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RUSH: Here’s Stephanie Cutter. This was last night on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360. He said, “Tell us what three things we should be looking for tomorrow night as a sense of which way it’s going. What are you gonna be looking for, Stephanie Cutter?”

CUTTER: There has been so much early voting. You know, some states, half of the vote is in. In Colorado it will probably be about 80%. Um, that the early exit polls are not gonna accurately r-r-reflect where the — the vote is. So everybody should stay calm throughout the day. Uh, let the — the day, uh, g-g-go on and get to those late, uh, exit polls and take a look at where we are there.

RUSH: Yeah. The exit polls, don’t be alarmed! She’s warning her troops not to be alarmed. David Gergen said, “So the first exit polls you shouldn’t take it seriously as the latter (sic) ones?”

CUTTER: No. We know how things work going from east to west. Uh, you know, Virginia, uh, will be one of the early ones. Ohio, you will have a sense of what’s happening in Ohio, uh early, uhhh, tomorrow evening. So, you know, I would be looking at what’s happening in those states. Certainly if we win Virginia, then that’s a very good sign moving west. But, you know, I think it’s probably gonna be a late night.

RUSH: And don’t be alarmed at what you hear in the exit polls. This is so rich because (chuckles) in 2004, you remember, the exit polls were totally corrupt. The first two waves — the two p.m. and the five p.m. exit polls — were as corrupt as they could have been, and they signaled a John Kerry landslide. At five o’clock in the afternoon Bob Shrum, who ran Kerry’s campaign, walked into his office and said to Kerry, “Hey, horse face, may I be the first to address you as ‘Mr. President.'”

He said, “Hey, horse face, can I be the first to address you as ‘Mr. President.'” He really did. And then the real votes started being counted, tallied, and it showed Kerry was defeated soundly. And all the libs thought that the exit polls were right and the real vote had been corrupted. The real vote didn’t count. There was fraud. And the exit polls, they thought, were accurate. What a 180 now! (interruption) Yes! He said, “Horse face, can I be the first to address you as ‘Mr. President.'”


RUSH: One more Stephanie Cutter. Anderson Cooper 360 last night. He said to her, “Your team keeps saying that Governor Romney is in Pennsylvania now out of desperation. He’s got no shot there. If he’s got no shot, why has your campaign been sending Clinton to Pennsylvania in the home stretch? Why are you wasting time going in there if Romney has no shot? If the state’s not in play, couldn’t that time that Clinton’s spending in Pennsylvania be put to better use somewhere else?”

CUTTER: We’re not taking anything for granted, Anderson. You know, Pennsylvania has tightened, absolutely. You know, if I were working on the Romney campaign I’d probably be giving it a shot, too.

RUSH: I don’t know whether to believe this woman or not. That’s my problem with this. This woman’s delusional, this Stephanie Cutter babe. She is delusional. She said weird cockamamie things throughout this campaign, but here she says it has tightened, absolutely, if I were working on the Romney campaign, I’d probably be giving it a shot, too. I have no idea if she’s being truthful there. No, I take that back. She probably is because I think it is tightening in Pennsylvania, I think that is genuine. And it is interesting. Clinton is going in there, and Clinton’s got one stock line now. (imitating Clinton) “Why would you want to elect a president knowing he lied to you? Is that what you want? You want to elect a president that’s gonna lie to you all the time?”

It’s as delusional as Obama yesterday. That sound bite we had of Obama yesterday, the deficit’s down, job creation is up, we’ve lowered the deficit, we’ve lowered the national debt, it was delusional. It was out of this world sick, what Obama said about the economy in these past four years. It had no connection to reality whatsoever. It was Stephanie Cutter, by the way, who first called Romney a felon.

And this is funny. This is Bob Shrum. I told you about him earlier. Bob Shrum is the guy in 2004, about five o’clock in the afternoon, went into John Kerry’s office and said, (imitating Shrum) “Hey, horse face, may I be the first to address you as ‘Mr. President.'” Because they all believed the exit polls in 2004. They all thought the exit polls showed a Kerry landslide. So this morning on CNN’s Starting Point, he gets a question here from somebody named Hilary Rosen. She’s co-guest. She said, “Everybody remembers around lunch time in 2004 we got those awful exit polls saying essentially Kerry is gonna be elected, and we had a couple of hours of euphoria until the actual votes started being counted. Since that time, exit polling has actually changed and the distribution of those polls has totally changed. Now, tell your big picture perspective here, Bob, for a minute, on how you think the polls have affected expectations here. Why is this different and why is it better now?”

SHRUM: I anticipate that on Drudge we’ll see some early exit polls that favor Romney because that’s what you see on Drudge. Polling itself has now become a weapon in campaigns. So you have all of these enterprises none of us ever heard of before this year who are putting poll numbers out there, many of them outliers in these states, and they ought to simply be dismissed. But I think it goes to the theory that Republicans have especially, that if you say you’re doing well, you’re gonna do well.

RUSH: This is from the guy who was out buying into the exit polls in 2004. This is delusional as well. Not that it means anything. But here’s a guy who couldn’t wait to believe the exit polls now saying that it’s Republicans who say if you’re doing well you’re gonna do well. In other words, it’s Republicans who will lie to you about how great things are going in order to make you think they’re going well so that you’ll vote that way. He said polling has now become a weapon? The polling is the best friend Obama’s got in this campaign. Where would Obama be without these polls? Where would he be without these polls? Stop and think of that.

If Shrum’s wish came true, and if the polls were outlawed, and if there weren’t any, where do you think this election would be? I maintain to you that the only thing that’s kept Obama in this is the polls. That’s the only thing that’s given anybody any belief that he has a chance. Because in the real world, this guy has been thrown out already. It happened in 2010. This guy has already been rejected. The American people have already said, “No mas, no mas,” to this guy. And yet the polling shows him winning. And so everybody has to accept it. But without the polls, where would Obama be? I’m not kidding about that.

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