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RUSH: Ted in Annapolis, Maryland. You’re first on the phones. Thank you for waiting. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Thanks for taking my call, Rush.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I agree with everything you’re saying, but there’s one thing I’m not hearing and that’s also the fear of change or fear of the hard choices we have as a country. I mean, you know, we got a mess in our economy and the debt we’re standing on. We’ve gotta make choices. It’s not exactly like Greece, but it’s gonna be a little bit of pain for everybody whether it’s the reform of the tax code or restructuring Medicare. You know, everybody’s gonna have to put a little bit in, and I —


CALLER: — think there’s some fear in people —


CALLER: — to give a little more.

RUSH: No. No. No. No. For the people who voted for Obama, they aren’t going to have to put a little in. There will not be any “pain” for them. That’s what voting for Obama means! Voting for Obama means ending the pain for them. Obama is gonna make others feel the pain. Those Obama voters aren’t afraid of anything. They’re afraid of him losing.

Their fear is rooted in Romney’s solution to our problem, which is, “You know what? We’re gonna have to put people back to work.” American hard work and ingenuity, that’s what they don’t want to hear. That’s what scares them. Obama washes away their fear. Everybody else is gonna have to do it. Not them.

That’s the message. He’s Santa Claus! “It’s the rich that aren’t paying their fair share. It’s the rich that are gonna have to pay a little bit more. It’s the rich that didn’t build that.” Obama’s people, they built everything necessary for the rich to get rich — and the rich aren’t sharing enough of it! But now they will. That’s what voting for Obama means.

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