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RUSH: Hey, folks, I know you’re in shock. I know you don’t believe this. I know you don’t understand it. Despite my heroic efforts to explain this. And I’m with you. Look, I lived through the last two months with you. I know exactly what was going on. Let us review, shall we? Let’s take a look at some things. First we had the Redskin Rule. Didn’t count this year. We had the rising unemployment number throughout the Obama regime, even though it got under 8% right before the election. The unemployment situation in this country is a disaster. There aren’t any jobs being created. There certainly aren’t any good ones, and there’s no end in sight to what currently is going on.

Mitt Romney was at 52% a week ago in the Gallup poll. Mitt Romney was up by five or six points for three, four, five days in a row. Obama never got to 50, until the day before the election, never got to 50. The crowd turnouts, standing room only, had to change venues for Romney. Obama can’t fill tiny venues. He had to move his convention speech from outdoors to indoors ’cause they couldn’t round up people to fill the stadium. They had to move indoors in Las Vegas, couldn’t find people to fill the outdoor stadium, 20,000 there. The last day on the trail he’s in Ohio. He’s got Bruce Springsteen. He’s got Jay-Z, half-filled arena.

There’s all the anecdotal evidence, all the energy that was with Romney. All of the dead signs of resignation and defeat that accompanied Obama. We had the black pastors, “The hell we’re voting for this guy. We don’t believe in gay marriage. We don’t like the fact Obama’s linking homosexuality to the civil rights movement. We’re not voting for him, and we’re having all our parishioners not vote for him.” We had the religious efforts on the Romney side, because I don’t know that that materialized. I haven’t been able to find out what the evangelical vote turned out to be. But there was nothing that pointed to an Obama win, other than the polls, which showed it tied. Other than Obama constantly at 48%, other than those polls, and the media, there were no external fundamental signs that Obama was gonna win.

Then you dig deep in the exit polls. According to the exit polls, only four in ten voters thought the economy’s getting better, and they voted for Obama. What? Scratch your head. According to the exit polls, in addition to that, just 25% of voters thought they’re better off financially today than they were four years ago, and they still voted for Obama. And then Hurricane Sandy. Obama gets credit for showing up with Chris Christie, and that is said what won the election for him? It’s what killed Romney’s momentum, it’s what everybody said? An hour and a half, two hours max in New Jersey, on the ground, accomplishing nothing, with no improvement anywhere in New Jersey or New York for anybody, and Obama is said to get credit for fixing it?

No president has ever been reelected with the unemployment number over 7.2%. Sixty-four percent of all voters said that Obama’s response to the devastating from super storm Sandy was a factor in their vote. Sixty-four percent, according to the exit polls. None of this makes sense. None of this jibes with the feelings. No. I take it back. Before the election my thoughts, when I would think about this — and I told you this on Election Day — there’s no way Obama wins this, but my feeling, I felt concerned. You could ask anybody, ask my brother, I had people telling me, asking me Monday and Tuesday, “Please tell me we’re gonna win this big, please,” and I didn’t.

I never privately told anybody I thought we were gonna win this big, but I’m like you. Last night, watching all this stuff come in, it doesn’t jibe with anything we saw. And yet it happened. So there has to be a reason for it. I don’t subscribe to massive, multiple state voting machine fraud or any of that. That’s just too big an undertaking, and if that is what happened, I don’t know how we’re ever gonna… I don’t even want to go there. I do believe, however, I can intellectually believe that we’re outnumbered by the people that voted for Obama. He turned ’em out. I mean, there is no denying he turned ’em out. There’s no denying the way they voted.

A lot of it doesn’t make sense until you accept that we have allowed the understanding of what creates prosperity in this country to be blown up into smithereens. We have permitted the education system in this country to be blown up to smithereens, kindergarten all the way through graduate school. It is a disaster.

Now, what’s gonna happen? Well, let me go through the list of possibilities here of what can happen in the country, and in no particular order, by the way. One thing that could happen is that the economy could continue to get worse as more Obamacare is implemented and Obama gets his tax increases. The Bush tax cuts will end, and that will lead to tax increases anyway. That will result in more money being taken out of the private sector. The government will get bigger. Obama will continue to borrow. He will continue to spend. He’ll continue to provide for people. The people on the receiving end of Obama’s Santa Claus behavior will not necessarily feel the negative impact of the economy as those of you who are working or recently lost their jobs or those of you paying the freight will feel.

And it will continue and continue until it collapses. It could happen in 18 months; it could happen in three years. But if nothing changes the track we are on, we are facing a financial collapse. And as we’ve seen in Greece and Spain, the people that live there don’t care that their countries are collapsing. They just want their pensions, and they want their checks, and they want their union contracts to continue to be paid. They don’t care what’s happening to their government. They don’t care what’s happening to the country. They don’t care who’s paying for it. By God, it better not stop. The same thing will happen here.

