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RUSH: Atlanta. Robert, I’m glad you called, sir. Thank you for waiting. Hi.

CALLER: Well, thanks for letting me have a few minutes with you, Rush. It’s a real honor, just like your other two previous callers said. I’m probably not one of your typical listeners. However, I listened to you many years ago when I lived in New Orleans down on WWL, and that’s when I started to make my conversion, and I started to quit drinking from the Kool-Aid. I am an American first, and I’m also gay. It was not up until the last presidential election that I decided I’ve had enough. Absolutely had enough.

RUSH: Meaning you did or did not vote for Obama?

CALLER: I did not.

RUSH: You did not. Okay.

CALLER: I voted for McCain, and I was, believe it or not, an ardent supporter of Palin. I loved what she had to say, and I loved her enthusiasm, and four years of this current president has proven everything that people like yourself in conservative talk radio have said.


RUSH: Wait a minute. You said that you’re gay, and this guy is for gay marriage.

CALLER: Sure he is.

RUSH: The gay political apparatus in Hollywood is very, very active, and they’re all behind Obama.

CALLER: Yes. So what? So what? They don’t speak for me, and I’m not a single issue voter, either. And that’s why me saying, “Okay, I’m gonna vote for a gay candidate simply because they’re gay.” Well, if that’s all I can base my vote on, you know, God help me, and God help the rest of the country. It’s the same thing with the black vote for Obama. If this is all they can do is vote for this man simply because he looks like them — I was a code enforcement officer for a couple of years in west Atlanta. The first two years of Obama’s presidency, in fact. Nothing in that area of town has changed culturally, economically, to benefit any of those people, and yet they are ardent supporters of this president.

RUSH: Well, you know, it’s interesting you say that because I have a story from Breitbart from yesterday, and I’ll get to it after your call, but the headline is: “Exodus. Inner City Blacks Fleeing Obama and Democrats.” Now, we hear this every four years, and then the election comes and we find it’s the usual 90 to 95% who vote for Obama. I need to go back, though, I need to ask you a question, because it dovetails with what I’ve been talking about. The media and the Democrat Party have successfully — well, except with you and probably some others — have said to the gay community, Republicans are the worst thing for you, like that kid song, Republicans are gonna try to fix you. Now, why don’t you believe it and they do?

CALLER: Yeah. That song is nauseating, and I just hope that, like me, eventually when these kids grow up and they really become informed — and that’s a real key issue there. You’ve got to inform yourself, and if you really don’t look at the issues — I’m a self-employed real estate appraiser here. The policies of this administration and the Democrats overall have impacted my work and my livelihood negatively, especially with the implementation of Dodd-Frank. And again, I want to see everybody in this country prosper, and I’ll be honest with you, you know, I support gay marriage. I have a decent, honorable life. I love my parents. I’ve been past president of my neighborhood association here in the liberal bastion area of southeast Atlanta. I’ve done a lot. But I want to see everybody do well, not just me and not just because of one thing that really, you know, is sort of sensitive to my life.

RUSH: You are singing from my hymnal. In a great country, everybody must prosper, at least have the chance to, to apply whatever talent and ambition they want to it. We want everybody to do well.

CALLER: And real quickly, you know, Obama said, “Look, if I can’t do this in four years, then vote me out.” Well now, what has he done in four years, for crying out loud? What has he done that he can really go in front of a group of people and say, other than, oh, he got bin Laden. No, he didn’t, he got out of the way so that his leaders could tell the SEALs on the ground, “Go ahead and do what needs to be done here.”


RUSH: Well, that’s true. But see, the important thing he is trying to make people think that he actually pulled the trigger. But you’ve just nailed it. The reason is… Like they’re back to Bain Capital today. Obama doesnÂ’t have one thing in the last four years he can tout. There’s nothing in his record that he can go out and say, “You want more of that?” and people go, “Yeah!” If he goes out and says, “You want more of that?” the answer is across the board is, “No!” I’m glad you called, Robert. Thanks very much. I appreciate it.

Here, by the way, this story, Breitbart from yesterday: “After his meteoric ascent to the top of the American political arena in the countryÂ’s history, we are now in the midst of witnessing one of the most stunning collapses of any man ever to hold the office of President of the United States. Over the past few weeks we have begun to see the ultimate unraveling of support for the president, with women and youth fleeing from his side.”

