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RUSH: So Snerdley has been telling me how to get started, if I actually did buy an hour of national TV time to speak to the nation. And the purpose of that would be to reach low-information voters, people that are not and do not see things the way we do. Snerdley said, “Look, it’s real simple. You go get a couple of iPhone 5s and a couple of iPad Minis from your prize closet in there and you take ’em with you and you make sure you’ve got a live audience in addition to people watching on television. And you start out by saying that you have gifts, and you hold up those iPhone 5s. You look around and say, ‘Who wants one?’ Everyone’s hand goes up. You just point out, ‘You, you get one. You, you get the other one. You, you get an iPad Mini,’ and then you own ’em,” Snerdley says.

He says, “But the thing that you’ve gotta look out for, you will blow it if you mention work before you conclude your talk on benefits. You’ve gotta mention benefits first before you get to work; otherwise they’ll tune you out.” Now, I must confess, in every fantasy I’ve had about this, I have never once conceived doing any of that as a way to reach the people. That’s very cynical of you, Snerdley.

Very, very cynical.

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