There’s another possibility. The American people are extremely resilient. The question is, are there enough Americans who will roll up their sleeves, “You know what, I’m just not putting up with this. I’m gonna go ahead, I’m gonna start a business. I’m gonna work hard. I’m gonna try to find a job,” and will the economy on its own because of the resilience of the American people show some signs of life and begin to recover? If that happens, can I tell you what else is gonna happen? Obama’s policies are gonna get the credit for it. All the spending, all the borrowing, all the stimulus, all the green energy, all that stuff will be proclaimed as the reason why, and we will continue to lose the understanding of how genuine prosperity is created in this country. It will be forever distorted.

Investor’s Business Daily has a piece today: “5 Big Stories The Media Will ‘Discover’ After The Election.” There is a commonality to second terms, presidential second terms, and that is, they never fulfill expectations. Something happens. It happened to Reagan, Iran-Contra. It happened to Clinton, Monica Lewinsky. It happened to George W. Bush. Finally the Iraq war took its toll, and you know the story of the last four Bush years. Bush started his second term saying he was gonna spend his capital to reform and privatize Social Security, and you saw what happened with that. They demagogued that, Bush pulled it off the table, and a whole new argument began over the government is the best protector of people. You can’t rely on the private sector at Wall Street, and you can’t have people depend on themselves, government has to do it.

Nixon had Watergate in his second term. It is also said that the media could possibly get tired of protecting and defending Obama and now go after him. Just because that’s who they are, that they’re vampires and they have to feed. There’s only so many Republicans to feed off of now. Most of them are gone. Well, I know they got me, but it’s a long shot. I’m just telling you, these are things that are possible. Benghazi is going to rear its head. Benghazi, these blissfully ignorant voters who are totally unaware of it last night, are gonna finally hear about this.

But then the question, will they care? Probably not, folks. Not the Obama voters. They probably won’t care, if they don’t care about anything else. But the five stories Investor’s Business Daily says the media will “discover.” “The economy really does stink. The press studiously ignored the ongoing economic catastrophe under Obama, while parading any ‘green shoot’ they could find that suggested growth was around the corner. Don’t be surprised if, after the election, they start to notice that three years of subpar growth have left the middle class further behind and more mired in poverty.”

That’s wishful thinking. The press is invested in this guy. The press is so tied to this guy because of race, there’s no way. I stand to be corrected on this, but the press made this guy who he is. You know, normally the press likes to take people down that they’ve built up. Do you see them taking Obama down? Do you see F. Chuck Todd ripping into Obama? Do you see Chris Matthews ripping into Obama?

Do you see Scott Pelley or Brian Williams ripping into Obama? No. They’re gonna be ripping into me. Make no mistake about that. By the way, it won’t take to the end of this week, folks. I’m gonna be the reason — not Chris Christie, I’m gonna be the reason — all this happened. I’m just warning you. I will be the reason. And it’ll be said if the Republican Party wants to have a future, they’re gonna have to shut up people like me and stop listening to people like me.

“The extremists.”

In fact, it has already started in certain sectors of the Republican consultants’ ranks. It’s already started. Number two on the Investor’s Business Daily list of stories they’ll discover: “Massive debt and entitlement crises loom. Despite four straight years of $1 trillion-plus deficits and a national debt that now exceeds total GDP…” Do you think anybody who voted for Obama even knows what that means?

If you coulda gone to McCormick Place last night before Obama came out and gave his victory speech, and you just picked anybody out of that crowd and said, “Do you people understand here that the national debt exceeds the GDP?” how many of them at McCormick Place would have had the slightest idea what you were talking about? I’ll say, conservatively, less than 5%.

“What’s national debt? And really, what do you mean, GDP?”

And then, after you told them, they’d say, “Okay, what’s the problem?” This is part and parcel… We just assume these things we throw out that we understand, that the national debt exceeds the GDP, are understood. We just assume people gonna understand what that means. I bet your average Obama voter not only doesn’t know, but can’t be made to care. It’s not about any of that!

The only way the average Obama voter is gonna care about that is if it’s gonna personally interrupt the flow of goodies, income, or whatever that he’s getting from government. Number three: “The debt ceiling limit is fast approaching. Another story that went largely unremarked this campaign is the fact that the country is approaching the new debt ceiling limit. The Treasury Dept. warned last week that it expects the government to reach its borrowing limit before the end of the year.”

I take you back to McCormick Place.

Pick any Obama voter out of that massive crowd last night and say, “You know what? The debt ceiling is coming up. We’re gonna have to make special arrangements to keep borrowing.”

