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RUSH: Jim in Rapid City, South Dakota. I really appreciate your patience. We get back to you now as we go back to the phones. Hello, sir.

CALLER: I really appreciate talking to you, Rush. It was over ten years ago that I called you from Greenville, North Carolina, telling you I was resigning as a second year med student with some angst and concern, but I did it, because I wasn’t gonna go on another four years or so to become a primary care doctor because I could see back then the structural problems of having a third-party payer involved in your health care. And this Obamacare is only gonna hasten more people from not going into primary care, which is the main reason —

RUSH: What was going on back in 2003?

CALLER: Well, this was even before, this was 2000. We had the remnants of Hillarycare, which is the same problem we have today with Obamacare.

RUSH: But Hillarycare didn’t pass.

CALLER: Yes it didn’t, but the structural problems are still there, and the structural problem is this. No one wants to become a primary care doctor if they can’t make the money, and now it only makes it worse because you’ve put a bigger third-party payer in the problem, not just insurance companies —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — governments, which is even worse, and we’re not —

RUSH: That’s not entirely true. It’s not that nobody wants to go into it, it’s that — this is tough to say — it’s that maybe the best of the pool are not going into it. I don’t want to insult people who are doctors and nurses, I don’t mean to do that, but it could well be that the best and the most talented have, just like you, punted: “I don’t want any part of this.”

CALLER: I agree.

RUSH: We’re always gonna fill the void. We got enough people in the country to fill the void in anything, but what is the talent level at that point? Who knows.

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