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RUSH: All of our lives, ladies and gentlemen, what have we heard when it comes to presidential elections? It’s the economy, it’s the economy, it’s the economy. In my lifetime, I’ve not lived in a worse economy than this one. This should have been a slam dunk. But it wasn’t. There are reasons why. We’re gonna have to dig deep to find them and we’re gonna have to be honest with ourselves when we find the answers to this. I keep reading a bunch of stuff that bloggers and conservative analysts are saying.

One of the popular theories is, “Well, you know, you still can’t discount the historical nature. He’s the first African-American president, and the American people felt sorry for him. They just want to give him a second chance. They just couldn’t bring themselves to vote against him. The next time, Rush, the Democrats aren’t gonna have that kind of hold on anybody. They’re not gonna have that kind of attachment to people,” and blah, blah. Look, I’m in favor of optimism as much as the next guy, but we are living in the midst of the Democrat Party transforming this country. I don’t deny and I don’t doubt that race is a central factor in what happened, but it is not the sole explanation. There are additional substantive reasons. You can’t minimize the woman in Cleveland, “Obama phone! He give us a phone, Obama phone!”

Do not underestimate the importance of what I am saying. A misunderstanding or disagreement or what have you, of what creates prosperity in this country. There are clearly now two schools of thought on that. There used to not be much of an argument. You go back not that long ago, Democrats used to talk about hard work. Even last night Obama’s talking about hard work. He doesn’t mean it. In his acceptance campaign speech last night, it’s more of a campaign speech than acceptance speech, (imitating Obama) “I believe that if you’re black, brown, gay, don’t matter who you love, if you’re this or that…” He went through every surface definition of a human being that he could think of, “And if you work hard, you got a fair shake…” Everybody’s cheering.

The fact of the matter is the people that gathered at McCormick Place last night do not believe that. They do not think they have a fair shake. They have been ill-educated. They don’t believe they’ve got a fair shake. They think the deck is stacked against them. They think the Democrat Party corrects that. They think the Democrat Party’s gonna punish the people who have unfairly gotten stuff that they shouldn’t have. They got more stuff than other people have stuff and that stuff’s gotta be redistributed. That’s the sad reality here. There isn’t a work ethic in this country anymore that’s universal. Get a college education and that means magic is supposed to happen for a lot of people. And if it doesn’t, if you don’t get stuff, if you don’t get success that they tell you you’re gonna get if you do these things, then the game’s rigged.

Hard work is sneered at. Suggesting that somebody go get a job is reacted to in many places, “Oh, easy for you to say. You’ve got one.” I want to go back to the Republican convention again. I want to ask these questions. I want you all thinking about this. Because it’s being said, once again, that the Republicans have an outreach problem, that we don’t have Hispanics and we don’t have blacks and we don’t have women. Okay, fine. We don’t. What are we supposed to do? Are we supposed to embrace amnesty?


No, no, no, I’m asking. Snerdley’s in there laughing, but I’m being serious with this. We have achieved, brilliant, highly accomplished African-Americans, blacks, Hispanics, you name it, throughout the Republican Party. They serve in office. Many of them are CEOs. It doesn’t count. It doesn’t count in the media. It doesn’t count in the Democrat Party. It doesn’t count with Obama voters about whom it is said that stuff matters most. It doesn’t count. Why not? Why, putting it somewhat coarsely, why doesn’t the Republican Party get credit for Condoleezza Rice? Why doesn’t the Republican Party get credit for Marco Rubio? Why doesn’t the Republican Party get credit for Suzanne Martinez?

How is it that Michele Bachmann, a highly achieved woman, barely, barely ekes out reelection, and Jesse Jackson Jr. at the Mayo Clinic going through everything he’s a going through, wins in a landslide? I could throw these examples up to you all afternoon. Why don’t those people, why don’t the Marco Rubios, the Allen Wests — what a great man. What a great American. Allen West, what a great role model. Clarence Thomas. Herman Cain. None of it counts. Don’t tell me the Republican Party doesn’t have outreach. We do. But what are we supposed to do now? In order to get the Hispanic or Latino vote, does that mean open the borders and embrace the illegals?