“Okay, so do it,” they’ll say. “What’s the problem? If we’ve reached the limit, just raise it. Problem solved.”

Then if you say, “Well, do you know what the debt limit is?”

“Well, uh, uh, I assume it’s, you know, what — what debt that we should limit?”

“That’s exactly right.”

Next story that IBD says that the media will discover: “Obamacare isn’t what it was cracked up to be. After two years of ignoring health reform’s fundamental flaws, the press will likely admit that Obamacare is fundamentally flawed.”

Uh, let’s head back to McCormick Place and ask, “Do you realize that Obamacare is gonna cost the average American an additional $2500 in premiums?”

“I don’t care. I’m not paying for it.”

“Oh, yes, you will. You wait.”

“Ah, I’m not gonna pay for it! I’m not paying for my health care now. The union takes care of that or the government.”

“Yeah, but are you aware that the IRS has 16,000 new agents that are gonna be running around making sure that if you don’t have health insurance, you’re paying a fine?”

“I don’t believe that. I don’t believe that.”

“Well, it’s true.”

Your average McCormick Place attendee says, “No, no. A fine for not having health insurance? No. Besides, Obama’s gonna provide it!”

And the other issue: “Obama’s deficit-cutting plan won’t work.”

Do you really think they care about the deficit?

I don’t think they give a rat’s rear end about it.


RUSH: We’ll go to Los Angeles, and this is Yakov is with us now. Hi, Yakov, great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, great to talk to you, Rush Limbaugh.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: This is an honor. You know, in the early nineties, I was going to college. I was president of the young Democrats at the time, believe it or not, and a gentleman said to me something very brilliant that you said yesterday, so I know where he got it from. I called myself a moderate, and he said to me, “A moderate is nothing but a liberal that has no guts.”

RUSH: A liberal that doesn’t have the guts to say he’s a liberal. Yep.

CALLER: Exactly. So that was quite amazing to hear that, you brought me back yesterday. And of course I’ve changed my stance and I have the guts to say I’m a conservative today. You’ve helped out a lot with that. The reason I’m calling in today is because, you know, I am highly disappointed in how out of touch the Republicans have become with who they’re speaking with, not with what they stand for. I loved Romney. There’s nobody more qualified for president in my lifetime than Romney. I really believe that. But our message to the people should not have been to the people who already know that.

The reason that Obama won is he did not go to the people who have some intelligence and are liberal and they already knew who they were voting for. He didn’t go to the women that already knew who they were voting for, or the Hispanics who already knew or the blacks. He went to the homeless shelters. He went to the people who were on welfare, that he was paying their salaries. He went to the people who are, you know, on unemployment but they got their benefits extended. He went to the people who really don’t understand how the economy works, you know, the people that have no —

RUSH: He didn’t have to go to them. His party has created them via the education system. He didn’t have to visit a homeless shelter. The people there already think what they think because Obama’s party has gamed it.

CALLER: Yeah. And those people have no clue what Republicans can do for them.

RUSH: Uh, uh, uh, uh, yes, they do. He-he-he. Republicans mean they gotta work.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: That’s what they think Republicans mean, that they have to work.

CALLER: Well, Rush, there’s that element, but we’ve got a lot of people who are hardworking people who are unemployed today. And those people, they would love to be working, you know, but they’re on the unemployment line. And they’re also in the welfare lines. I mean, what did they say, 800 and something billion dollars, more than the defense budget.

RUSH: Yeah, what percentage of this group are you talking about you think voted for Obama?

CALLER: Well, it didn’t need to be that many people. He just had to push ’em over the edge. The people who could be pushed, the people that could be swayed, anybody who didn’t vote last year —

RUSH: If you’re talking about hardworking people — and I agree with you, they’re out there, hard working, they really want to work, and they really want jobs —


RUSH: — if they’re engaged enough to want that, I would submit to you they have to know that their biggest obstacle’s Obama and would vote against him.

CALLER: If they know how government works. If they know how economy works. If they know that, you know, if you raise the taxes on a corporation, they’re gonna lay off people. If they know that if you’re gonna tax people 35% that they’re gonna add jobs? I mean, they haven’t been taught to do that math. They haven’t even been taught the basics. All they’ve been taught is what you used to talk about back in the nineties, I remember you talking about baby seals. That’s what the Democrats talk about. You know, they have their baby seal —

RUSH: Well, baby seals, now they’re talking about Hurricane Sandy, global warming, and green energy. But yeah, it’s one thing or another. Well, you’re basically saying what I’m saying, that Obama corralled the uninformed vote. But I’m submitting to you that some of the people that you say are uninformed are really not. They are informed enough to know that Obama is the guy that’s going to be make a lifestyle without work possible. Two years of unemployment can reduce your work ethic. We know psychological studies. The longer you are out of work, the harder it is to go back.

