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RUSH: Here is Keith in Palm Beach, Florida, as we start to the phones. Great to have you, sir, hello.

CALLER: Thanks for taking my call, Rush. This is just outrageous. I mean, every Sunday I watched George Stephanopoulos at 11:45 to see the names, to read the names and acknowledge our fallen troops every week. We’re up over 4,000 dead over there. We should demand they come home. The leader over there, General Petraeus, is playing footsie with his autobiographer. (sic)

He goes to the CIA and is still playing footsie with her and giving bad intelligence on Benghazi and stuff. The next general is playing footsie with this socialite, this teenybopper, 40-year-old teenyboppers. Afghanistan didn’t even come in the top ten issues of the election. What is going on with our country? It’s like living in a perpetual nightmare and our troops are the ones that are suffering.

RUSH: Well, depends on how you define it. We are in a never-ending loop of Entertainment Tonight.


RUSH: The country has become E! Entertainment Television, or TMZ. I mean, you’re exactly right. Stephanopoulos, in Iraq, used to read the names of the dead as a campaign aid for the Democrats. Now we’ve got the commanding general in Afghanistan “playing footsie,” as you say, with a socialite. We have Petraeus doing what he was doing with his biographer. All this is coming out. People are very titillated by it. I mean, I’ve even myself had some of what I happen to think are pretty great lines about this.

But what do you expect?

The president has announced the deadline for defeat in Afghanistan, Keith. When he says “We’re getting out of there in 2014,” he’s telling the Taliban, “Just hang on. This is when you win.” We’ve got rules of engagement that prevent our guys from actively engaging the enemy over there. General Adams was on 60 Minutes a month ago expressing his frustration with the limits that he’s got. I know what you mean.

It seems like every rock-solid institution that we used to be able to count on has now been corrupted and is as politicized and unreliable — and we don’t know the truth about what happens there, nor can we depend on it — as anything else that the Democrats have gotten hold of. Education, morality, you name it. We’re headed down to the gutter. We’ve been on that trajectory for a long time, and they’re taking every valued institution with them.

CALLER: Four more years.

RUSH: You say, “What’s happening to the country?” What’s happening…? If we want to get this country back, I’ll tell you what we’re gonna have to do. We’re gonna have to have the long view, Keith. We are going to have to wrest control of the education system from the Democrats. Public education, we’re gonna have to get that back. Because they sowed the seeds for this 50 years ago. They’ve been patient just like the Soviets were. The Soviets didn’t do things in four-year blocks. They had the long view. However long it took, you stay on course.

CALLER: You’re right on education. I’ve been advocating it. It sounds like 1984, but I believe there should be cameras in every one of them classrooms watching what these teachers are teaching these kids, instead of having cameras in the courtroom watching ’em go to jail.

RUSH: I’ll tell you something else. I’ll tell you something right along the same lines. In fact, I want to read to you from our old buddy J. Christian Adams who left the Justice Department because Holder refused to prosecute the guilty New Black Panther Party for vote for fraud in 2008 in Philadelphia. J. Christian Adams left because he realized that black defendants were not gonna be charged nor prosecuted, pursued by this Justice Department. He writes the following about immigration:

“There is only one way to obtain the support of Hispanics and other minorities eventually. Conservatives must first confront and destroy the credibility of the racial interest groups that serve as the gatekeepers to these communities. Once-relevant and noble groups like the NAACP, and others less noble such as LULAC and MALDEF, must be exposed as the frauds that they have become in 2012. Their finances and racialist agenda must be revealed and lampooned.

“Their racial extortion of corporate America must be confronted. The entire political operation of these groups must be vivisected by some of the brightest investigative and journalistic conservative minds. Otherwise, the skilled and experienced racial-antagonism operation of these racial organizations will keep the herd together, voting in solid blocks no matter how much ‘outreach’ the GOP conducts after agreeing to amnesty.”

