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RUSH: It’s our 25th Christmas together. Folks, you and I have been together longer than some couples. Stop and think of that. In fact, you and I… Well, it’s just an amazing thing. And I’ll tell you, earlier this year… It was shortly after the election. In fact, it was the day after the election. In fact, it was the night of the election. Kathryn and I were watching the election returns, and, like everybody, were a little discombobulated.

I had seen the exit poll data at five o’clock, and it didn’t make any sense. Sixty percent said they still blame Bush for the economy, and then there was a question: “Cares about people like me?” and that was Obama 81% to 19% over Romney. Then the actual exit poll voting showed that the real polling was dead right, that these states were too close to call.

As the night wore on, it turned out that the polling was right and Obama won the thing and we were all shocked because we actually thought we were gonna win. No way Obama was gonna equal this turnout. We thought the country had awakened after four years of this mess. We laughed every time Obama blamed Bush. We figured that most Americans were adults and would find that very childish and immature and unappealing just like they would in their kids.

It slowly dawned on us: “Wait a minute. We have totally misread the situation.” And Kathryn looked at me and said, “Well, you just can’t beat Santa Claus.” So the next day I came to the EIB Network and sat behind the microphone here, and I made that observation, “You just can’t beat Santa Claus,” and all hell broke loose on the Democrat side. They thought that was insulting to the Obama voters.

How dare I say that this country was a bunch of freeloaders and takers? That begot the discussion about the 47% that Romney had said he had no hope of winning, and we decided at that point — since we enjoy irritating the left — to actually put all of this to song. Obama as Santa Claus. Here was our very first song. We’ve got a whole bunch of them to share with you, but here’s the first one. Baracka Claus is Coming to Town.

(song plays: Baracka Claus is Coming to Town)

RUSH: “White comedian Paul Shanklin” as Barack Obama singing Baracka Claus is Coming to Town. Here’s Walking in a Welfare Wonderland.

(song plays: Walking in a Welfare Wonderland)

RUSH: It’s the EIB Network. El Rushbo.

(song continues)

RUSH: Ah, yes, my friends. Merry Christmas, everybody. Walking in a Welfare Wonderland. We just keep going with “white comedian Paul Shanklin.” Here’s a cover of the tune Sleigh Ride called Forward.

(song plays: Forward)

RUSH: EIB. El Rushbo.

(song continues)

RUSH: Yes, siree, Bob, folks! It’s Jolly Old St. Obama on the EIB Network.

(song plays: Jolly Old St. Obama)

RUSH: Jolly Old St. Obama! Jolly Old St. Obama! It’s El Rushbo playing hits back-to-back, more hits than you’ll hear anywhere else. Here’s our “white comedian Paul Shanklin” as Obama singing: Let It Grow.

(song plays: Let It Grow)

RUSH: Yeah, right. The EIB Network, El Rushbo, having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have. Our final tune in the Obama Christmas marathon series is Santa Barry.

(song plays: Santa Barry)

RUSH: Ah, yes, my friends. It’s Christmastime here at the EIB Network. That’s Paul Shanklin and a series of Christmas tunes honoring Baracka Claus and what he means to an ever-increasing number of Americans. Santa Barry, of course, is the concluding tune there in our series.

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