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RUSH: So I got a note today. I got a note from a friend who said, “Rush, yeah, you know, you’re really on the right track here on this prosperity business. Just be patient because when people see that unemployment isn’t getting better, more will question what they believe about Obama’s policies working.” Where’s the evidence to believe that? Where is the evidence that people are going to associate a dismal economy with Obama?

Over half of them still blame George W. Bush! And how, by the way, was that permitted to happen? That’s a whole ‘nother discussion. How in the world does that stick, that the economy is Bush’s fault? After four years of specific Obama policies that have damaged the economy, how is it that every Obama voter blames Bush — including their elites, including their smarter than everybody else professors, including their smarter than everything else Hollywood.

They believe that, as well as their rank-and-file voters. They believe it. It doesn’t hurt that Obama continues to blame Bush. In our America, it is unpresidential to act like a baby and blame your predecessor. In our America, you man up! You take responsibility. You face problems head on and you try to fix ’em. The sad reality here is that there is no attempt to fix what’s going wrong in this country.

And by blaming George W. Bush for it, Obama is given carte blanche to continue his policies of damage. Obama is hell-bent on remaking this country. We’re in the middle of it. We’re four years into a transformation of this government becoming statist. It really is. Liberty versus tyranny. We’re four years into tyranny winning. And guess what? No matter what happens now, it’s Bush’s fault. Obama’s getting a Mulligan.

Obama’s getting a do-over. Over half the people that voted, that’s how they’re looking at it. It’s not theory anymore. That’s the reality we face. The reality we face is that what’s real isn’t, and what isn’t real is. Well, you are free to disagree with me on this. I welcome it. I’d love to be talked out of this. We have to face facts, folks. We have to. If a hurricane can literally end a presidential campaign, or destroy it, or do unfixable damage…

A, the hurricane arrives. B, the president shows up for two hours. He then lets a photo out of him in The Situation Room, apparently studying it. I know. You can’t throw the Chris Christie thing out. That’s major. If we’re dealing with an electorate that can be moved by something as genuinely meaningless in substantive terms as that, then we’re living in the Brave New World, and we’ve been trending in this direction. “Symbolism over substance.” Bill Clinton. Hello, thank you very much.

You know what? I didn’t get that phone call in. I honestly intended to, folks. I really did. I really meant to get a phone call in here. But when you make as much sense as I do you just keep going. So I apologize.


RUSH: The truth is something that we’re losing here. We had better try it at some point. Fear of the truth is only causing us to lose. Fear of the truth is only causing us to be outnumbered. There is no truth on Obama’s side of this. There is no truth to Obama’s speech last night. There was no truth in his campaign. There’s no truth to what these people believe. They believe in a mirage. They believe in an image. They’re voting for Santa Claus. Not only are they voting for Santa Claus, they think they’re entitled to a daily visit from Santa Claus. They’ve been told this country’s unfair, unjust, and immoral to them. It always has been. That’s Obama’s great reach to ’em. He’s the guy that’s gonna fix all this inequality and all this discrimination and all the disadvantages and all the unfairness that this country has visited upon these various people. He’s Santa Claus.

What’s our message? Yeah, we believe in Santa Claus, too. You’re it. Prosperity? You work hard; that’s how you achieve it. “Oh, gosh! What’s the choice, working hard or getting an Obama phone?” If you’re unemployed for four years in this country, you have a cell phone, a TV, a car, and you’re eating. What’s the problem? Seriously! What’s the problem?

Unless you have an ethic about you, a sense of responsibility to yourself and your family — a sense of civic duty that says, “You’ve got to get a job” — unless you’re a person who does not define who you are by virtue of your work or partially by your work, what’s the problem? There’s your flat screen. There’s your phone. There’s your 120 free minutes or however many you get for it.

There’s your unemployment compensation bump up, and here’s your food stamps. So what’s the problem? These are real circumstances, folks. You can say, “How can you be so unkind and cruel?” I’m not. I’m just telling you what is, and we are trending to the… Do you realize that Obama’s message is that the people who are making it possible for him to be Santa Claus aren’t working hard enough?

Do you realize Obama’s message is: “Not only am I Santa Claus, but the people who are making all this possible still aren’t paying their fair share! While you’re out there doing nothing, they still aren’t paying their fair share. It’s not enough! I’m still gonna come in and I’m gonna raise their taxes! I’m still gonna come in. It’s just not right that they have so much,” and you doctors, you’re next.

When everybody figures out the ultimate damage that Obamacare is gonna do to the health industry, to medical care, to insurance, to all this, it won’t be long. In fact, it may be happening in various places already. “Why should somebody get wealthy for treating the sick? We have an inherent right to good health! We have an inherent right to health care. What does that mean? Health care equals good health. We have a right!

“Why should somebody get rich? It’s not right. It’s not fair. Not everybody can be a doctor. Why should they do so well?” This is the stuff that’s coming. It’s all part of resentment. We’re all part of the resentment for achievement, for success. So Rubio. “The conservative movement should have particular appeal to people in minority and immigrant communities who are trying to make it, and Republicans need to work harder than ever to communicate our beliefs to them.”

That’s true.

We do need to take a conservative message to ’em. At the same time we need to show ’em it works! We need to show there is a payoff to hard work, and that oftentimes it’s not just financial. There is satisfaction, the sense of achievement, the maximizing of a person’s potential, being the best you can be. Do you realize not one iota of Obama’s message is oriented toward greatness or excellence in the individual?

It’s a wide-open opportunity for us.

We just have very few people on our side able to articulate it right now.

But hopefully that will change.


RUSH: Say what you want, folks: Mitt Romney did offer a vision of greatness, a vision of traditional America, a vision of an American recovery and return to prominence. He did that in his own way. You may not-a thought it was the best way, but he did it in his own way. That’s what he was talking about, and it was rejected. It was rejected in favor of a guy who thinks those who are working aren’t doing enough to help those who aren’t.

A question. A hypothetical question. Let’s say Mitt Romney won last night. Let’s say today that Mitt Romney is out, he does his press conference, and they ask him about the economy. And he said, “Well, you know, we really have a much worse mess here because of George Bush than I even thought.” Would he get away with that? Would Mitt Romney be allowed to get away with blaming George Bush?

Even though Romney hasn’t been in charge of anything for four years, would Mitt Romney be allowed to blame Bush? Would Mitt Romney be given a pass? No, he wouldn’t have. Barack Obama, after four years of destructive — specifically destructive — economic policies, is still given a pass. It’s in the exit polls. Over half of Americans blame Bush. It would never even occur to Mitt Romney to blame a predecessor. And if he tried it, the press would be all over him and wouldn’t let him get away with it.

AP last week, recurring story: “America more racist in 2012 than it was in 2008!” It’s so much more racist that we’re giving the first African-American president, who is a failure, a Mulligan. And, according to some in the media, precisely because he’s black. That’s what a good nation we are. The voters of America just can’t bring themselves to say no to the first black president. So we’re gonna reward mediocrity. We’re gonna reward failure. We’re gonna reward it because that makes us good people.

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