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RUSH: We got Luis in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. What an honor, man. Finally after many years of listening to you, I be able to talk to you for the first time.

RUSH: Thank you very much, Luis.

CALLER: I’m Hispanic, and I have always voted conservative, Republican, and not because I am rich. I’m lower middle class. It’s just because of the fact that in nature, most Hispanics are conservatives. We are pro-life. We are against things like same-sex marriage and all the issues, all the social issues that Republicans advocate, we also advocate. The reason, Rush, why I think Latinos have switched over to Baracka Claus, other than all the stuff that he gives away, is the fact that I have never — I’m gonna be 43 next week — I have never seen such a dirty campaign on Univision.

RUSH: See, I think Luis has a point. If he’s right about the cultural make up of Hispanics, why are they voting for Obama? And the answer: Univision, the media. You can’t take that out of this equation. Thank you, Luis.


RUSH: Here’s Mark in Oak Park, Illinois, as we go back to the phones. Great to have you here, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Rush Limbaugh, I am so nervous to talk to you today, but I just want to say that, you know, I found your show when I was going to the University of Illinois in the late eighties, I believe. And finally I found someone that talks the language that I talk. To be a black American from one of the poorest cities in Illinois, and to think conservatively, I’m telling you, is not an easy task to have.

And this election has really upset me and depressed me in a way. But let me just tell you: You speak a lot of truth, and the same truth I have been trying to tell black people for years just falls on deaf ears. Deaf ears! You know, you talk about black people who are in the party, and they discount them totally. You talk about Allen West. “We don’t care.” Talk about Thomas Sowell. “We don’t care.” Walter Williams. “We don’t care.” It goes on. Michael Steele. Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas.

You start talking about these people, and you get labeled as an Uncle Tom, as a house slave. And, you know, it is wrong. So one thing I want to tell you is: The conservatives have got to… We’re never gonna get over double digits. We’re never gonna get 30% of the black vote. It’s not gonna happen. But what the conservatives can do is, they can try to give a conservative answer for some of the problems that are affecting black Americans, and maybe you go pull off some percentage. But you know what? I just want to thank you, because if it wasn’t for you, a lot of my thoughts would not be as clear.

And that is incredibly important for you to know.

RUSH: Mark, I really appreciate it. I can’t thank you enough, and you’re right. You’re right on the money. We spoke about it last week. All of the achieved, accomplished minorities that serve in positions of prominence — both elected and private sector — are not role models. They are attacked, disparaged. Their integrity and character is destroyed within the black community. And it’s always remained a puzzle.

I have been behind the Golden EIB Microphone for 25 years, and for 25 years I’ve received calls from people like you. I think I’ve heard from every conservative black in the country over 25 years. You said it: It’s a lonely road to walk. It’s becoming that way for all conservatives, Mark. We’re not quite as outnumbered as you are, but the thought is now that we’re outnumbered. I actually, at the end of the day, don’t think that.

I used to think, because of phone calls from guys like you, that was possible to get maybe 10% or 12% of the African-American vote. I don’t think so. Not with a black candidate. Not with an African-American president. Not with an African-American candidate. It just isn’t going to happen. There’s almost a cult-like aura to Obama. I mean, you look at the disaster that his first four years have been, and you had people double down for him.

Now, he got eight million fewer votes. There was a way to beat him. I don’t want anybody to mistake me. There was a way to beat him. We just didn’t run a campaign to beat him. We ran a campaign of fear. We ran a campaign afraid to tell the truth about him, other than on the economy. And we really didn’t link his policies to it. We gave him effort for trying. We gave him credit for trying. We just said his ideas didn’t work.

We really didn’t run against Obama. We ran a campaign appealing to what we thought would be the common sense of the American people, but the American people that vote for Obama have abandoned reason. They’re lost in… Maybe not messianic, but there’s still that kind of appeal to Obama. Let me read you a paragraph here from Kyle Smith, who’s a movie critic for the New York Post. He has a blog.

He wrote a piece over the weekend called “Finita La Commedia,” and it’s a piece about how we’ve lost the country, in his view. He says some things in here that are right on the money. For example: “Liberalism multiplies and reinforces its own mistakes. As liberalism’s failures pile up, they will inevitably inspire more liberalism as solutions.” We’ve explained this on previous programs by saying:

Government comes up with a program to fix a problem.

The program exacerbates and makes the problem worse.

People clamor for a fix.

The same people that came up with the bad solution in the first place, get to do it all over again.

Liberalism is a force multiplier. It multiplies and reinforces its own mistakes. “As liberalism’s failures pile up, they will inevitably inspire more liberalism as solutions. As Jason Riley of the Wall Street Journal points out, blacks have not only suffered in absolute terms under Barack Obama, with unemployment rising and incomes declining, but they have suffered relative to whites, with the gap between white unemployment and black unemployment actually widening.

“Recognizing all this causes the black voter not to take an interest in the mighty wealth and job-creating abilities of the free market, but to wish even more fervently for more government programs to alleviate the pain. Today 95% of blacks, it appears, believe the federal government should provide them with a job if they are otherwise unable to secure one.” That’s how it appears to Kyle Smith, here, and he bases it on an NAACP press release that he read, which is not reprinted here.

But he read an NAACP press release after the election and says, “Today 95% of blacks, it appears, believe the federal government should provide them with a job if they are otherwise unable to secure one. Calling for the federal government to serve as the employer of last resort strikes me as a pretty radical idea, but just as yesterday’s luxuries become today’s necessities, yesterday’s radicalism is today’s progressivism is tomorrow’s legislation.”

