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RUSH: By the way, Biden is somewhere. I haven’t had a chance to click on it. All I have is the headline. It’s on Drudge, the lead story. Biden said: “I’m gonna give you the whole load!” ThatÂ’s what Biden said. I don’t know where he is, but he said, “I’m gonna give you the whole load.”

We have to put this in the context of the War on Women.

Biden’s out there, “We’re gonna give you the whole load.” Me, too. I thought they already did that. Shot the wad, whatever, I thought they did that.


RUSH: Joe Biden is in Sarasota, Florida, today, and let’s turn this around. What is he doing in Florida? We’ve had two polling units pull out of Florida, claiming it’s over here, Romney’s won it. What are they doing here? I mean, they ask, what the hell are you doing in Pennsylvania? What are you doing invading Obama’s states? Anyway, he’s here in Sarasota, a largely female audience.

BIDEN: As they say in my business, I’m gonna — I’m gonna give you the whole load today.

RUSH: Rachel, will women interpret that the way I think they will? If you’re in that audience, is that what you would think? Really? Well, this is a very unfair question to ask, but who would want that in that crowd? You’re in a crowd, you got “Plugs” Biden up there, campaign rally, and he promises to give you the whole load, what do you do? Do you make a mad dash for the stage, get in line? Now, if Clinton said it, it would be a different thing, (imitating Clinton) “Hey, ha-ha-ha-ha, hey, ladies, I’ll give you my whole load today,” and they’d storm the stage, if it was liberal women.

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