And by the way, the gender gap doesn’t exist anymore. For all that money and effort and the War on Women, women are 50-50 between Romney and Obama. Obama does not have a majority of women anymore. That’s the latest polling data. “[W]hat is even more surprising and perhaps unimaginable to the president,” it says here, “is that he is now also losing members of his normally deemed ‘untouchableÂ’ base of support — poor, inner-city black Americans. …

“[T]he community-organized voting bloc on ChicagoÂ’s south and west sides that many say he has long since abandoned.” Now, folks, this is a shocking story to read. And we hear it every four years, and it never happens. I’ve been doing this 25 years. Every presidential election we get this story: Blacks fleeing the Democrat candidate! And we’re getting it now: Blacks fleeing the black Democrat candidate! There’s a quote from a South Side Chicago community activist here, Mark Carter.

Quote: “[O]ur issues have not been met on, have not been adhered to, and itÂ’s almost as if they are just saying even though no one has addressed your issues, just go with ‘em anyway. And we say no.” Our issues have not been met on, have not been adhered to, and it’s almost as if they are just saying even though no one’s addressed your issues, just go with him anyway, and we’re saying no.”

I will say, this is not the first such article I’ve seen about black populations in Chicago being fed up with Obama. I’ve seen two or three. And not just black, inner-city urbans, but educated middle class, upper-middle class, elite blacks fed up with Obama. IÂ’ve seen pastors, preachers fed up with Obama on gay marriage. Who knows? But this is a story on Breitbart about black Chicago community organizers, inner city guys, who are fed up ’cause Obama hasn’t done anything for ’em.

Well, it isnÂ’t that he hasn’t done anything for ’em. It’s also that it’s as though he hasn’t even been president. You have to look at it from their expectations. Okay, you get the first black president ever. Many thought that that meant specific things redounding to them. Not only has that not happened, what they’re also saying in this story is it’s as though he doesn’t even see us here. He’s not one of us. It’s all back to the Democrat stories, liberal media stories that we saw sometimes in ’08 about whether or not he’s “authentic,” such as that “Magic Negro” column that was in the LA Times.

The debates were raging among the civil rights groups. Was he “down for the struggle” or not? So I don’t know whether there’s anything to it or not, but I’ve seen three or four of these stories. The reason why people pay attention to it is because if it ever does really happen, what would you think? Would 5% be all that it would take for you…? (interruption) Okay, so it would have to be eight to 10%, and eight to 10% abandonment of blacks from the Democrat candidate, and they’d be done.

The Democrat Party would be done if there’s ever an eight to 10% switch, and that’s why people pay attention to it. It never happens. In 25 years, it hasn’t happened. We’ve had phone calls here from black people saying, “I’m never voting for Obama, and a lot of people aren’t,” but never manifests itself on Election Day. We’ll see on this one. But, as I say, this is not the only one I’ve seen. I’ve seen a bunch of them, and the ones I’ve seen are all oriented in Chicago to boot.


RUSH: Let me just be up front and shoot you straight. I just don’t believe… I don’t care how badly the black community might be disappointed in Obama, I don’t think they’re gonna vote for Romney. But the way it all could manifest itself is that some of them just don’t vote. I mean, there was an amazing turnout in the black community in 2008. If that turnout is down by two or three percent, it’s not quite the same thing as voting for Romney, but it certainly hurts. And if there is any movement, that’s how it would manifest itself, wouldn’t you say? I don’t expect there to be a big switch for a Republican. But, you know, just sit home.


Here is Cassy in Midland, Michigan. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. ItÂ’s quite an honor — and, oh, my gosh, I can’t believe I got through. But here’s something unimaginable for you. I’m a woman, I’m a Latina, and I’m a Rrrrrrrepublican, a proud, proud Rrrrrrrrrepublican. And I’m also a combination welder and a combination pipe welder and a pipe fitter. And I’m also a certified weld inspector through the American Welding Society. And I’m also an API authorized inspector!
RUSH: You are one hot mama! You are one wise Latina!

CALLER: (laughing) Yes, sir. And this War on Women crap? I tell you, the War on Women is all Obama. How embarrassing. You know, he stands for everything that I fight against every single day. Because I want to be known as an individual, a strong woman. Not just a big vagina walking into the job and expecting everything. You know, how embarrassing! He goes against everything I believe in.

RUSH: I couldn’t agree with you more. If you were a walking testicle — if some guy appealed to me that way — it would be insulting like you can’t believe. I totally understand it! I’m glad to hear it, too.

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