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RUSH: There is our wonderful young president surveying Hurricane Sandy damage. You know what he said? “We’re still in recovery here.” Really? Really, we’re still in recovery? Do you know what else? Today, ladies and gentlemen, Obama has issued a proclamation declaring today to be “America Recycles Day.” So he starts the day by declaring it America Recycles, and Diane Sawyer’s having orgasms over this. “Reeecycling! Reeeecycling!” They recycled after the tsunami in Japan. So Obama starts the day off by proclaiming it to be “America Recycles Day,” and now he’s in New York surveying the damage where the streets are piled with mountains of recycled trash because New York City’s recycling center is still closed due to Hurricane Sandy.

There he is in Staten Island right now. “There’s gonna be some long-term rebuilding that’s required,” Obama says. Did they need him to show up from Washington to know that, in Staten Island? And there he is, he’s got a teleprompter, and he’s looking out above the audience, surveying the world, looking up to the heavens as he speaks, back now to the first-term Obama. So it’s “America Recycles Day” as he stands amidst piles of trash still accumulating because the city’s recycling center is still closed due to Hurricane Sandy.


I want to give you an example here, folks, of just get used to this. There is nothing you can do about it. It’s going to happen until events, not words, not policy, until events take over and the second term jinx takes place, just get used to this.

So Obama proclaims it a national recycling day, gets Air Force One, goes to New York, and what’s the purpose? To claim credit for fixing what happened in the aftermath of the hurricane. Today is Obama going to New York and accepting accolades for the recovery. And here’s how it works. First off is the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo.

CUOMO: Mr. President, thank you to you, because you have exemplified the spirit of partnership and the spirit of community. I was personally amazed and touched by your phone calls and attention. Even during times that were very, very busy, you were there for us. You were there for New York, and we thank you, Mr. President.

RUSH: I just told Snerdley this was coming up, “What about people starving?” No, there aren’t any people starving, and there is no shortage of gasoline anymore, and there aren’t any lines for gasoline. Everybody’s back in their homes, everybody has power. Well, they do. I mean, it’s over. Obama fixed it, and it’s officially over because, as far as the media’s concerned, as far as people that don’t live in New York, it’s over, and Obama fixed it. Here’s Andrew Cuomo: Thank you for saving New York. That’s what he means, thank you for saving New York. So it’s fixed. As far as people who don’t live in New York are concerned, Obama did it. Even in the middle of that campaign, when he clearly had things much more important to him, he took time out to call and call and call Governor Cuomo. And Governor Cuomo was amazed, personally amazed and touched by all the attention. So President Obama has saved New York. And it was Obama’s turn to speak, and, of course, he accepted the accolades and then told everybody what it all really means.

OBAMA: During difficult times like this, we’re reminded that we’re bound together and we have to look out for each other, and a lot of the things that seem important, the petty differences melt away, and we focus on what binds us together and that we, as Americans, are gonna stand with each other in their hour of need. We are gonna make sure that we stay here as long as people need that immediate help. That’s FEMA’s primary task.

RUSH: He’s not staying. And FEMA’s office was closed because of weather. But it doesn’t matter ’cause it’s all fixed. The exact opposite of reality is what’s true. It’s fixed and this, by the way, is a paean to Christie. See, this is what happens when a Republican totally prostitutes himself. See how easy things happen? See how well we get along? We work together, that’s the spirit of America. Republicans forgetting who they are. So it’s fixed. It’s done. FEMA’s there to clean up any straggling stuff, but, for the most part, we move on now to the next miracle, for which Obama will be dutifully thanked.


RUSH: I feel so bad, ladies and gentlemen, for the Official Program Observer, Mr. Snerdley. He’s literally shouting at me through my IFB, “What about the people that don’t have any power in New York and they’re dumping it off on the power company and they’re not telling anybody that the state owns the power?” Snerdley, you’re missing the point. There isn’t anybody without power. That’s whole point. Obama saved New York. As far as viewers outside the tri-state area, everybody’s got power. And Brian said, “Well, what about all those houses on the south Jersey shore?” They’ve been fixed. You’re not seeing it on TV. They’ve been fixed. “Well, how come they’re not showing us the damage?” ‘Cause it’s been fixed. How many times do I have to say this?

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