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RUSH: And we’re back. It’s Open Line Friday, and let’s go to the phones.

We’re gonna start in Oklahoma. This is Stella. It’s great to have you on the program. Hi Stella.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I just want you to stop campaigning for the Democrats. We’ve got a chance at the next midterm election. You know, the Democrats haven’t done anything. They haven’t got a budget, they haven’t lowered taxes, they haven’t limit(ed) terms, they haven’t cut out the fraud in Social Security or Medicare. They haven’t cut spending. They haven’t done a thing. Keep repeating that and all. They haven’t kept one promise.

RUSH: Wait, wait. You confused me. What do you mean, I’m campaigning for the Democrats?

CALLER: Well, you keep talking how the Republicans need to do this or Republicans need to do that, and all. We have gone over that. Everybody keeps saying that about what the Republicans need to do. The Democrats are smiling. They think, “Yeah, that’s right. The Republicans are to blame. The Republicans are to blame.” If we would start saying, “The Democrats need to keep their word. The Democrats need to keep their promises.

“They haven’t done this; they haven’t done that.” Point out what they haven’t done, let the people see them for who they are and stop telling people what Republicans need to do. We know what we need to do. The Republicans know what they need to do. They’ve learned from experience, unfortunately. And the Democrats just sit there and they don’t have to do a thing; they just have to keep listening to us tell ourselves what we need to improve. Start telling people what they have not done; what they have done to us.

RUSH: You know, Stella, if I may?

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: I’ve been doing this program for 25 years.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: I don’t think in American media today… Don’t misinterpret my tone, but I’m being honest. I don’t think that there is a person in American media who has done more to illuminate and explain who the Democrats are and what they’re doing and how they’re getting away with it than I have. I don’t think there’s anybody that could even come close.

CALLER: But your callers don’t get that. They call in to complain. They call in to complain about the Republicans. They need to stop complaining about the Republicans and start complaining about the problem we have with the Democrats who are in control, who were in control for two total years and did nothing.

RUSH: But, see, you’re talking about… You mean my audience or callers don’t get it. Remember, the callers of a talk show are less than one-tenth of 1% of the audience.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: At any one time here we’ve got six million people listening. I take maybe ten calls a day. You can’t extrapolate what the audience thinks by virtue of what callers say. But that’s just an inside baseball radio comment. The point is, for 25 years I have been explaining to everybody who the Democrats are, who Obama is, and I’ve done it better than anybody. And it hasn’t mattered, Stella. It hasn’t mattered. The American people think the Democrats are doing everything right.

The American people think the Democrats love them.

The American people think the Democrats care about them.

The American people think Republicans don’t.

The American people don’t think the Republicans have their best interests at heart, their best wishes at heart. They think the Republicans are mean, they’re racist, they’re sexist, they’re bigots, they’re homophobes. They are against people and they’re for big corporations. They’re for the rich. This is what the American people think. At least the ones who vote. A majority of those who vote, this is what they think, despite 25 years of illuminating who the Democrats are better and more consistently than anybody ever has.

CALLER: The Democrats are so against women, they wouldn’t even consider Hillary. They’d do anything — they would do anything — rather than have Hillary run. So they looked around the room to see who they could get the most votes for and they spotted Obama.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: They knew racism would get them in, and, you know, they think all the time about what sad stories they can tell because every time people hear sad stories, they want to donate. You hear the news at night, somebody had an accident, “Send your money to bank so-and-so.” I mean, you know, you’re not talking to people who seem to get the message that they are the ones who need to go out and vote, they’re the ones who need to tell people who are the ones who are not running the government the way they should. And we seem to make the Republicans —

RUSH: No. I’m not making the point, I guess. For twenty-five years, a quarter of a century, I have done — better and more consistently than anybody else — what you are demanding be done, and has it mattered? Look at Obama’s approval rating. He’s over 50%. What’s the Republican approval rating? Five percent! The reason people are telling the Republicans what to do, Stella, is because people think the Republicans are clueless in how to deal with this. And they’re right!

