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RUSH: Molina in Joplin, Missouri. You’re next on Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Former Army, Marine, and Air Force mom dittos. I just called… I haven’t been able to listen to anything for two days since the election, and I turned on today because it’s like, “Okay, I’m ready.” You know, I had my little break. So you started talking about Obama being Santa Claus, and it just brought in to me a mental picture of him like a split screen where he’s Santa Claus to them but he’s like the Grinch to the rest of us where he’s gonna come in and take everything from us because we’re too happy or we’re too whatever, and he’s just gonna spread that around then to everyone else. It’s just kind of like the picture that was painted for me there.

RUSH: Well, that’s the purpose. I love it that you’re visualizing Obama as Baracka Claus.

CALLER: (giggling) Yes.

RUSH: There he is. He’s out there and he’s Baracka Claus to some people, but to others all he’s doing is giving them a piece of coal.

CALLER: Yeah. That’s right.

RUSH: He’s the Grinch.

CALLER: That’s right. Just like the flip side, you get the Grinch. That’s right.

RUSH: Well, it’s a shame that you — I understand, by the way — have taken a couple days off from all this. I understand, but it’s a shame that you did.


RUSH: Because you have not heard how many Democrats are livid — they are outraged! — that I would dare say that the Democrat Party is Santa Claus and that they run the government as Santa Claus. They’re outraged by it. They can’t believe I would have the audacity to say that. They’re accusing me of slandering Obama voters, calling them moochers and takers. They’re outraged by it. They’re demanding I be thrown off the radio for it. I’m just mean, just terribly mean. You can listen to the podcasts of this program and catch up.

No, no.

The amnesty for all illegals, but you can’t vote for 25 years? We’ll find out if the real motivation for amnesty is social justice or vote buying. We’ll find out (snaps his fingers) like that. It’s gonna get no support.

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