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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, remember that song we played yesterday with the kids singing about life in America, should Romney be reelected? I made a big deal out of this only for the reason, like what I said here at the top of the program, if you just don’t doubt me — see, I have no reason to lie to you, none whatsoever. I am not possessed with an insatiable ego. I don’t run around wondering who’s thinking about me, never crosses my mind. I’ve got nothing to gain by lying, and I have all these people that have called here during this election season who have said, “You know, I really like your show. I just found you two months ago, three months ago, and I used to believe everything in the media about you.” And I ask people, “Why?” Everybody knows the media lies or makes things up, some people don’t, I guess, some people treat it as gospel. But the people who tune in here out of curiosity find out that all this rigmarole isn’t true.

Yesterday we were playing this video, and a lot of people will hear this and they’ll chuckle at it and then forget about it. And to me it’s very useful in terms of informing and educating people. Because this ad is put together by hard-core Democrats at a real Democrat advertising agency, and they produce ads for Obama and other Democrat candidates, and I’ve always believed that people, if they would just accept and understand liberalism and who liberals are, and once you see a liberal, that’s all you need to know about them. You at least know that you should never vote for one.

“Well, that’s pretty extreme, Rush.”

No, it’s not extreme. It may be extreme based on your starting point, but we’ve had four years of it here. Detroit’s had how many years of it? New Orleans has had how many years of it? No matter where you go where liberals have run things uncontrolled and unchecked, what do you have? Unmitigated disaster. You have rising poverty, rising crime, rising single parenthood, rising abortion. I mean, you’ve got cultural rot wherever liberals run the show. The last four years, what have we got here? We got one in six in poverty. We’ve got 23 million Americans not working. We got the American workforce that has been reduced profoundly, I mean, the labor force participation rate is way down, family income is down almost $5,000 a year. We’ve got Obamacare. We’ve got the government’s taken over health care.

I submit the vast majority of the American people know it, and it’s why the polling data looks like it looks. But liberalism means something. It has specific meanings and it has specific definitions, just as conservatism does and just as conservatives do. Now, we conservatives are lied about all the time ’cause we’re considered a threat. We do not lie about liberals. The liberals like to say, for example, especially if you’re new to the program, liberals like to say that, “Well, you can’t listen to Limbaugh or watch Fox, you just get one point of view.” No. In practically every instance, I explain liberalism on this program in a more honest way than the liberals do, as a means of blowing it away. I set it up as a means of arguing against it. I may not have liberal guests on this program, but liberalism is all over this program, in an educational, informative way.

So we’ve got this video with these kids singing this song. And to the casual observer, it just sounds crazy. “Who could possibly think this?” See, that’s the point. They do! This is who they are! You would never vote for a candidate that said this is what he believes and this is what he supports. You would never do it. ThatÂ’s why liberals are always trying to mask and camouflage themselves at election time. I have to take a brief time-out. We’ll come back and play the song again, because Bob Beckel on Fox was defending it.

Which, of course, I want you to hear. In real terms, it’s not hard to understand what liberals are. The tough part is accepting it. ‘Cause some of it sounds just impossible to believe. And you wouldn’t want to believe that there are Americans who really think this stuff and believe this way. But Benghazi happened for a reason. There are hard, cold, calculated reasons why four Americans are dead. There is an ideological component to it. It’s not just incompetence.

It’s not just they didn’t know what they were doing or they couldn’t make up their minds or couldn’t make a decision. There’s actual an philosophy and ideological belief behind it, and one of the things that liberals believe (particularly when it comes to foreign policy) is that if something happens to this country like 9/11, we had to do something to cause it. America is always to blame. That’s why the video was blamed for two weeks. That’s why the filmmaker was blamed.

It’s gotta be America’s fault, particularly since we’ve elected Obama, The One, The Messiah. I mean, the world was gonna love us! So, “It can’t be that they don’t like Obama. TheyÂ’ve gotta love Obama!” They believe this, so it’s gotta be America’s fault. That’s their belief. It can’t be that there is inherent evil in the world. If there is inherent evil, we are to blame for it. America is. They do believe that. So we’ll take a break, we’ll come back and play this thing again. You can hear it the second day in a row, and listen to it within that context.


