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RUSH: Here’s Bill in St. Louis. Bill, welcome to the EIB Network. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, I just want to tell you, I was a survivor of the January 1978 snowfall in Providence, Rhode Island, and it was 44 inches. We had two inches an hour for 22 straight hours. This snowstorm I would suggest is not anywhere near that, but the problem, I would say, is that I would never trust the forecasting to predict anything, because they didn’t predict what I was in. I was in downtown Providence when it started. There was no snow on the ground and I didn’t even know it was gonna snow. And let me warn your listeners, too, and I think it’s appropriate for you to point out specifically because I don’t think you’ve touched the subject. Where I was staying at the Marriott in Providence, the only female companionship I had was a feminazi lawyer from San Francisco. That is horror.

RUSH: Was that by accident or by design?

CALLER: I didn’t know she was staying there. I literally dragged her to that hotel where she was staying, because she couldn’t have made it because it was snowing so hard.

RUSH: Well, that’s another thing to consider. Make sure that you have some kind of agreeable, acceptable, mutually agreed-upon companionship. Oh, my God, that’s an excellent — and this is from an actual survivor of one of these killer storms, folks. I’m so glad you got through. This is not to be taken lightly. Yeah, stuck in a hotel, feminazi from San Francisco in the middle of… I don’t even want to think about it. You deserve a medal. You had to survive even more than the storm, and you did, and you are here today to talk about it because you followed the guidelines issued by the authorities back then and you improvised at the right time as well. Thank you, Bill.


RUSH: Jim in Singers Glen, Virginia. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hello, Rush.

RUSH: Greetings, sir. Thank you for calling.

CALLER: Hey, I’ve been listening to the show today, and I just want to tell you that I think at times like these you should be a little more serious and stick to the issues.

RUSH: What do you mean?

CALLER: Well, I hear you talking about Marco Rubio and Republican strategerists, Democrat strategists, talking about Maxine Waters and a secret database. I don’t think this is the time for that. I think you should stick to the issues. There’s a serious snowstorm on the way, an historic snowstorm.

RUSH: My gosh, I can’t win. I can’t win for trying.

CALLER: Well, people need these tips. I’m a survivor, too. I’ve been in eight to 12 inches of snow. I’ve been in 22 inches of snow. We need tips. We need to know what to do.

RUSH: You sound like Ed Rollins, in which case you would need the tip, I agree. Well, Jim, I appreciate the call. Thanks. See what kind of stuff I get? No matter what I do, here’s the stick-to-the-issues crowd, not enough tips. I can understand this, folks. There is a genuine killer storm. It’s actually already started. I watched it. You can see the snow on TV. The snow is falling. It’s accumulated already an inch because of heavy drifting. It doesn’t look good. Has anybody put in motion whatever you have to do for the aid, the relief bill, declare disaster, emergency, whatever you have to do to get federal funding to clean up? And the concert, has anybody planned the concert? We did a concert after Hurricane Sandy.

There’s gotta be a concert for this, a concert in Boston, a concert in New York, and who knows wherever else.


RUSH: JoAnne in Laurel Run, Pennsylvania. Hi JoAnne, I’m glad you called. It’s great to have you here with us.

CALLER: Rush, God bless you. I hope you’re around for many, many years to get us through this.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: It’s a terrible, terrible time in our land, but every time your music comes on I’m dancing in my house. (laughing)

RUSH: (laughing) Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Rush, I have you on two radios at all time, one end of the house to the other.

RUSH: I appreciate that, thank you.

CALLER: And that last caller you had. He’s one of those people out there that’s waiting for the government to tell him how to wipe himself after he goes to the bathroom.

RUSH: Well, look, I know you have that attitude, but the guy is scared. I mean, he’s one of these people that doesn’t think he might be able to get through the next three days without some kind of assistance or tips from me. I took it that he was grateful.

CALLER: Okay, well, then I hope he’s listening. I’m going to be 65 this year. I go out six nights a week to do my job. If I don’t go do my job, I don’t have a job. Back in the eighties when I was in my forties we had 101 inches total snow. There was so much snow it was like mountains.

