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RUSH: See this in the Washington Post? Did you see this? “Report Finds Harsh CIA Interrogations Ineffective.” Now, wait. This is all part of what I’m telling you is going on as part of Obama’s transformation of this country and his effort to erase the good from everything in this nation’s past. Do you remember the CIA agent…? I loved this guy. Cookie, see if you can find this guy in the sound bite.

He was talking to Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes, and she was outraged. “You mean we were waterboarding? The United States doesn’t do that!” And he said, “But we do. But we do,” and it worked. It’s one of my all-time favorite sound bites. Jose Rodriguez was his name. He’s retired. He’s written a book. He’s a hero. He got the goods from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed on 9/11 about what happened, who was behind it, who actually did it.

But the history rewrite now underway. “Report Finds Harsh CIA Interrogations Ineffective.” So where are we? Well, the Community Reinvestment Act had nothing to do with the mortgage meltdown. The government demanding that banks lend mortgage money to people who could never pay it back had nothing to do with the subprime mortgage crisis. That was all greedy bankers.

Tax cuts have led to massive unemployment, economic depression, and deficits. Enhanced interrogations produced no worthwhile intelligence. This is what the left does. They revise history; they destroy mechanisms to solve problems. In all three of these items. The Community Reinvestment Act had nothing to do with mortgage meltdown. That was all Wall Street! Bbig, greedy banks! Tax cuts led to our current economic problems. Enhanced interrogation produced no actionable intelligence.

Who’s the villain in all three of those?

George W. Bush!

Who is Obama blaming for everything that he inherited that’s wrong, that’s gone wrong? Bush! What was Bush? Republican! It’s happening, right in front of our eyes. We are bearing witness to it, and many on our side are burying their heads in the sand. They think it’s not possible. “They can’t succeed with this, Rush. The American people are smarter than this.” I’ve giving up thinking that, at least among those who vote.

A lot of Americans don’t vote, so what good are they in discussing these circumstances? It’s all about the people that vote. It’s all about the people that are turned out. And among those people, we have been outnumbered now. They are low-information morons who think, by the way, that they know everything. It’s a deadly combination. So if Obama gets that concession from the GOP, or confession, that tax cuts cause deficits, cause unfairness, cause depression?

Tax cuts cause massive debt!

Tax cuts are the reason people are living in economic pain!

If he gets that, he will have moved the country closer to accepting his narrative that capitalists and capitalism have undermined this country — and, therefore, the founding of this country was immoral and unjust. “Banks caused the mortgage crisis. Evil, rich, Republican bankers who didn’t care about people. They tricked people into taking out bad loans,” when the truth is, the government made these banks loan money to people that had no way of paying it back.

The banks tried to get creative and find some value in this rather than watch their businesses go underneath. So the banks caused the mortgage crisis. Tax cuts are the way we steal money from the poor and give it to the rich. That causes deficits. Soon, if it hasn’t already happened, insurance companies will be the reason why people don’t have health care. So tax cuts and greedy, corporate, private sector industries have wrecked the economy. That’s the book Obama is writing.

Higher taxes, bigger government, more regulation, government-run health care, that will save the country. That will save us! That will fix what capitalism has destroyed. Folks, this is what happened to the Big Three car companies. Greedy corporations took more than their fair share. The banks caused a mortgage crisis that wrecked economy. Thank God Obama swooped in, bought up Chrysler and General Motors and saved ’em!

He saved ’em from their shareholders.

He saved ’em from the Bush tax cuts and these greedy bankers.

He saved them from the 2008 collapse!

Obama saved pensions. Obama saved lifetime health care! Obama saved the car companies. Capitalism destroyed them. Republicans destroyed them. Obama saved them! Just like he’s going to save health care — and he’s gonna do it again, as I say, with the health insurance industry as they crash and burn. He’ll say they mismanaged because of greed and selfishness, and they didn’t care about their customers.

They didn’t care whether their customers got insurance or not, and therefore they didn’t care whether their customers got treated or not. Obamacare will be the salvation! Obamacare will be the fix. He’ll say that the insurance company squandered profits on greedy executives and bonuses, not the policy holders. And as they raise their premiums, he’ll say, “They did so to squeeze innocent Americans so that executives could get bonuses.”

Obama will come in and save the day on that.

