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RUSH: Okay, the theme from the State-Controlled Media over the weekend and today. The theme that you’re familiar with… I warned you over the weekend not to watch this stuff. I warned you Friday not to watch it. I knew what it was gonna be. If you were faint of heart, I said, don’t watch it. What it was, the theme over the weekend and today is that Obama has all the momentum. He’s got all the momentum.

And you know why?

Because of Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath! That’s right. Obama has the momentum. I’ve got it in the sound bites. Hurricane Sandy, that’s been Obama’s highest-rated thing since… I forget what they’re comparing it to. But it’s through the roof. Hurricane Sandy just propelled him to victory. That’s what they’re saying today. That’s what they said over the weekend. Now he’s either tied Romney or gone ahead of him all because of Hurricane Sandy.

After all, you got lots of people still sitting in the dark, cold without food and water. Lots of people love waiting in gas lines for six or seven hours, and those people aren’t blaming their mayors or governors. No, they’re clapping for Obama. That’s what we are being asked to believe. Everybody’s jazzed about what Obama’s doing after Sandy, and those who are not only not blaming their mayors or governors, they’d never think of Obama.

Oh, no, ’cause Obama cares!

You see, back during Hurricane Katrina, the question on everybody’s lips was, “Where’s Bush?” During Sandy it’s, “Where’s the mayor? Where’s the governor?” Apparently nobody’s asking, “Where is Obama?”

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