Now, this is a daunting agenda, and it’s become daunting because nobody gave it a shot over all these years. The NAACP must be exposed as the corrupt bunch that they’ve become. These racial minority groups vote as blocs not because they’re informed voters, at least not informed on the issues of the day. They follow the leaders of their special interest groups. What do we do, by the way? We send our candidates to the NAACP convention every year.

We pander.

We pander! It doesn’t do any good. Education? I don’t know what you do when you have public education the way it is. The things that are taught about this country today! The things that are taught about profit. The things taught about business. The things taught about how evil, white Europeans are the reason this country’s unjust and unfair. There’s a reason people believe the nonsense they believe!

The nonsense, Keith, is you look out there and you see what they believe and you can’t understand it. How can anybody vote a second term for this disaster? They did, and the Republicans don’t seem to care to find out what the real reason is. The Republicans are convinced it’s because they’re not pandering enough — Hispandering enough. Now, the Republicans call it “outreach,” but they’re whistling Dixie if they think the Democrats are gonna surrender any of their voters.

I find this the most comical thing that I’ve seen in a long time.

We have all these Republicans, all these Republican consultants, all the intelligentsia and the conservative media saying, “Yeah, okay, we gotta take immigration off, we gotta reach out to Hispanics, we gotta show ’em, and how we gonna do it? We’re let ’em know we’re in favor of a pathway to citizenship, and we’re in favor of amnesty. We’re no longer gonna say things that might offend them,” and so forth. And of course the Democrats are saying, “You Republicans, you don’t have a prayer unless you reach out to these people.” Right. The Democrats are gonna let us have these voters? Who in the world thinks that this is going to happen? I went through all this yesterday. But, I mean, these are the obstacles that we face.

We have nothing countering public education, and we have nothing countering Entertainment Tonight or TMZ or whatever the pop culture, we don’t have anything that counters it. All we have is, “Gee, I hope that they listen to us or see us and realize what they’re being told is a bunch of lies.” I hope they could see that Newt is really not a nerd or a square. I wish they could see that Paul Ryan really is hip. He really is a great American. And now look. Their comedians can be the most raucous, filthy, insensitive, insulting they can be, and they are given accolades. We can’t even joke about them without being called racists, sexists, bigots insensitive or what have you. We can’t even laugh at them. We have to sit by and allow ourselves to be the subjects of derision, mockery, insult, and lies.

You don’t think those negative ads against Romney worked? I am here to tell you that I believe that they did. I fully believe that a bunch of people were made to believe that Mitt Romney actually enjoyed watching a guy’s wife die. I’m here to tell you that I actually believe now that there are a number of people who think that Mitt Romney is a full-fledged criminal who has sheltered all of his money in the Cayman Islands and wants to get hold of this country so that he and his buddies can do more of the same. That’s what the people that believe that have been taught since they first started going to school. Hell, even before school. Day care.

I’ve told you the stories I have learned of what goes on in schools here in south Florida. History class, high school teacher, routinely, every day, did nothing but trash and lie about George W. Bush and conservatives and me, and policy. Built up Barack Obama or whatever Democrat it was. When it came time, she gave the students the mythical answers to a test that she had never presented any subject on. They got the answers to the test, they all passed. The teacher looked like she was a great teacher to her administrators. She didn’t even have teaching history. She was nothing but an apparatchik, an activist. The parents all knew. They were afraid what the school would do to their kids if they called attention to it.

So the recourse was to try to counter the pollution occurring in the classroom when the kids got home. ‘Cause they were scared of what would happen to the kids’ grades. Every parent wants their kid to go to college. To get into college, you gotta have a decent GPA. If the high school shafts your kid, you don’t get ’em into college and you don’t get a scholarship. So while the teachers are literally corrupting and polluting your child’s mind right in front of your face, you don’t do anything about it because you’re afraid doing so will harm your kid.

Well, now, until stuff like this stops, we’re gonna keep getting electoral outcomes like we’re getting. And we’re gonna continue to have Republican and so-called conservative leaders that haven’t the slightest idea what’s going on, blaming themselves for this, or blaming their media, like me, or blaming stupid candidates or whatever, rather than realizing who the real opponents here are.

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