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RUSH: Okay, the storm and Obama. This is another one. Depending on who you talk to, this storm and the aftermath is helping Obama. It stopped the Romney momentum, and it’s put Obama back in charge. You got Governor Christie helping Obama, oh, it’s the worst confluence of events that could have ever happened. But then in real life you have a president who says in the middle of the storm, we’d leave no man behind? He still hasn’t said a word about Benghazi. There are photos of the president in the Situation Room watching the storm, but they won’t tell us what was going on in the Situation Room when Benghazi was happening.

See, here’s my problem. You got fundamentals in this race. What are the fundamentals? The economy is horrible. You have the Tea Party that’s arisen since 2010. You have Romney momentum. People have decided that Obama’s incompetent. Obama doesn’t have a record. He can’t run on anything. Those are serious fundamentals. How in the world does three days of standing in the White House and a trip to the Jersey shore with Chris Christie change those fundamentals? In other words, you’re all set to vote for Romney. You can’t wait to vote for Romney. You’re so fed up. You don’t want any more of this. You don’t like Obamacare. You’re scared to death about taxes and your liberty, and then the storm comes and Obama looks presidential. You know, I’m gonna vote for Obama. I don’t follow that. I don’t know how people can suspend reality, but I know that there are people who can.

There are some serious fundamentals in this election, and all the fundamentals add up to the fact that people are totally dissatisfied with Obama as president. They don’t like the economy. They don’t like the housing market. There’s nothing good going on, as far as the people who are gonna vote for Romney’s concerned. And how any of those people can change their minds for Obama in the midst of a three-day storm where he looks presidential, he already is presidential. The mayor of New York told him, we don’t want you here. We’d rather have our first responders on the highway. We’d rather do our work here. We don’t want you here right now.

Governor Christie said, (paraphrasing) “Bring money. Just show up and bring money. I need money. My state’s in terrible shape. I need money. So come and bring money. I’ll be glad to stand with you. I don’t care about the election.” He said that. This election is not important right now.

Anyway, he can’t rebuild a house. He can’t rebuild a levee. He can’t rebuild a school. He can’t get the water out of the subways, Obama can’t, not in three days. What substantive change can Obama make that is credited to him that totally changes the dynamic and the fundamentals of the campaign? That’s what I don’t get.


The feel? Okay, so he can feel what they’re going through. But that’s gonna change their minds? Here’s A. B. Stoddard. She’s from TheHill.com, and she was On The Record with Greta Van Susteren last night talking about all this.

STODDARD: Not being able to campaign through these waning days. Not being able to get his Obama supporters out to become Obama voters again is a real detriment to his chances of winning because it was always based on a turnout model. If they’re out of power and they had to pay — you know, go hotel and life is tough, come Tuesday, and it’s inconvenient, they might not show up. I don’t think that having a few press conferences where he said, “The power could be out for a while, this is a serious storm,” is really going to inspire people who’ve had a tough four years.

RUSH: This is somebody who wants him reelected. This is A. B. Stoddard at The Hill. How does this help? He basically suspends his campaign. He’s sitting in the White House. He can’t get his supporters out. He can’t rally his supporters. It’s up to Bill Clinton to do that and Joe Biden, who is promising to give you the whole load. So she’s got a point, as far as I’m concerned. This is his base, by the way, that’s affected by this.

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