I want you to think about this. Is that what this means? Is that what the Republican establishment means? We’ve gotta reach out to Hispanics, is that what they mean? If we’re not getting the female vote, do we become pro-choice? Do we start passing out birth control pills? Is that what we have to do? Okay, let me ask you, if that’s what we have to do, pretend that we’re doing it. Pretend that in the next couple weeks, couple months, the Republican Party announces that it is for contraception being paid for by the state and in fact the Catholic Church must give contraception away and make abortion available, are we going to get the votes that Obama got last night? We’re not? Really, we’re not? We won’t? But we’re not getting the votes that Obama got last night because we have Condoleezza Rice, and she is pinnacle of achievement and intelligent, well spoken. I mean, you can’t find a more accomplished, better person than Condoleezza Rice, Marco Rubio. And just speaking in street lingo, we’re not getting credit for it.

Now, is it that Republicans are looking for credit and it’s not perceived as genuine? Are these people all viewed as tokens? And the white Republican establishment, is just putting these people out front but they really don’t believe that Marco Rubio’s that good a deal or that Condi, are they just window dressing? If that’s so, if that’s the perception the Obama voters, then how do we change that?


What do you mean, you don’t? Well, if you look at these exit polls, if we don’t change that, we’re not gonna win elections, according to the exit polls. There’s one option that still hasn’t been tried in a long time. It’s called conservatism with a capital C. It still hasn’t been tried. This was not a conservative campaign. It was a good campaign, I don’t want anybody misunderstanding me here ’cause I think Mitt Romney is one of the best people, human beings I’ve ever met. I have no quarrel with Mitt Romney, and I’m not gonna be one to dump on Romney. Everybody can do Monday morning quarterbacking and so forth. We all have our — like, for example, when I heard Romney in the last two weeks talking about reaching across the aisle, I cringed, but I’m not gonna come here and introduce negativism ’cause I’m not gonna change him.

What I say on the air is not gonna change Romney’s approach. They’ve got their strategerists. They got their campaign people to figure out what they want to do. I think there was too much assuming going on, too much assumption that people understood what Romney was talking about when he starts talking about the economy.

But I’m telling you: We’re gonna have to go back and redefine how prosperity happens in this country. And conservatism and the Constitution are the best way to do this! Are we…? Let’s see. (mumbling) Let’s see. Youth! We need the youth vote. Are we supposed…? I’ll tell you what let’s do as the Republican Party. Let’s announce — say around Christmastime, so that we can get close to being Santa Claus ourselves.

Let’s announce that we are for the legalization of marijuana and that, as a party, we believe in forgiving all student loans. Let’s beat Obama to the punch. You know Obama runs the student loan program. Well, let’s go get the youth vote! Is that how we would do it? Okay, so where…? Obviously the answer is no. All these examples I’ve given you make sense. Latinos?

We’re not gonna get the Latino vote by opening the borders and saying, “You know what? Let anybody in who wants to come in.” Some Republicans who think we have to do that. Keep sharp eye. Women? Let’s start our own abortion industry. Let’s go out and get the women’s vote. The point is — I just want you to think about it — would that work? In this America today, would that work? It does for the Democrats.

Every Obama voter may not be religious, but they believe in Santa Claus. And you know what else they believe about Santa Claus? Santa Claus doesn’t judge anybody. You’re gonna get your stuff no matter how you behave. You’re gonna get your stuff whether you’re a good guy, bad guy, or a nonentity. Santa Claus isn’t judgmental. In fact, Santa Claus loves you because you have the deck stacked against you!

The Democrat Party has made every one of their voters, other than the elite professors and the Hollywood types (who ought to know better), think they’re members of victim groups. And that they have no way to achieve prosperity in the traditional way. The deck is stacked against them by people like us, they think. So government’s gotta come in and make it fair. And that’s cool, by the way. That’s hip! That’s cool!


RUSH: Okay, folks, I’m watching Fox here during the break. You know what I just heard? Doug Schoen, who is a Democrat pollster, who, in recent years, has shown a proclivity to side with Republicans, be that as it may. You know what I just heard Doug Schoen say? The Republican Party has not shown an inclination to be inclusive in order to join with people to solve the nation’s problems. The Republican Party has not shown the inclination to be inclusive.

Now, what in the Sam Hill does that mean? We are to infer that Obama and the Democrats are inclusive. What does that mean? The Democrats are inclusive? Let’s see. Obama has not talked to Boehner or the Republicans since July. Obama is not inclusive. He is exclusive when it comes to accepting Republican ideas to solve problems. He is dismissive. He impugns. The Republicans have an idea, he says, “Too bad, I won.” That’s his right, he can do that. My point is, Obama is not inclusive, but it’s thought that he is.

