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RUSH: Okay, Paula Broadwell. Two things. A piece by Allison Yarrow. This is in The Daily Beast: “A Scarlet Letter — the Monica Lewinsky-ing of Paula Broadwell. When powerful men stray, the press continues to ogle, and shame, the women they do it with, writes Allison Yarrow. The more things change: One of the worldÂ’s most powerful men stepped out on his marriage, yet much of the public attention and opprobrium has focused on the far-less-powerful woman who was drawn to him, media critics and other observers charged Tuesday — with several comparing the coverage of CIA Director David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell to that of President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Much of the coverage of Broadwell gives ‘the impression that sheÂ’s the bad woman, the slut, manipulative and conniving, a climber.'”

This woman, she’s upset. Allison Yarrow is upset that this is how, in certain quarters, Broadwell is being portrayed. Now, Snerdley loves stories involving sex and women. Have you seen this? Have you seen a lot of stories characterizing Broadwell as the bad woman, manipulating, conniving, taking advantage of the powerful guy, social climber? So you are seeing those stories? Okay, okay.

“Almost none of the coverage of the scandal involving both Petraeus and John Allen has connected the behavior of two of the militaryÂ’s most decorated leaders with the wave of sexual assault and harassment scandals that has plagued the U.S. military.” These guys are getting a pass. Okay, they had an affair. That’s what happens in the military. They get assigned overseas, they’re called geographical bachelors. It’s expected. I just shared that piece with you.

“Instead, much of the coverage has focused on BroadwellÂ’s fashion sense, and the tone of her arms.” By the way, that happens to be true. She was on Imus promoting her book and Imus said, “You know, your arms look like my wife’s arms, you work out a lot? I really like your arms.” She said, “Can we get back to the book?” So she took it back, but she enjoyed it, appeared to enjoyed it. “‘She favored sleeveless outfits that showed off toned, muscular arms,’ reported her hometown Charlotte Observer. Unnamed Petraeus aides called her ‘immune to the notion of modesty.'”

You want to talk about a highbrow insult. Unnamed Petraeus aides are telling people in the media that she is immune to the notion of modesty? This was in Afghanistan. They were saying of her in Afghanistan she was immune to the — for those of you in Rio Linda, what this means is, she was all over the guy and didn’t care who saw it and didn’t care what anybody thought.

“She spent time with Petraeus there while writing his biography and –” Oh, the writer here also says there are criticisms of how she’s not a historian, she’s not a Ph.D., she’s not an accomplished writer. So this woman, Allison Yarrow, she’s upset because Broadwell’s being portrayed as a floozie. But now there’s another side. Kyra Phillips, infobabe, anchorette at CNN, who, by the way, is married to John Roberts at Fox. Kyra Phillips knows Petraeus and apparently has talked to Petraeus recently. And this morning on Headline News Morning Express with Robin Meade, Kyra Phillips reported on Petraeus since his resignation.

PHILLIPS: He’s taking it really hard. He knows he made a big mistake and he does want to move forward, making things work with his family. He doesn’t want to throw 37 years out the window with his wife. I have never known him to be a flirtatious person. I have never known him to be inappropriate. And I think that was why this was so shocking on many levels. I think it’s important that we need to hear from Paula Broadwell. We still have not heard from her. I do know that people within his inner circle have described her to be an aggressive woman, someone who, quote, unquote, works her magic.

RUSH: Well! Well! You heard that. It’s important to hear from Broadwell. We haven’t heard from her. I know that people within his inner circle described her to be aggressive. And then back to Allison Yarrow. “It is said that she is immune to the notion of modesty.” Petraeus’ people, I’ll tell you what, they’re doing the Bill Clinton here, a modified Clinton. Drag a dollar bill through a trailer park and what do you end up with? Paula Jones. So now Petraeus is this mild-mannered, innocent victim, minding his own business, and this aggressive female came along and worked her magic on him.

Two women, two totally different views. One, long knives are out for Broadwell, and the other woman, the long knives are out for society in general. The Official Program Observer, Mr. Snerdley, is asking if it’s permissible to admit that men are in fact susceptible to such magic. What word would you use besides magic to convey what was happening here? ‘Cause they don’t really mean magic. She seduced him. Of course men are susceptible to seduction. Some are immune to it, but some are not. Yeah, of course that happens, but the bottom line, that’s not what this is about. What this is about is a female infobabe on CNN trashing Broadwell? And another woman, Allison Yarrow, she is all angry at society for looking at Broadwell this way.

Folks, I don’t care what camp you’re in, but if you want to see where this treatment began, just go look at how Bill Clinton dealt with the bimbos. What did they do? They trashed every one of those women. They trashed ’em from Gennifer Flowers to Kathleen Willey to Juanita Broaddrick to Paula Jones to Monica, and those that we didn’t know. That’s how they did it. And who are they? That’s your hero, that’s your Bill Clinton, from your enlightened, tolerant, compassionate Democrat Party. That’s who’s teaching these lessons.


RUSH: Folks what’s happening with Broadwell here, this is not a War on Women. No, no, it’s not a War on Women, because the Democrats are trashing her. You got a Democrat media babe. You got obviously a liberal writer here at the Daily Beast. So what they’re doing to Broadwell, that’s not a War on Women. If it were during the campaign, but even then, no, it’s not a War on Women.

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