting rid of the old politics.

It was everybody getting along! It was the country loving each other and being loved by the rest of the world. It was an end to rancor, all of these messianic things. Now? That’s now out the window because it was never really reality. It was just what everybody wanted. Now we’re four years in, and we had a reelection campaign which was all about Mitt Romney. It was all about what a piece of scum Mitt Romney was. That was the essence of Obama’s campaign. Now, he did same sex marriage. He “evolved” on same-sex marriage only last summer. But that was not about winning the election in November. Well, partly, but it was about fund-raising.

I guess you could say it was about winning the election, but there was something else. There was some other reason for it, and I forget what it was. I forget why all of a sudden he was forced or pressured into doing it, ’cause he’s always been opposed to it. (interruption) Well, yeah, gay activists were saying they were revolting. I know but was it that he feared losing the election if they revolted? (interruption) “With all the money.” Okay. (interruption) “Campaign donations.” Yeah, yeah, okay. But it’s only last summer that Obama, quote, unquote, “evolved.” Prior to that, he wouldn’t get anywhere near gay marriage. He was always opposed to it.


In fact, it was Bite Me who went out there and forced him into it, if you recall. Biden went out there, made a comment, and forced Obama into same-sex marriage. But, I mean, unless the left is beating up the opposition, they aren’t happy. They are addicted to the struggle. That’s why slavery will never really be solved. That’s why racism will never, ever be solved. It is why there’s always gonna be a global warming or something, because they are down for the struggle. That’s how you claim your authenticity. But I’m just telling you, it’s mind-boggling.

Two of the most powerful Democrats in the country are just willing to lie and claim, with Pelosi, that we’ve already cut $1.6 trillion in nondefense spending — or with Reid we’ve got $2.6 trillion — when we’ve cut nothing from nondefense spending! We haven’t cut anything anywhere. But here’s the Washington Post: The job of debt reduction is done. Once the sequester hits, that’s done! Now, some of you may know how to deal with this. The only thing I know to do is to defeat it. You can’t compromise with it. There is no common ground. I don’t care what you say, there is no point in negotiating with this.

We need to have the same attitude about them that they have with us in the political realm, and that is defeating them. But we’re scared to do that because when we do that, we’re told, “The independents will get mad and not like us, and then they’ll run and make fast tracks for the Democrats.” It’s just mind-boggling. But I’m telling you, this agenda that he’s gonna announce, you couple it with the inaugural address, and you have the most left-wing manifesto, undisguised, that has ever been openly presented to the people of this country.

Without fear of any retribution! So same-sex marriage, total gun control, cap and trade, global warming regulations, getting rid of nuclear warheads other than for a token number. These are subjects for a State of the Union! The signs were all there in the past 30 years. I mean, the fact that this is who they are, it’s always been there. The fact that these are desires, has always been there, but they were always fringe. They were always the kook fringe. Now it’s the Democrat mainstream.

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