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RUSH: Earlier this week, Gallup came out with that 9,000-plus sample poll, with a margin of error of only plus/minus 1%. Nine thousand people. It was a poll that asked partied affiliation, party ID.

It came up with plus-three Republican. As of now, party ID… I don’t know if it was likely voters, registered voters, adults, whatever. I don’t remember what it was, but it was some classification of voters. Now, in 2008 the same poll had Democrats plus 12. Exit polling had Democrats plus 12. The polling data that everybody’s going by, all these polls that show it neck and neck, they have something in common.

Except, I think, Rasmussen (there’s always an exception), they’re all using the 2008 turnout model. If you look at Rasmussen and one other, all they do is poll. Gallup. Rasmussen and Gallup, all they do is poll. The other outfits, they’re attached to universities. What’s the bias there? They’re attached to news networks. What’s the bias there? And we know that objectivity is not possible, especially these people.

I’ve always believed there’s media bias, folks, and objectivity? Objectivity is not really possible. If you have people as interested in this stuff as you and I are, we all have desired outcomes. We all want certain things to happen. So do the people doing the polls. So do the people paying for the polls. Marist, Quinnipiac, these universities, we know the slant. Everybody there is engaged. Nobody is ambivalent about the result.

They all have a vested interest in the outcome.

Some have a political preference. Some have a business interest or what have you. But there isn’t really pure objectivity here. So factor these things in. The two outfits that do nothing but poll, that are not attached to universities, not attached to networks or other liberal bastions… Unless they might be self-contained at Gallup. You’ve got Rasmussen and Gallup. The others all have associations with predominantly liberal institutions.

None of them want to stick their necks out. None of them. None of them. The idea that the election’s tied, it’s close, that none of what happened in the campaign has mattered, that none of what happened in the debates has mattered?

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