RUSH: Wait, that was for the whole year.

CALLER: Yeah, but it was so high there were mountains of snow. I mean, people were fighting with one another because you took their parking place or because you were shoveling the snow into their backyard. I mean it was horrific. It’s just our weather.

RUSH: Wait, no, no, no, wait a minute. That’s 20 years ago. This is what old people do. They come around, they tell young people how bad it was and how horrible it was, and you just don’t understand what life is like today.

CALLER: I didn’t hate it, though. It was the weather, it was the season. You got snow.

RUSH: Yeah, but it’s global warming now.

CALLER: No, we know it isn’t, Rush. I just feel bad for our country. You know, Rush to another scenario. I had four uncles in the Second World War. My uncle Al was shot down and lived through the Bataan Death March. I turned Republican when Reagan ran and we’ve been going downhill since and I’m crushed that people don’t see what’s happened to this beautiful land that God gave us. I’m crushed and I don’t know what to do to help. I was in a fog a week after the election in disbelief. I won’t even turn on Fox because some of their commentators I don’t care for with the stuff that they fed me through the whole thing, which I watched religiously before I went to work, when I came home from work. I can’t even listen to them anymore.

RUSH: I’m hearing that from a lot of people, by the way.

CALLER: There’s a handful of Republicans, but they’re not speaking loud enough. They’re not speaking for our Constitution. We’re not teaching our children in school. Thank God for my kids, they’re teaching my grandchildren, and I have great-grandchildren now, where our country stood and what it stands for.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: But we don’t get that in our public schools. If you don’t teach them they’re not getting it.

RUSH: I know. This is a major problem, one we’ve discussed on this program and one that I’m intrigued by terms of trying to do something about it. Nothing to say on it right now, but that’s something’s gonna have to change. The education system is what gives — I mean, Obama is a product of it. I mean, he didn’t come out of the womb thinking this radical stuff. He had to have this stuff taught to him, and he had to be persuaded, and it worked. Everybody, practically in kindergarten, gets inculcated with this stuff. It’s actually an indoctrination, not an education, and the biggest enemy that these people think they’ve got in the world today is us, conservatives and Republicans. That’s how they’re taught. They’re taught this stuff and they’re pummeled with it every day, from the earliest days of their educated lives. And it’s gonna be a major project to reverse that and overcome it, but it’s gonna have to happen.

CALLER: You know, Rush, I don’t know if this is true and maybe Snerdley could check into it, but I was down at my sister’s yesterday, my brother-in-law said it was on the Internet, that Obama was pledging allegiance with his left hand.

RUSH: No, that’s. No, no, no.

CALLER: That’s not true?

RUSH: No, no, no. That’s an old thing that goes back to the campaign of ’08. That’s not the problem. Even if that did happen, that’s not gonna change anybody’s mind about the guy. They’re just gonna reject it. Even if you’ve got proof, people aren’t gonna believe that. That’s not the way we’re gonna have to go about this. Look, he’s here. Nothing is gonna change the outcome of the election, either in 2008 or 2012. That’s part of the reality that we have to face and accept and deal with accordingly. There isn’t gonna be any impeaching Obama or any of that.

Now, I fully am expecting there to be events that occur that nobody can predict, there always are, that always upset what appears to be a steaming locomotive that can’t be stopped. And I think we’ve gotten to the point where it is gonna take an event or a series of events to wake people up, and I think it’s already starting to happen. The New York Times has a story today on the absolute pain and suffering in this country over a tiny tax increase. And they’re not blaming the Republicans in this. Look, there is much, much more economic reality to settle in here, and people’s economic circumstances are going to worsen. There’s nothing that is gonna stop that from happening.

So just don’t give up the ship out there and don’t throw up your hands. You don’t sound like someone that would do that anyway. You just hang in there and be tough because the time is going to come when you will be heard again and you will be listened to. The time is gonna come where people are gonna ask you to explain what really happened to them. That time is coming, for all of us. Do not doubt me. I’m glad you called. I appreciate it.

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