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RUSH: The lovely and gracious Mary Katharine Ham at HotAir.com has put together some polling data at a blog post. And basically these three polls indicate — I’m not exaggerating here — indicate that there’s very little that comes out of Obama’s mouth that anyone really likes, including his voters. These polls indicate that people don’t support his liberal ideas. It’s the most convoluted thing.

For example, the first poll, it’s a poll by Benenson Strategy Group for the moderate Democratic think tank Third Way and it was first reported on Politico, says that a majority of people in this country want spending cuts, not tax increases, and they don’t like Obamacare. Go figure. What are we to do? What are we to make of this? A majority of Obama voters do not want tax increases, and they don’t like Obamacare. What in the world explains this? Lord knows, gosh. Is it possible that a lot of people who elected Obama didn’t care a whit what he said, or don’t know? How do you make sense of this? Is it now that people are finally being honest with pollsters? No, because if they were lying they would have voted for Romney. This doesn’t make any sense.


Okay, they hate Romney more. Hate Republicans more. They trust Republicans less. You’re locked onto that. It’s they hate Republicans. Obama voters hate Republicans so much that it doesn’t matter, they’re voting for Obama. All right, it’s the Snerdley view. The Official Obama Criticizer says the only way to explain this is that the voters hate the Republicans, and it doesn’t matter what Obama stands for, they’re gonna vote for that because they’re actually voting against Republicans, they hate ’em. Okay, that was a survey of 800 voters.

Here’s another one. According to polling by CNN, registered voters opposed Obamacare by ten points, 52-42%. Independents like Obamacare even less. Now, we knew this before the election. And they still voted for the architect of it. They still voted to expand it. They voted for the guy who’s gonna implement it, and then there’s this. Americans still prefer a system based on private insurance to one run by the government. Fifty-seven percent want to hold onto private health insurance. Only 36% want a government-run system. Well, guess what? A hundred percent of us are gonna get a government-run system. And that’s Gallup. So you’ve got three polls here.

Then, an Illinois poll of Hispanics finds agreement with the Republican Party “on guns, gays, and abortion.” This a Daily Caller story. “As Republicans ponder how to win over Hispanics in future election cycles, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. A poll of Illinois Hispanics conducted by pollster Mike McKeon found that a majority shared views generally considered to be sympathetic to the Republican party. The poll found Hispanics in the conservative camp on social issues in particular. Fifty-one percent of Hispanics…” This is in Illinois, a blue state, so blue it’s almost purple.

“Fifty-one percent said they opposed legalizing gay marriage,” but they voted for the guy that’s gonna do it. Only 40% who favor it. “Fifty-six percent called themselves pro-life, while just 33 percent said they were pro-choice. A small plurality of those surveyed said they did not believe more gun laws would make their communities safer and reduce violence. Forty-seven percent said it would not help. Forty-two percent said it would.” Only 14% of Illinois Hispanics identify themselves as liberals. Twenty-seven percent of Illinois Hispanics call themselves conservatives.

Now, keep that in mind. Fourteen percent Illinois Hispanics say that they’re liberal. Twenty-seven percent say that they are conservative. But when asked for party ID, 54% said they were Democrats, and 31% independents. Only 15% admitted to being Republicans. So Snerdley may be right to an extent. Twenty-seven percent say they’re conservative. Fifteen percent describe themselves as Republicans. You would think that it would be at least 27% on both. So the Snerdley theory to explain the Obama election is that the Republicans are literally despised, not trusted, hated, whatever, disliked intensely, whatever word makes you feel more comfortable. So much so that they will vote against their own interests, such is their dislike.

How’d they get that theory from me? How in the world? Oh. Snerdley says that I said that the Democrats hate us more than they hate the Taliban or Al-Qaeda, Oh, I see what you’re saying. I see what you’re saying. That the Democrats have succeeded in making their voters hate Republicans, that Republicans pose a greater — Oh, I thought you meant that their hate was justified. You’re saying their hate has been inspired. Their leaders. The Democrats have convinced their voters to hate Republicans, they’re worse than terrorists, as to what they’re gonna do to you. So that no matter how much you might disagree with any Democrat, the last thing you want is a Republican around. Okay. All right. That is a little bit more palatable.


RUSH: Okay, folks, I’m gonna tell you what happened. I’m gonna tell you what happened. It’s all starting to make sense at me now. We all know that Obama has built up a cult-like following, and it consists of people who don’t care what he stands for. It doesn’t matter. There are people who are voting for him because he’s the first black president, and they voted for him ’cause he was historic and then reelected him on the same basis.

There’s all this polling data which shows that even some of his voters, though, disagree with what he’s done. Yet they still vote for him. And I’ll tell you what this proves. He builds up this cult-like following as this messianic figure. I mean, kids in these schools are singing Obama songs. And what did the Republicans do? I will remind you. I’m not gonna mention any names because they all thought the same thing. It doesn’t matter.

A Republican governor who was thinking of getting in the race — he did get into the race, for a while — came to my humble abode to take my temperature on his candidacy. Of course, I just listen at these things. He said to me, “Rush, we cannot go after Obama personally. All we can do is go after his policies,” and that became the rule. I mean, from Romney to every other Republican candidate.

“You know, he’s a nice guy. He’s just in over his head. He’s a nice guy; he just doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s nice guy.” But he’s not a nice guy. We didn’t tell people who he is because we were afraid of the racist charge. Well, none of this “we” business because I’m not afraid of it. But the Republicans were. They were afraid of it, and they didn’t say it. No Republican made any effort whatsoever to tell people who he is ideologically or anything about his history.

He got away with it. He’s the only president in this country who’s never been vetted by the media. To this day, there’s nothing known about this guy. Other than the cult-like figure characteristics that have been associated with him. Now, the Republicans listening say, “Well, yeah, Rush. Look at how much we’re disliked and how much they would have hated us even more if we would have attacked Obama.” It’s not attacking! It’s explaining!

We’re dealing with a hard-core leftist.

It was made to order.

We ought to have been able to explain who Obama is in our sleep to people because it’s exactly what and who we oppose. But no, what did we do? “He’s a nice guy! He’s a wonderful family man; a great, great guy! He just happens to be wrong. He’s given it his best shot but, you know, his ideas didn’t work.” Well, what did that do? All that confirmed for the people who look at him as a cult figure is he’s a great guy, which is all that matters to people that look at people as a cult figure!

“He’s a cult figure. He’s a great guy.”

That’s all they needed.

Everything else was irrelevant.

So I think that’s probably one of the explanations.

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