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RUSH: We have to face some truths. We have to face some reality. We are outnumbered and we are losing ground. This was not a glitch. This is the trend that happened last night. This is the trend. We are outnumbered. Whether you want to put it in terms of have we lost the country or not, there’s no other explanation. I don’t care if there were more Republicans that didn’t vote. Why didn’t they? I don’t want to talk about the people that didn’t vote. That just means we didn’t get our vote out. I don’t want to talk about election strategy, I want to talk about the results. You have to face ’em. We are outnumbered. We’re losing ground. It’s difficult to beat Santa Claus.

I’m just gonna give you a brief review here of the first hour. It’s impossible to beat Santa Claus, especially when your alternative is that you have to be your own Santa Claus. We have totally allowed the understanding of what creates wealth and what creates prosperity in this country be distorted. We have allowed it to be misdefined, redefined. We have allowed wealth and achievement to become negatives. We have permitted prosperity, hard work to become things that are sneered at and said to be not for everybody. We’ve allowed this. It’s been happening. And we have said all the while it’s been going on, “The American people are never gonna believe that stuff.” But the left has been relentless for decades pushing this.

I also want to restate a couple of questions from the first hour, because there’s all kinds of Monday morning quarterbacking going on. I’m not doing that. I’m telling you what is. And, of course, predictable voices on the Republican side, “Well, we got to get serious now about Hispanic outreach. We have to get serious now about reaching out to women, and get serious about reaching out to the youth vote.”

Okay, what does that mean? Let’s go to our convention. We put forth some of the most accomplished minorities this country has to offer. The Republican Party has more elected Hispanics serving in office than the Democrat Party has. And yet what is said about Republicans? Racist, sexist, bigots, and homophobes that discriminate and so forth. Why does putting Condoleezza Rice front and center at the convention not work? Why does putting Marco Rubio front and center at the convention not work? Why does putting Suzanne Martinez, the governor of New Mexico, front and center the convention, not work? Why does putting Mia Love, who sadly lost, one of the most accomplished, achieved, decent people in this country. She’s African-American. She’s running for the House in Utah. She’s the mayor of Saratoga Springs. She lost.

Is it seen as disingenuous? Do people not believe that we really like Condoleezza Rice, we’re just throwing her out there, she’s a token. They must. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t help us with the African-American vote. In fact, back when she was secretary of state, look at what liberal cartoonists got away with, with their caricatures of her. Aunt Jemima, step-and-fetch-it. They did cartoons caricaturing every racial physical stereotype. They treated her like an animal.

And Allen West, a decorated man of the United States Army, a hero, member of Congress from here, down in south Florida. One of the most achieved, accomplished, decent human beings. Look at how he’s treated. Look at Clarence Thomas. Look at how they’re all treated by the party supposedly of tolerance, love, and compassion.

Every minority or woman who is a conservative is targeted for destruction. We have done the reach-out. We have done everything they, quote, unquote, say we should do to show that we’re not just the white guys party. Why doesn’t it work, folks? Serious question. Why doesn’t it work? Is it seen as not genuine? Is it seen as tokenism? Is it seen as — what? Everything about these people is real. She was the secretary of state. She was the provost of Stanford. This is key. Every one of these people that I’m talking about that had a prominent role at our convention had something in common: the traditional American story, up from nothing. Parents who sacrificed and gave up a lot so that their kids could be something. Sneered at, laughed at. Didn’t count. Doesn’t work.

Look at what happened to Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney, it’s impossible to exaggerate what a great man Mitt Romney is, what a great family he has, how great he would have been at this time for this country. It’s impossible to exaggerate it. And yet, the people that voted for Barack Obama believe he allowed a man’s wife to die because he didn’t care. They believed that he is a felon. They believe he’s not paying his taxes. The left gets away with every lie, every smear. Why? We are going to have to come up with answers to this, and we are going to have to realize at the same time that the antidote to what is happening in this country is happy, confident, full-fledged, unapologetic conservatism. The Republican Party still has not tried it. But that is for another day. I want to get that out there.

Here’s Marco Rubio, excerpt from his statement following the Obama victory: “In the next Congress, I am committed to working on upward mobility policies that will ensure people who work hard and play by the rules can rise above the circumstances of their birth and leave their children better off.” I’m sorry. The people that voted for Barack Obama aren’t interested. That doesn’t reach them. Why not? Marco Rubio can write the book on how to achieve prosperity, how to achieve wealth, how to succeed in this country. Why is he rejected? I know he won the election for his Senate seat, but I mean, his story at the Republican convention, you watch. Rubio’s name now vaults to the top of 2016 potentials.

You watch and see what the left will start doing to Marco Rubio. And that genuine traditional American story that is his is going to be impugned, besmirched, criticized, lied about, distorted, because the one thing the Democrat Party and the one thing the media in this country will not allow to happen is an ideological contest. They will lose every time there is one. Correct me if I’m wrong. At any point in this campaign did somebody come out and say Obama’s a liberal? Did Romney or did they say that? If they did, it wasn’t very often. Most of the time, “He’s a nice guy. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. Really, he’s a good guy. He’s a good man, he just don’t know.” Sorry, folks, but that’s not gonna work.

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