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RUSH: You know, I watched TV. I was up late last night like maybe most of you. I watched Sarah Palin, she was on with Greta late. You know what? I tell you, she was right on the money. She just could not believe what had happened. I mean, here we just elected somebody that’s destroying the domestic energy sector of this country! The things that she thought would magically work…

Energy independence, drill for our own oil, become independent from foreign sources and therefore tumult and chaos in the Middle East and other parts of the world where we get oil. Those didn’t matter, and there’s a reason why it doesn’t matter. Because no matter what, Obama’s gonna make sure they’ve got gas (unless there’s a hurricane). But all he has to do then is go out and get bear hugged by one of the most so-called partisan Republicans in the country.

And, “Look! He’s a bipartisan president. He really does want to work with the other side. There’s one Republican that’s nice and wants to work with him,” and he goes back home. Two hours, max, he’s on the ground. And gets full credit for caring and fixing it! (interruption) What is this gonna do to Chris Christie? I don’t know yet. I don’t know what it’s gonna do to Chris Christie.

And I don’t think anybody else, at this point, knows what the long-term effects are gonna be. Because there will be other events that are gonna happen that will give him a chance to fix it or make it worse. (interruption) Well, let me just ask you: Have you seen anybody in the media — and I haven’t, but I might have missed it. I’m asking because I generally want to know. Have you seen anybody blaming Christie for Romney losing?

I’m seeing them blame the hurricane. I am seeing them blame the hurricane for destroying Romney’s momentum. But are you seeing any Republicans or anybody in the media blame Christie for Romney…? (interruption) Yeah. (interruption) Well, I… (interruption) There are conversations everywhere where it’s unforgivable what he did, yeah, but that’s something that we’re hearing. We don’t know. Time will tell on that.

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