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RUSH: Here’s the Art Laffer sound bite. Cookie found this. I tell you, earlier today I’m watching Fox News and Art Laffer’s on, and he says, “Oh, Martha, I’ve never been more optimistic in my life.” And coupled with everything else, I was reduced to almost uncontrollable giddy laughter.

LAFFER: I’m very, very hopeful about what’s gonna happen, Martha. I think this was the election not to win. We have the 2013 Taxmageddon that I think is gonna lead to a very sharp drop in economic activity and, you know, looking at 2014 I’m very excited about how the elections will turn out there and 2016 I think will be the equivalent of 1980, and we’re gonna have enormous prosperity in America. I couldn’t be more happy and more optimistic than I am.

RUSH: That’s exactly right. If there was an election to lose, this was it. Why didn’t we think of that? Do you realize how much grief we coulda spared ourselves. This is the election to lose. ‘Cause this will really set us up for 2014 and 2016 and real prosperity. Folks, what’s gonna happen the next four years if Obama’s true to form, that’s the problem here. The mechanism for recovery isn’t going to be there.

A guy in Las Vegas did an interview on the radio, he’s got a hundred employees, “Okay, I’m laying off 22 of them.” Why? “Because Obama won.” Boeing is laying off over a thousand people.

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