The Republicans have more Hispanic elected officials than the Democrats do. The Republicans, you saw at our convention, the Republicans want success for everybody. Conservatives want everybody to be the best they can be. And Doug Schoen hasn’t seen any evidence of our inclusiveness. I’m sorry, folks, that is just blatantly false, untrue. But it’s out there. The Republicans have, I don’t know how much outreach they’ve done to try to show that they’re inclusive. Romney’s whole campaign was built around the fact that he was for everybody. He wanted to help every family. But Doug Schoen hasn’t seen any evidence of Republicans’ inclination to be inclusive. What does that mean? We’re not for gay marriage? Does that mean that we don’t want to pass out birth control pills? Does that mean that we’re not for taxpayer funded abortions? Does that mean we’re not for amnesty for illegal aliens? Inclusive?

Robin, Evansville, Indiana. Hi, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. Mega dittos, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: I’m great. Thanks very much.

CALLER: As a woman, and Republican woman as a matter of fact, I just am totally disgusted for women not coming out to vote for Mitt Romney. How could you not want to move our country in the right direction instead of going backwards?

RUSH: Well, you see, we’re getting to the rub of it here. Apparently for the women who voted for Obama, he is taking the country in the right direction as far as they’re concerned. The right direction for them is making sure that Republicans don’t take away their birth control pills or their right to have an abortion. And I’m not exaggerating. It’s what the exit polls show.

CALLER: Well, it’s crazy to believe that. It’s crazy to believe that they could do that or would do that.

RUSH: For you and me it’s crazy to believe that anything Obama does works. We’re living in the midst of it not working. We’re living in the absolute destruction and failure of this economy and this country.

CALLER: Exactly. As a woman, how can you not notice when you go to the grocery store that the prices of food’s gone up?

RUSH: No. No, no, no. No, no. Price of food doesn’t matter. It’s that the next time you go to the grocery store, the birth control pills might not be there if Romney is elected.

CALLER: Oh, too bad, so you ought to pay for your own birth control. There are free clinics still in this country.

RUSH: No. It’s not their job to provide their own birth control. That’s the purpose of government. Obama is gonna ensure that whenever they want it, they’re gonna get it.

CALLER: That’s not how it works. God helps those who helps themselves.

RUSH: Well, I know it’s not how it works, but we are outnumbered now by people who think that way, Robin. This is what we’ve got. We can sit here and lament all day long why they think what they think. The fact is, they do.

CALLER: Well, I used to think that way at one time.

RUSH: Well, what changed you?

CALLER: I married a very conservative man.

RUSH: See, you’re letting a man run your life. You’ve already let women down. See, that’s why you don’t count.

CALLER: No, not necessarily, he was listening to you on the radio —

RUSH: I’m telling you the way they think. I’m telling you way Gloria Steinem thinks. You’re an embarrassment to the sisterhood. What do you mean, your husband determines what you think? How could you say that?

CALLER: He listens to talk radio. (laughing)

RUSH: You think it’s funny. I’m telling you, this is who they are.

CALLER: I know who they are, and I’m ashamed it’s how they are.

RUSH: I’m scared of how they are.

CALLER: I am, too. It scares me how they are.

RUSH: I don’t know how to reach these people.

CALLER: I don’t either.

RUSH: I shudder to think what they think of me. I mean, I’m right behind Romney in taking stuff away from them as far as they’re concerned.

CALLER: Oh, well, you’re the anti-Christ sometimes, Rush, is what they think of you.

RUSH: Exactly.

CALLER: I thought you were crazy at first, too, until I started really listening to you, and I’m like, “Well, he’s right. He’s right in what he says.”

RUSH: A guy on the radio can ruin their life, and only the president of the United States can save them as far as they’re concerned. But anyway, that’s who voted for the guy, folks. It’s here in the exit poll data. I shared it with you at the top of the program. I mean, he got a majority of votes from people who think he is far and away much better in an international crisis. Libya, Benghazi, Arab Spring. I know. The media didn’t tell the story. That’s another thing, too. But that’s what it is as well. We can sit here and cry over that all we want, but that’s what we’re dealing with. And we’re outnumbered by these people now. That’s the hard, cold reality.

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