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RUSH: Well, that was my point. Mark Warner, the former governor and Manchin, the Senator of West Virginia said, “Oh, my God, my daughters have told me, ‘We gotta change gun control.'” I said, “You guys ever been to Chicago? Do you know what happens in Chicago every night?” What happens in Chicago in a week dwarfs what happened in Connecticut. Just nobody’s reporting it. There’s no cameras up there. You don’t see it. All you see is the mayor warning the gangbangers to kill each other instead of other people. That’s all you ever see.

No, I’m not being facetious here. The deaths to gun violence in the city of Chicago, pick a week, any week in the last three months. Add ’em up over a month. It dwarfs what happened in Newtown, Connecticut. Now, these are urban kids in Chicago. They’re not upper middle-class whites.

Let’s put it this way. Have you ever heard any politician go on an anti-gun rant when you’ve heard about urban violence? Does it ever happen? I’m asking. Those stories out of Chicago were happening daily. Drudge was highlighting them. But take your pick. The Rodney King incident, whatever, the Watts riots, pick one. Post-Katrina looting in New Orleans, was the anti-gun control out in force there? They never are, are they? I wonder why that is? Why is it the anti-gun people never use violence in urban neighborhoods as an example of why we have to get rid of guns. Why? A gun’s a gun. People die when one’s used in such manners. What does it matter? Obviously it does.

Rahm Emanuel, of all the things he’s said, he’s not said one thing about limiting the availability of guns in Chicago after any of those incidents, has he? And if he has, it hasn’t been widely reported. It hasn’t been reported enough in a way that we know about it. Philadelphia, Detroit, same thing. Oakland, California, exactly right. Look at the gun violence that took place in Oakland against the cops and so forth. The anti-Second Amendment crowd never gins up, do they?

Chicago has been averaging more murder than happened in Newtown every month this year. The murder toll in Chicago is projected to reach at least 500 for this year. There are more than 41 murders a month in Chicago. The lion’s share of them are taking place in poor black neighborhoods. I don’t hear the Reverend Jackson or any of the anti-gun media that we’re hearing from now raise a stink about guns in those places. That’s absolutely right. I wonder why that is. There has to be a reason.

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