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RUSH: Let’s look at this. Women and Latinos/Hispanics, and young skulls full of mush all came in big for Obama, and his policies are crushing them, particularly in terms of unemployment. But it didn’t matter. Female unemployment is at all-time high in this country, but they’re gonna get their birth control pills. Who would have ever believed…? You know, I saw Tucker Carlson last night on Fox.

He was talking about radio ads Obama was running in Pennsylvania, all on abortion. Single women in this country were actually moved to vote for Obama ’cause they thought Romney was gonna take abortion away from them. They were actually made to believe that. Romney couldn’t; there’s no president who can. It doesn’t matter. Not gonna take the chance. The truth and reality and the Constitution, doesn’t matter.


Obama’s policies are crushing women, young people. Look at student loan debt, look at the lack of jobs, look at the cost of college tuition. Obama’s making everything worse. These people showed up in droves. Why? Ditto Hispanics and their unemployment, and he didn’t even come through for ’em on immigration, and they still showed up. Why? Women voted Obama 55 to 43 for Romney. Massive gender gap, unchanged from 2008.

Unmarried women backed Obama 68% to 30%.

They thought Romney was gonna take away their birth control pills. Obama treats ’em like vaginas, and they say, “He’s my man!” Go figure. Obama won the youth vote 24-point margin. Overall turnout of young voters was up over 2008. Even the Democrats thought it was gonna be down. There was a 71% Latino vote for Obama. That’s the worst any Republican has gotten since modern polling began, and it’s a growing demographic.

Obama won 71% of the Latino vote! So what are we to do? Do we come out for amnesty and illegal immigration now? Is that how we get ’em? I’m asking. I’m not being rhetorical. Do we start passing out birth control pills? I’m asking, not rhetorically. I mean, this is what it is said the Democrats are doing to get their votes. So what do we do? People who think this way and vote this way outnumber us now, folks.

And we are losing ground.

And we have a political party that’s more than happy to capitalize on this, however you want to characterize these people. Their lack of knowledge, their fear, their susceptibility to being victims, whatever you want to say. The Democrat Party is more than willing to destroy the traditions and institutions that have defined this nation’s greatness. It doesn’t matter what it takes.

It doesn’t matter what they end up doing to people’s lives. Because at the end of it they’re all gonna have a phone, a TV set, a car and 120 free minutes and food stamps. No matter how bad it gets they’re gonna be able to watch TV and eat and get around and text their buddies. It used to be when you were unemployed, that stuff came to a screeching halt. Including eating.

Isaac, Spring Valley, New York. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Yes, hello, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Very well, sir. Thanks for the call.

CALLER: I can’t agree with you more, but one thing just to put it into perspective is that last night we were telling people — basically the Democrats — to stand up, to take responsibility, and throw the guy out of office. And I think people won’t make that choice when they already have a guy. I mean, we would have had a better chance if it would have been Romney against Obama in 2008.

RUSH: It’s my hearing. I’m not sure that I got that. You say we were telling people that the Democrats…? Say that again. What were we telling people?

CALLER: We were telling people to like stand up and take responsibility and start cutting back on taxes and deficits, and we were telling people also to throw out a president. So those two things we were going against the odds and I do think we would have a much better opportunity if we would have been in the first term and —

RUSH: Well, let me see if I understand. What you’re saying is that it’s a tough thing to tell people, “Hey, stand up, take responsibility for yourself.” That’s tough stuff. That’s my point. Santa Claus or that. And then your point is, “At the same time we’re doing that, we’re asking to throw away Santa Claus”? Is that what you’re saying?

CALLER: Correct. And one more thing, Rush. Can I make another point?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: We just gotta thank you last night. I just can’t imagine how much more I gotta thank you because there is a changing tide in the country, turning liberal, and the only thing that protected us — that we still have 49 million people voting for Romney — was you and your exposing conservatism and preaching it. And I think that’s only hope that why we’re still around.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate your saying that. I do appreciate your saying that, but there are certainly additional reasons beyond me. I mean, people are what they are. I mean, this nation still has a tremendous number of patriots. It still has a tremendous number of just traditional, good-hearted, decent Americans. They don’t need me to be that way. They are. But I appreciate your kind words. I really do.

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