The longer you’re out of work, the harder it is to look for a job, because you lose your self-esteem. You lose confidence. You don’t think anybody would want you, and you don’t think you can do the job. It really is a destructive thing, psychologically. And that is capitalized upon, played upon by Democrats, liberals, statists who want people like that precisely turning to the government for their solution. And put a cherry on top of that, a little icing on that cake, tell those people that they’re in that circumstance ’cause Republicans own all these corporations and won’t hire anybody ’cause they want to keep the profits for themselves. It’s a never-ending cycle. Yakov, I’m glad you called. It’s great to have you out there. I appreciate it.

This Julie, Morgantown, West Virginia. Hi. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: You’re the first person I wanted to talk to after yesterday because of how logical you are. I think it’s a twofold problem that kind of go hand in hand. I am agreeing with you. I think it’s an info-reaching problem and an image-reaching problem. Obviously the info is pretty obvious as far as how the liberal news media covers things, but I have a brother who’s a moderate. I would consider him a moderate.

RUSH: By the way, I would say it’s more how the media doesn’t cover things with Obama than what they do cover or even how they cover it. It’s what they don’t cover that is the big problem.

CALLER: Yeah, I think people don’t know what they’re getting. My brother, I brought up Benghazi to him, and (giggles) he had heard briefly about the situation but he had no clue the details.

RUSH: Well, what was his reaction when you gave him the details?

CALLER: He was really shocked about it, and I also had mentioned… He’s in pharmaceuticals, and I told him his company is kind of waiting. They’ve had cutbacks and they’re kind of waiting to see what happens in January. You know, he wasn’t sure what’s going to happen with his company, and I said, “You know what they’re waiting for?” And he said, “No, what?” I said, “They’re waiting to see if Obama gets in or not, because if Obama gets in, you could really see some cuts and even the closure of your company.”

RUSH: I don’t think —

CALLER: And he had no clue.

RUSH: I’m sure not. I’m sure he didn’t. Most people don’t! (chuckles) It’s gonna be fun to be here on the day in January when people the get their first paychecks.

CALLER: Oh, yeah.

RUSH: When they see the Bush tax cuts ending, that’s gonna affect everybody, not just the rich. And the payroll tax, and some of the Obamacare taxes. Because a whole bunch of stuff that kicks in, in January. I’ll be real interested to see. I really will be interested to see how people react to that.

CALLER: But I think Obama… I think the Democrats or Obama has done a good job at not just getting on the news media, but putting himself out there. I think there’s an image problem that Republicans have and conservatives have, and it’s not… I don’t even think it directly, you know, has anything to do with how Romney comes off. I know people that are liberals who think all conservatives are against alternative energy and against helping people, which is exactly the opposite. But they’re not informed. They’re just kept in the dark. If they don’t listen to you or, you know, other strictly conservative outlets, you’re not going to get the image, the true image of what a conservative is on some of these issues.

RUSH: Well, clearly there’s a branding problem the Republican Party has. You could say it’s marketing, branding, image. Clearly it exists, and the main reason it does is that I don’t know anybody… I really don’t. I’m 25 years into this program, and if I were to be asked, “How do you fight people lying about you?” I don’t know what I’d say. To this day I don’t know how to deal with that, other than being who you are every day.

Look at what they did to Romney in the early parts of the campaign — and by proud admission they did this! They lied. Romney was responsible for a guy’s wife dying from cancer. The press knew it wasn’t true, but they marveled at the audacity and brilliance of the Obama campaign. Stephanie Cutter was lying through her teeth every day about Romney being a felon, about herself not being involved in the commercial involving a guy’s wife who died with cancer.

Then they say that Romney’s a felon. Then they say Romney’s got this, Romney did that. They caricatured Mitt Romney as the most mean-spirited, vicious, lying criminal, felon. He didn’t care about somebody’s wife dying. It was 180 degrees from the truth. The media knew it was happening. Romney didn’t respond to it ’cause he was busy raising money at that moment in order to run ads later on in the campaign.

That’s why Obama timed the Romney dirt campaign when he did. So Romney throughout the campaign never once… The convention was the only effort that was made to refute any of that, but they didn’t say, “By the way, what you’re hearing about me isn’t true.” They just brought person after person after person up to testify about what essentially a great, charitable, nice guy Romney is and hoped that it spoke for itself.

But there is no antidote. See, we are kind of hamstrung because we don’t think we have to lie about the Democrats. All we have to do is tell the truth about where their policies will lead, about what they intend with their policies. That truth doesn’t carry the day as often as their lies carry the day. It’s a psychological thing. I’m not equipped to tell anybody how to deal with being lied about. You know, I’m somebody who is lied about routinely.

Anyway, I appreciate the call.

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