He’ll make it right, and he’ll make it fair again, and he’ll get even with those people who denied you coverage because of a preexisting condition and let your mother die! Obama and the Democrats are going to save this country from these evil, greedy, corporate, machine capitalists. He’ll come in; he’ll take over. It’ll never be admitted that Obamacare was the cause of higher premiums. It will never be written, not in our lifetimes, that Obamacare led to old people being told, “Just take a pill. We don’t have the money to spend on you today.”

You see, Obama’s got a grand plan.

In order to sell it, he’s gotta destroy the generally accepted, positive narrative that free markets are good. He has to undermine that idea and make freedom and free markets an impossible sell, if he is to take over industry after industry without a fight. And he’s off to a good start. He has to persuade Americans that corporations aren’t people. They’re evil, greedy, rich, animal-like machines. They’re sharks. They don’t care about anybody but themselves, and they’ve gotta be reined in before they do even more damage.

Profits? Just another form of theft!

Profit is how the rich take from the poor.

Profit is what you get when you make somebody well that’s sick, and that must be stopped.

That’s the road we’re on.


RUSH: I mentioned to you the Washington Post, which every year seems to run this story or a version of it. “Report Finds Harsh CIA Interrogations Ineffective — After a contentious closed-door vote, the Senate intelligence committee approved a long-awaited report Thursday concluding that harsh interrogation measures used by the CIA did not produce significant intelligence breakthroughs, officials said. The 6,000-page document, which was not released to the public, was adopted by Democrats over the objections of most of the committeeÂ’s Republicans. The outcome reflects the level of partisan friction –” Of course, this is all part of just overturning everything that we think is good, just, and right.

This is rewriting history on everything. Subprime mortgages, tax cuts, and now enhanced interrogations. It is what we are in the midst of. The Democrat Party, from the White House on down, is heavily invested in rewriting the history of events so that the Republican Party and conservatism is to blame, all the way back to the founding of the country, for everything that is wrong. And they focus on things that are fresh because most people are aware of them. Subprime mortgage, torture, enhanced interrogation, tax cuts for the rich, profit.

But let’s go back. April 26th, CBS Evening News, they played a clip from 60 Minutes that followed later that week. It was an interview that Lesley Stahl did with a former CIA interrogator, Jose Rodriguez. He had written a book about his role as the lead interrogator of the 9/11 terrorists that were at Club Gitmo. We have two sound bites here. Lesley Stahl said, “Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was tough. You had to pour that water more than 180 times.”

RODRIGUEZ: This is an individual who probably didn’t give a rat’s ass about having water poured on his face.

STAHL: He never believed for one second you were gonna kill him?

RODRIGUEZ: No. And let me just tell you, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed would use his fingers to count the number of seconds because he knew that in all likelihood we would stop at ten. So this doesn’t sound like a person who is afraid of dying.

RUSH: This is a discussion of waterboarding. Jose Rodriguez administered it. Lesley Stahl then said, “So what happens? Does he break down? Does he cry? I mean, you’re torturing him. Does he fall apart?”

RODRIGUEZ: No. He gets a good night’s sleep. He gets his Ensure. By the way, he was very heavy when he came to us and he lost 50 pounds.

STAHL: What, his Ensure? You mean like people in the hospital who will drink that stuff?

RODRIGUEZ: Yes. Dietary manipulation was part of these dire techniques.

STAHL: So sleep deprivation, dietary manipulation, I mean, this is Orwellian stuff. The United States doesn’t do that.

RODRIGUEZ: Well, we do.

RUSH: I love it. That’s one of my all-time favorite sound bites. “Well, we do.” And of course she can’t believe that we would make a mass murderer drink Ensure. “What, his Ensure? You mean like people in the hospital who drink that stuff?” And Jose Rodriguez, with as much irony as he could muster, “Yes, dietary manipulation was part of these dire techniques.” Dire techniques. Ensure keeps you alive! Ensure is for cancer patients who don’t want to eat. So he’s laughing at her. She doesn’t even know it. “Yes, dietary manipulation was part of these dire techniques.” “So sleep deprivation, dietary manipulation, I mean, this Orwellian stuff. The US doesn’t do that.” “Well, we do.” But now the Washington Post has got this Senate report. “It didn’t work.” Who you gonna believe, the interrogator and his book, or the Senate Democrats, didn’t work?

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