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RUSH: I just have a couple questions for you today, folks, maybe three questions. Well, actually, it’s gonna end up to be more than that, but at least two to three questions to start with. And of course a couple of observations, and we will try to squeeze in some of your phone calls during the program today, all of it on Election Day today.

Let me get to the questions first. Very simple question. Do you think that more Republicans will vote for Mitt Romney today than voted for John McCain in 2008? I assume everybody is saying yes. By the way, welcome to all of the libs and Democrat buddies that we have. I know that Election Day they tune in here in droves because what they want to hear is us giving up. They want to hear frustration. They want to hear resignation. And they just can’t wait, they just want to hear that because they’re not sure. They’re insecure. They don’t know who to believe, who to trust, and so they want to get some sign from this program that everything’s gonna be okay for them.

So I’m just gonna ask you the question again: Will more Republicans vote for Romney than voted for McCain in 2008? Yes. Will fewer Democrats vote for Obama this year than voted for Obama in 2008? Oh, you may be a little undecided on that last question. Let me rephrase it. Do you think more Democrats will vote for Obama this year than voted for him in 2008? Does anybody think that? Those two questions alone answer this. And let me give you another set of facts just to calm the —

By the way, Stephanie Cutter, the Obama campaign aide, has warned all of the Democrats and liberals to ignore the exit polls. She sent out tweets, she’s been on social media, Facebook, everywhere, e-mails: “Don’t pay any attention to the first couple waves of exit polls.” She says the reason that the exit polls are gonna show the Republicans ahead is that the Democrats have so much voted in advance, so much early voting has taken place that their votes are already banked, and it won’t be reflected in the exit polls.
Now, normally it’s our side that’s telling everybody, “Don’t pay any attention to the exit polls.” Now they’re doing it.

Brad Thor, the thriller author, lives in Chicago, is saying that he has heard that the regime is going to proclaim an early victory, say at three or four o’clock this afternoon, in an effort to suppress the Republican vote. In Ohio, the Gannett newspaper, the Gannett website, Cincinnati.com, inadvertently — this is according to our buddy Ed Morrissey at Hot Air — inadvertently published the fact that Romney is up 92,000 votes in Ohio early voting, and then Gannett pulled the link. And nobody knows why Gannett pulled the link. The data is still up at their site, or it was as of 9:30, but they have pulled that link from the front page.

The reason that I think they pulled it is that Ohio does not release early voting data separately. They wait ’til the end of the day to release it altogether. But somehow Gannett got some early voting numbers that showed Romney up 92,000, and they pulled it. I don’t know what to believe, I’m just telling you what’s out there, folks. You can digest this as you will. But I think it’s interesting it comes on the heels of Stephanie Cutter saying, (paraphrasing) “Don’t pay any attention to the first wave of exit polls, ’cause they’re gonna favor the Republicans, ’cause our votes are already in. We’ve early voted out the wazoo out there and it won’t be counted.”


RUSH: Sorry for the delay there, folks. Waiting for the printer to disgorge the latest job. It’s some early voting numbers out of Ohio. “Overall…” This from Josh Kraushaar, by the way, who is with or is close to the Romney campaign. “Overall, early voting turnout in Ohio is up 2.44% in the state.” Early voting up 2.44%. The details: Early voting down 4.1% in Obama-Kerry counties. Early voting in Ohio up 14% in Bush-McCain counties.

So the early voting in Ohio… Now, this kind of dovetails with the little blurb we got from Ed Morrissey this morning at Hot Air. Hot Air published on their website the fact that Romney was up 92,000 in Ohio early voting. Then they pulled the link. And then it’s acknowledged here that early voting in Ohio is up 14% in 2008 McCain counties and down 4% in Obama counties.

Now, Gannett pulled that link because the state of Ohio doesn’t officially release such things until tonight. So everybody’s wondering, “Well, did somebody at Gannett…?” For example, does Ohio have a direct line to the media? Nothing wrong with that. I’m just saying. How could this happen? Does Ohio have a direct line to the media in addition to public websites with results?

And did Gannett inadvertently publish something that shouldn’t have been and then they took it down? Whatever, they did publish that Romney was up 92,000 in early voting, and it correlates with what is known, that early voting is up 14% in McCain counties from 2008, down 4% in Obama-Kerry counties. And Stephanie Cutter (again, you gotta remind people), said, “Don’t pay any attention to first wave exit polls are gonna show the Republicans up.

“That’s ’cause our vote is already banked. Our vote’s already counted, or taken place, and it’s not gonna be exit polled and all that.” So… Look, I’m throwing this stuff out ’cause this what I’m getting. I’m just sharing it with you. I’m not making any predictions. You know, everybody’s asking me, “What do you know?” I’m just telling you what I know. It’s as though you had a direct line to me.

“I wonder what Rush knows that we don’t.”

I’m telling you. Everything I find out, I’m passing on. Good, bad, indifferent, what have you. It’s all mixed in with my own invaluable opinion.

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