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RUSH: A note that I got from a good friend of mine — this is a fascinating little think piece. He lives in Kansas City. He’s fed up with all the ads on TV. He’s just fed up with it. His Romney sign was defaced. Cow manure was thrown all over it and underneath it on his yard. He says, “You know, I’m getting real tired of all the ads. I can’t wait ’til tomorrow, and I hope your prediction is right. But here’s my idea: Let’s just flip a coin.

“If the Republicans win, they get to select the half of the country they want and the Democrats get the other half. You split this country right down the middle. Republicans pick the side they want; the Democrats get the other side. We have Mitt; they have Obama. You can live wherever you want to live. You choose which side you want to live in.” He said, “The question is: How long would it be before Democrats are building tunnels to get underneath the wall keeping them out of the Republican side?”

Stop and think. This is a great illustration. You split the country right in half, right down the Mississippi River, and let’s just say the Republicans get the left half the country and they build a wall. The Mississippi River is not a moat. You build a wall there. The Democrats get everything on the East and we get everything on the West. Or flip it. It doesn’t matter. We get our ways of life on our side; they get their ways of life on theirs.

How long will it be before all those Democrats are trying to get over to our side?

How long? We’d have to have checkpoints! We’d have to shoot ’em on sight if they’re trying to get into our side of the country, just like in the old East and West Germany days. Stop and think of that. It would make a great book: Talking about one side and comparing the two. It would be a great movie showing where certain companies chose to live, where certain people chose to live. It’d show how they chose to run their businesses, how they chose to manage their affairs.

One half of the country you’d have a welfare state, and in the other half you’d have prosperity and good times and all that, and where would people want to end up? Now, do we already have that? (interruption) Who would pay for their welfare? The Democrat half of the country would cease to exist in two weeks. There’d be nobody to pay for their way of life. The Democrat half of the country would become barren and desert and there would be no life. There would be nothing there. And they’d all be scrambling to get to our side of the country.

It’s a great way, I think, to illustrate what the election’s about.

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