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RUSH: Greg in Denver, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, mega dittos.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: From a conservative outpost in Denver Colorado.

RUSH: Yes, sir. Wonderful to have you here with us.

CALLER: Rush, I’m a CPA, and I knew after the 2006 midterms the Republicans were going to have to neutralize the Democrats’ political advantage resulting from the Clinton surpluses or we, meaning all Americans, were going to lose for years. And, Rush, you know, I’ve studied this issue for years, and the path to recovery starts by explaining the fundamentals of Clinton’s balanced budgets, specifically focusing on the tax revenue-to-GDP spike being caused from the temporary dot-com boom and explain how the revenue spike had nothing to do with government policy. And from there, Rush, you can expose how the Democrats have systematically used the end of the temporary economic events during the Clinton years as a basis to blame Bush for destroying the economy.

RUSH: By destroying the Clinton surpluses?

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: There really weren’t any Clinton surpluses. They were imaginary, but to whom do we start talking about the revenue spike and government policy relating to tax percentage as a share of GDP, who do we tell that story to?

CALLER: That’s exactly the issue. It is a difficult story to explain, and that’s why the Democrats have been able to capitalize on the difficulty of the issue. But the fundamentals of the economy, which are the truth of the matter, are the only way to neutralize the Clinton surplus —

RUSH: Maybe I could go on Dancing With the Stars as a contestant and then when they interview me, talk about it there, or maybe I could arrange, you know, a lecture at George Washington high school or someplace.

CALLER: No, here’s the way the point’s gonna have to get communicated. It’s going to have start with the debate in Congress where the people in Congress understand what caused the debate and we can start to change the dialogue in this country to focus on the temporary events, that Bush had nothing to do with eliminating the temporary events associated with the dot-com boom.

RUSH: Look, I know exactly what you’re saying, I understand it, and everybody has, in their review of history, something that they think if we just tell the story about this, and this is an important one, but you got Bill Clinton out there saying we finished our two terms with surpluses and Bush just ran right through ’em. Our counter to that is, no, if you go back and look at the percentage of taxes compared to GDP and the temporary spikes in revenue caused by tax, we’ve lost ’em. At least half the Congress isn’t interested in the truth about this. There are a lot of lies that we’ve gotta figure a way to counter. There are all kinds of truths that we have got to be able to tell. And whoever comes up with a way to get through to the people that need to hear it is going to be immensely popular and successful in any which way he or she chooses. I’m glad you called, Greg. Thanks much.

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