The American people are frustrated because the Republicans don’t seem to know what they’re up against. The Republicans and even the conservative media, to this day, do not seem to really get what we’re up against. They don’t know who Obama really is. He’s just, to them, the latest winner of an election. “He happens to be a Democrat. So we’ll play ball like we have to and we’ll win next time.” But it’s an entirely different playing field now, and they don’t get it.

That’s why people call and are frustrated, because they don’t see the Republicans opposing any of this! They don’t see the Republicans opposing any of it effectively, despite having a blueprint on how to do it. That’s why they’re frustrated, and I don’t blame them being frustrated. It’s not that people don’t understand what the Democrats are doing. Everybody does. It’s that we can’t find a way to beat them that frustrates everybody!

We know the hypocrisy. We know how they’re getting away with destroying things — the economy, the culture, the country. That’s not a mystery. The problem is that of the people who vote, a majority doesn’t understand — and, furthermore, don’t care. They don’t have any problem with what’s going on. They don’t think that it’s the Democrats who are racist. They don’t think it’s the Democrats who are sexist.

They don’t understand that it is the Democrats waging War on Women, not the Republicans. They don’t understand it, and they don’t care to understand it. So where we find ourselves now, there is no tactic. The Republican tactics are pathetic! There is no strategy. So now we find ourselves in a circumstance where we’re gonna have to wait for events to take place that will do the work for us, that will somehow convince people.

And it’s going to be little things like this payroll tax increase, where people that vote for Obama think everybody else’s taxes are going up and not theirs. They haven’t the slightest idea what’s about to hit ’em. They really don’t. They don’t have a clue. But they’re going to find out, and how they react to it’s gonna be very interesting to me. And we will be here monitoring it all. Stella, thanks for the call. I appreciate it, but I am not campaigning for Democrats.

And I never have.

I’ve also offered plenty of tactical advice for the Republicans, and they don’t listen to it, and that’s fine. I don’t walk in their shoes. I don’t really know their business. I’m in radio; they’re in politics. So I don’t sit here and tell myself that they ought to be doing what I think they ought to do. I don’t have that attitude. I mean, I think they could be better at what they do, but I don’t pretend to have the answers for ’em, and clearly they don’t have any and they don’t think anybody else does, either. So that’s where we are. I appreciate the call.


RUSH: I don’t think the Republicans in Washington have the slightest clue, and I don’t think that a majority of the conservative media in Washington has the slightest clue what’s really happening, or who Obama really is.

I mean, they marvel at his brilliant political skills at winning a debate, at winning a policy debate or humiliating Republicans. But in terms of who he really is and what he intends for this country, I don’t think they get it. I really don’t. But the proof’s in the pudding. These people at the Democrat Underground are the exact low-information voters we’re talking about. They are upset that their taxes went up, but they also think that they had to go up in order to revive the economy!

They think they’re making a sacrifice for economic recovery because their taxes go up. They’re a little bit miffed because they didn’t think their taxes were going up. They thought everybody else’s taxes were going up. This is what Obama wanted them to believe. Obama wants voters to think their taxes aren’t going up, just everybody else’s. And “everybody else” happens to be the rich, who aren’t paying their fair share.

Well, now they are.

Except their taxes — the non-rich, the Democrats — are going up, too. So the way they’re rationalizing it is, “Well, Bush cut taxes, and that destroyed the economy, and so Obama has to raise taxes to get the economy going again.” Now, that is, as we had a caller yesterday say, demonstrably untrue. We can show it in any number of statistical or real world ways. Raising taxes and having government increase has never led to an expanding private sector.

It never has, outside of World War II and maybe similar events like that. But in standard, normal, every day economic activity, a growing government does not equal a growing private sector. It can’t happen. The two can’t happen at the same time. Most people don’t know that. They’re not taught that. They believe, as these posters at Democrat Underground believe, that tax increases grow the economy, and that’s what Obama’s doing.

They think that’s what Obama wants ’cause Obama says that’s what he wants, but he doesn’t. Does this sound like I’m campaigning for the Democrats? I can’t believe that! I have to “stop campaigning for the Democrats”? Twenty-five years and that’s a comment that I get, I gotta stop campaigning for the Democrats? Me?

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