So his point is, and one of the explanations for why the black vote will either be 93% or 95% for the Democrat candidate… And it’s been that way for decades, folks. No matter who the candidates are. There hasn’t been a significant change in that electoral outcome. And the theory is, it’s because liberalism is seen as the grand solution. No matter what the problem. No matter that liberalism has caused the problem. Understand, that’s never explained.

Republicans are always the architects of the problem. Republicans are the ones who don’t care. Republicans are the ones who are unfair. Republicans are the ones who are racist or whatever. So the left covers up its own mistakes by blaming others for them and then doubles down on the mistake by creating it all over again in the solution to the problem. Force multiplier.

Luis, our previous caller, talked about Univision. For four years Univision did nothing but bash every potential Republican candidate. It didn’t matter what they thought of Obama. The alternative was unacceptable. Now, this is why, by the way, I cringe when the Republicans and these brilliant consultants at the end of every election think that we have to become more like Democrats to win, which is essentially what they’re saying. And look, I don’t think I can ask this question too often. It is said now that the Republicans need to move significantly toward the direction of amnesty and relaxing our views on social issues, which means a little bit more tolerance for abortion. Maybe we don’t oppose it anymore. Never mind the fact that over half the country, even in the exit polls, opposes it. It doesn’t matter. It makes these Republicans and their consultants uncomfortable.

So we’re gonna move toward amnesty, pathway to citizenship, and we’re gonna relax what we say on abortion. Does anybody really believe the Democrats will allow that to happen? Does anybody really believe that the Democrats are gonna sit by and simply let the Republicans take large chunks of their voters? It’s not going to happen. What’s gonna happen is the Republican Party is gonna join forces with the Democrat Party in new policies that will result in the importation and legalization of more people who will vote Democrat. If they actually follow through on what they’re talking about, that’s where this is headed. But they might be okay with it, because nobody will be saying mean things about ’em. Except that’s not true, either. The Democrats and the media are always going to use lies and deceit, character assassination against Republicans because in their minds it works.

Why would they stop that? Why would they give up large numbers of their voting coalition? Why would they do this? They’re not going to. It’s kind of like, when I first started out in radio, small market radio station, it was thought that we could get everybody in town listening with different formats for different times. For example, in the early morning you play Sinatra and big band stuff. When the old folks are waking up, you don’t want to shock ’em with that rock ‘n’ roll garbage. So you play Tommy Dorsey, the big band stuff in the morning, ’til eight o’clock, and then that’s when you start the country western. You don’t do the rock ‘n’ roll ’til three o’clock in the afternoon.

As such, the radio station didn’t stand for anything. It had no identity. It was trying to reach everybody. It was a common approach, the shotgun approach, but a political party can’t do that kind of thing. But that’s where the Republicans are headed. And in the process, blaming themselves — no, no, no. Take it back. Not blaming themselves. Blaming talk radio, blaming me. They’re not even blaming Obama for their loss. It’s stunning.


RUSH: This is Mark in Kansas City. Mark, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, thanks a lot. Jackson County dittos. McCain won Jackson County in ’08, but this time they took a trouncing. Rush, if the GOP establishment would ask us to compromise our conservative values to win elections, then shouldn’t it be too much to ask them to change the party affiliation from Republican to Democrat?

RUSH: Well, they’re not asking us to compromise our conservative values. What they’re telling us is that they’re not gonna do that themselves anymore. They’re basically telling us that they’re not even gonna make a pretense of conservatism. We can stay out here and be all we want, but recognize we are the problem. The Republicans are finally gonna do what’s smart and wise, and they’re gonna be like Democrats, only not quite.

CALLER: Then it’s no longer they represent the we, the people?

RUSH: Well, it’s as simple as this. It’s as simple as this. Whatever is not in the Democrat Party’s best interests will not happen.


RUSH: Voter ID. Why in the world does that not happen? Because it is not in the interests of the Democrat Party. And no issue will ever be resolved until it is resolved in the favor of the Democrat Party.


RUSH: Pure and simple. This is the attitude of the media, it’s the attitude of the Democrats. The Republicans are essentially saying that they’re not gonna mount any opposition to that anymore. So we can be conservative all we want out here, but we better realize we’re the problem. That’s how I read this. They have all the answers.

Obama did not win a single state that has photo ID, by the way. Do you know that? He did not win a single state that has photo ID. That’s why we will never have a federal photo ID law, because it is not in the Democrat Party’s best interests.


RUSH: Dearborn, Michigan, David. Great to have you, sir, on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thanks for taking my call, Rush. I know I gotta talk fast. I’m just wondering, I’m sitting here scratching my head, after 18 months of electioneering which focused on jobs and the economy, how these guys got the message that we all want comprehensive immigration reform. And if I were sitting outside this country watching MSNBC on my cable station, I’d be packing my bags, getting my kids ready, my friends, and heading for the border of the United States so these guys make me legal.

RUSH: It’s an interesting question. We did have, what, 18 months, year and a half on the economy. The election ends, and the Republican Party, “You know what? We lost this because of immigration. We lost this because we’re not reaching out to Hispanics.” Their whole convention was minority after minority after minority illustrating how we reach out and we are inclusive. It’s an interesting point. We got the worst economy in the last 50 years for real, and we couldn’t capitalize on it.

So it couldn’t have been the economy. And, of course, all it takes is just one Democrat or media person to say, “Well, you ticked off all the women and you ticked off all the immigrants,” and the Republicans say, “Yeah, yeah, you’re right,” because they instinctively want to get rid of conservatives or social values voters from their mix. So yeah, but 20 million, 12 million, whatever it is, new Americans, that’s gonna do great things for unemployment. He-he-he. Right.

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