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RUSH: I want to raise another point here, and we talked about this a bunch of times during the campaign. I brought it up yesterday as well. And that is how Romney was successfully defined via negative advertising by the Obamaites in the campaign. When Romney was busy raising money, Obama couldn’t run ads or even a campaign on his record. There’s not one positive thing Obama could say about his record, so the Democrats did what they always do. They set out to demonize their opponents, which is standard operating procedure for them. They demonize all their critics, try to discredit them and so forth, clear the playing field of them.

So during this period of time we had ads running accusing Romney of heartlessly letting some guy’s wife die. And then we had ads and a campaign strategerist, the lovely and beautiful Stephanie Cutter, claiming that Romney was a felon and that he was a corporate criminal and he had all these secret bank accounts and that he didn’t care about you. None of it was true. But the question I have for you, and we’re talking about the Obama electorate. We’re talking about people to whom the Democrat Party is Santa Claus, and it’s impossible to beat Santa Claus, particularly when the alternative you present is people being their own Santa Claus, i.e., working for themselves and for yourself.

The Obama campaign, either indirectly or subtly, is saying don’t worry, we got your back, we got plenty of benefits for you. They throw the word around. But it’s Santa Claus. And Santa Claus is free stuff, and in fact if you look at people who are unemployed, they’ve got everything they need to live, plus some extras. They’ve got their food stamps. They’ve got whatever you can buy with the food stamps. They’ve got televisions, cars, they got cell phones. They have it all, and they’re eating while being unemployed. And they got that deal for a minimum of 99 weeks. I’ve always wondered, negative ads. You and I know Mitt Romney, and we know that he’s nothing that he was described to be. What I’m getting at here is, who are these people that believe this stuff?

You run an ad that claims Mitt Romney let a guy’s wife die, didn’t care, heartless, forget that the opposite is true. Forget that there has been no more charitable presidential candidate ever. I mean, Romney’s core values are family and charity. That is his core. His core may not be conservatism, but his core is clearly family charity, morality. It’s undeniable. Now,r who are these people that believe these ads? And what do you do about them, is the bottom line. You can counter them with ads of people offering testimony to Romney’s charity and so forth. Why aren’t those ads believed? No, this is serious stuff. Why? Again, I’m sorry to bore you if this does, but why does the Republican parade of achieved, accomplished, great people who happen to be minorities not work, in terms of minority outreach? Why doesn’t it work?

I must tell you, this idea is not mine. I watched this on Fox yesterday, I forget who it was, but some guest was really frustrated. “We were inclusive, it doesn’t work,” and it got me to thinking, “Okay, why not?” And I know why it doesn’t. Because their story was hard work. Look, folks, we gotta be honest. Hard work is not what an Obama voter is interested in. So the message doesn’t resonate. But still, who are these people that believe this drivel, these lies, who are these people that believe all of this rotten stuff about George W. Bush that was put out? We don’t run ads like that about people, do we? We never attacked Obama’s character, his humanity or any of that stuff, and we could have, with his infanticide policy. We should have. I mean, Obama’s wide open. He’s very vulnerable on this kinda stuff. We didn’t go anywhere near that.

We are always aboveboard. And again, it gets back to what I said that also riled a bunch of people. Some weeks ago, I said, “Folks, look, we’re the United States of America, we can tolerate, we can get by, we can handle four more years of Obama, but can we deal with four more years of the people who will elect him, who will vote for him?” That’s the problem, that’s the way I illustrated the problem. Who are these people believing these abject, out and out, nowhere near reality ads? Who are these people that believe this stuff? Are they predisposed to this hatred of Republicans to begin with? Yes, they are. How did that happen? Where is this predisposition? Well, we owe that to the Democrat Party, too, this racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe stuff.

Our real problem is there are way too many Americans that believe a bunch of lies. They believe ’em. I can’t tell you number of people that send me notes, “Rush, can’t we do something about truth in advertising?” No. Particularly in political speech. There are no limits. You can say whatever you want, First Amendment, political speech, wide open. Now, the difference is, if we say things that the Democrats don’t like, they try to shut us down. We never even think of shutting them down. We just think of beating them.

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