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RUSH: We go to Albuquerque and Karen. Great to have you with us. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. What’s changed is the media gets it out there and these copycaters are doing more and more. But I digress. On Wednesday you were discussing unions, and you were absolutely right what you were saying about unions. I worked for an airline, and in order to get the job I had to join the union, and once I was there, you know, I realized they were representing mostly the bad agents. So I wanted to represent good agents and to find out really what the union representatives were doing, so I became —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. I need to understand your terminology. You said they were representing mostly bad agents. What do you mean, bad agents?

CALLER: Well, the agents that were not doing their job, that were sleeping on the job, that —

RUSH: You mean like agents at the gate?

CALLER: Agents at the gate —

RUSH: But you’re not talking about flight attendants?

CALLER: No, I’m not.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: I’m talking about airport employees.

RUSH: Airport employees, all right, gotcha.

CALLER: And so, anyway, I became a union representative. And the first union hall meeting I went to, which would be only union representatives, not union members, but the representatives for the members, it was during an election period. So they had a Democrat who was running for office speak to us, and after she finished speaking, they asked if anybody had any questions so I raised my hand and said, “Yeah, I have a question,” and they said, “Okay, Sister (my last name), what is your question?” They call each other brothers and sisters.

RUSH: That’s a good communist.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: It’s like comrade. It’s like comrade.

CALLER: Exactly. Exactly. So I said, “Yes, could you tell me when is the Republican person running for this office, when are they gonna speak to us?” And the person said, “Well, we’re not gonna be having any of that.” And then I got jeered and shouted down, threatened. In fact, one representative that worked with me at the airport, he told me, “You better check your tires before you go home.”

RUSH: Oh, I know. I know. I’ve heard these horror stories and more. Was this a meeting of just union officials, not the rank-and-file?

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Yeah. These are the people collecting the dues. These are the people getting the credit for collecting the dues which basically were just funneled to the Democrat Party.

CALLER: That’s exactly right. Absolutely. I mean, if they found out you were conservative, which they found out I was, I was a problem. In fact, they had a district union representative, which is even higher, you know, they had her come in, fly in three times to discuss my being too much of an individual.

RUSH: Yeah. Yeah. You weren’t down for the cause like RGIII. You were not down for the struggle. You weren’t willing to look at yourself as a member of the oppressed. Well, I’m glad that you heard the discussion. It was a discussion on the right-to-work stuff in Michigan that she heard. I went through my money laundering explanation of how union leaders keep themselves in good graces with the Democrat Party, and it’s all about membership and dues. And just to reiterate, to explain if you’re hearing this for the first time, ’cause money laundering is a loaded phrase, but it’s exactly what it is.

Obama authorizes the stimulus. We’re told it’s gonna go to shovel-ready jobs and create jobs and road repairs, school repairs. It didn’t. In Wisconsin, for example, a minimum 75% went to teachers and public employees, so that they would not get fired during the recession because the Democrat Party wants them employed so they can pay their dues. Here you have stimulus, which essentially was used to maintain employment levels for union workers. Their dues payments were then channeled right back to Obama, the Democrat Party, or to TV advertising for Democrats.

So it’s a way for the Democrats to raid the Treasury, folks. Unionism, organized labor today is nothing more than a way for the Democrat Party to reach their hands in the public Treasury because you can’t just, yet — the day will come when they can — but you just can’t go write yourself a check from the US Treasury to Barack Obama or the Democrat National Committee. So the way you get that money, you don’t even depend on donations, you don’t even have to depend on fundraising. That becomes gravy.

She’s describing her experiences with union leaders and how as a Republican conservative, she’s an outcast. There’s a Hong Kong union. Have you heard about this, flight attendants, Hong Kong airlines? The flight attendants are threatening to not serve adult beverages and not smile at passengers because they’re in the middle of a labor dispute. Now, in some instances, the not smiling can be beneficial. You know, in some places they all smile at once and you think you’re in a horror movie, so it might be helpful.

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