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RUSH: As you know, whenever we have a new sponsor on the program, we take a moment out of the programming content portion to welcome the new sponsor. And this one, as is the case with all of them, we are thrilled to have. I met on Thursday afternoon last week with the CEO and the family, actually, that runs the biggest flower delivery operation in the country. They own floral shops, flower shops, they are the biggest distributors. It’s 1800flowers.com. And they are without question the absolute biggest in this business. They have been at it longer than anybody, and they do it better than anybody. They’ve got prices better than anybody, and they have a wider selection than anybody else in this business, and their prices can’t be beat. It’s a combination made to order for the EIB Network.

Now, those of you watching the Dittocam right now, I have a display here that is one of theirs for the holidays. They sent this to me. We just got it this morning, and it’s white carnations in the shape of a little dog face complete with glasses and a Santa Claus hat. Those are white carnations that you see there. It’s cute, and it’s beautiful. Smells great. It’s a nice holiday gift and display, particularly when you can’t be somewhere for Christmas and you want to have some representation. It’s a great gift, but they are simply the best at what they do, and we could not be more thrilled than to have them now be official members of the EIB family. It’s 1800flowers.com. It’s a great website and just a tremendous system for getting you what you want, when you want it, as soon as you want it. They just can’t be beat. So please welcome them. If flowers are in your immediate need, if any kind of arrangement for any reason, check 1800flowers.com before you do anything else.


RUSH: Hey, folks, by the way, one thing about 1-800-Flowers, because they partner with flower shops all over the country, there are instances where you can get same-day delivery, but they’re the ones that got all this all started. They may be among the first that actually came up with the idea of putting the name of the business in the phone number. They go back to the early eighties with all this. Just from a couple little small flower shops they’ve become the biggest and we’re happy to have them as sponsors. 1800flowers.com.

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