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RUSH: You know what I just saw? I’m watching television here during the break. Apparently a young girl with cerebral palsy got off the school bus and was crossing the street to get in her parents’ car for the ride home and some guy starts walking behind her imitating her. It happened in October. She doesn’t know. I guess she was told. Anyway, they’re putting him in jail. The guy walking behind the girl with cerebral palsy imitating her walk is being put in jail, probably next to the guy who did the video that Susan Rice maintains caused all the problems in Benghazi. And in America in 2012 both of those people ought to be in jail. Damn straight.

Damn right, put ’em in jail. Intimidation, exactly right. Intimidation, mockery, making fun of, making her cry, damn right, put him in jail. Don’t even think about it. You’ll see the video. You’ll see this girl with cerebral palsy getting into her car. This guy gets off the bus, follows her and makes fun of her. He’s an adult. That’s even worse. An adult shoulda known better. Absolutely put him in jail.


It was not his son. His son is next to him. He was not imitating his son. It was somebody else’s kid. Well, put the son in jail, too, for having the guts to walk next to his dad while his dad was doing this.

Legalize marijuana in Colorado and Washington state. NPR has a story here. Legal pot is here, and they start speculating, and they mention, do you know that in the past, Philip Morris wanted to put marijuana in cigarettes, in tobacco cigarettes? They wanted to call it Marley, and Bob Marley of Bob Marley and the Wailers, estate got mad, “You can’t do that.” And they said, “We’re not naming it after you. We’re thinking of Jacob Marley, the Dickens character, Christmas Carol.” Didn’t fly.

But I have a question for you, folks. Because there’s a companion story someplace, Burlington, Vermont, I don’t know where it is. They banned smoking in buildings next to bars now. They ban smoking in buildings next to restaurants. I’m just wondering — and of course they should do that in America 2012. Hell, yes, they should do that. Now, would liberals end up loving Big Tobacco if Big Tobacco was allowed to put marijuana in cigarettes? Because it’s coming. Marijuana will be legal. Just like gay marriage, never thought that would happen. It’s going to happen, folks. And it could save the tobacco business.

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