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RUSH: Here’s John in Minier, Illinois. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush, dittos, and thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: Obama has typically discredited somebody who’s opposed to him, whether it’s somebody in a campaign, so I don’t see too much different here with this Petraeus thing. Petraeus could possibly be opposed to him at the hearing, telling the truth. They probably knew that, he and his handlers, so they found a way to discredit him through this affair with Broadwell, about the Benghazi attacks and everything. I think it’s a tactic, an Obama tactic of discrediting somebody before they get up there, have a chance to get up there and tell the truth.

RUSH: I wouldn’t doubt that at all. I mean, they’ve known Petraeus is having this affair for months. They asked for his resignation a couple of days after the election. In the process, they have allowed one of the most decorated American military heroes to have his reputation tarnished. Not that he doesn’t deserve it. An affair is an affair and so forth. I’m not trying to slough off what Petraeus did on them, but I totally agree they would use it, keep it in their back pocket. The one thing about liberals, folks, and I know it sounds simplistic, but how did Obama really beat Romney? If you want to get down to brass tacks, you can talk about the get-out-the-vote operation on Election Day, and clearly it’s relevant. Look what they said about Romney.

I look back on that, I actually think it worked. I actually think it kept people at home. I actually think there are people in this country who think Romney doesn’t care if somebody’s wife dies after he takes over their business. I think there are people who really believe that Mitt Romney might be a felon. I think there are people that really believe Romney hates dogs. That stuff worked. But that’s all the Democrats have. They can’t debate and win an ideological argument on the merits. They have to discredit and impugn the character of their opponents. That’s how they do it, standard operating procedure. And I think whether they’re doing that with Petraeus or not remains to be seen, but they clearly have the opportunity to. They did it with Romney.

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