RUSH: Okay, last night on The Five on Fox News Channel, Greg Gutfeld was hosting, and he spoke with Bob Beckel about the Future Children Project ad that has these little young crumb crunchers singing and blaming their parents for all these wrong. Now, you need to see these kids. They’re well fed. They’ve all got glasses if they need them. They’re well dressed. They’ve got braces. They haven’t been denied anything. Their lives are not miserable. But you listen to the song that they sing, and to the lyrics they’ve been given and how all this misery that’s coming is their parents’ fault and so forth.
So Gutfeld says, “Bob, you love the ad? You actually like that ad?”

BECKEL: I loved it. I thought it was exactly right on the money, and I think it’s a way to appeal to –

GUTFELD: Hahahahahahaha!

BECKEL: It’s exactly right, that there is a consequence of putting somebody like Mitt Romney in the White House, and those consequences: We don’t know what this guy is about because he never says what he means and means what he says. If you have Republicans in charge of the House and in the White House, there’s gonna be some dangerous policy that’s gonna be inflicted on the American people.

RUSH: Okay, so here’s Beckel defending what you’re about to hear. Romney, therefore, is going to be responsible for what you hear in this ad. He said, “Yeah, it’s exactly right on. If you have Republicans in charge of the House and the White House, there’s gonna be some dangerous policy.” Now, they believe this! They’re not just trying to scare people to get votes, which they’re doing. But they also really, really believe this.

CHORUS OF PRETEEN KIDS: (upbeat music) Imagine an America. Where strip mines are fun and free. Where gays can be fixed, and sick people just die, and oil fills the sea. We donÂ’t have to pay for freeways! Our schools are good enough. Give us endless wars on foreign shores and lots of Chinese stuff. WeÂ’re the children of the future, American through and through. But something happened to our country. And weÂ’re kinda blaming you. We havenÂ’t killed all the polar bears, but itÂ’s not for lack of trying. The Earth is cracked, Big Bird is sacked, and the atmosphere is frying. Congress went home early. They did their best we know. You canÂ’t cut spending with elections pending, unless itÂ’s welfare dough. WeÂ’re the children of the future, American through and through. But something happened to our country, and weÂ’re kinda blaming you. Find a park that is still open; take a breath of poison air. They foreclosed your place to build a weapon in space, but you can write off your au pair. ItÂ’s a little awkward to tell you, but you left us holding the bag. When we look around. The place is all dumbed down. And the long termÂ’s kind of a drag. WeÂ’re the children of the future, American through and through. But something happened to our country. And yeah, weÂ’re blaming you. You did your best. You failed the test!

LITTLE GIRL: (dramatic music) Mom and Dad, weÂ’re blaming you!

RUSH: There you have it. The Future Children Project. That’s an Obama campaign ad run on the Web, and the Democrats are out defending it. “That’s what we’re gonna get if Romney wins!” TheyÂ’re putting words in their kids’ mouth, and they believe that. “Oceans filled with oil. People get sick and they just die!” What, Republicans want to kill people? They like oil polluting the oceans? Republicans tolerate rotten schools? Who’s running all this stuff now?

Who’s been running this country for the last four years? If you’re unhappy with the way the country is right now, believe me: The Republicans have not had one thing to say about it. Especially the first two years, Republicans didn’t have the votes anywhere to stop anything. They got these four years that have gone by, and what do the Democrats say? “Well, it wasn’t those four years. It’s the previous ten. Well, the previous eight, really. Bush years! Bush did all this,” and Bill Clinton addressed it Democrat convention.

(impression) “That’s right. I’m gonna tell you people something: It was so bad, it was worse than anything anybody ever knew or anybodyÂ’d ever seen. I’m gonna just tell you: There’s not a president alive, not even me, who could have fixed this. Not in this short period of time. Barack couldn’ta done it. Even I couldn’ta done it, and if I couldn’t do it nobody coulda done it. That’s what you know.” So these four years didn’t happen.

Now Obama’s running as a challenger. He’s not even the incumbent; Republicans have done all this stuff. But this, anyway, is what they believe. And the point is once you accept that, once you just trust me and just believe what I tell you, your world opens up. A clear understanding on everything takes place. All my staff, it’s happened to them. Their lives are wonderful. They’ll even tell you. (chuckling) Your phone calls are coming up. No, I just say: Liberalism is what it is, and liberals are who they are. I mean, when you come to grips with that, everything else becomes easy.

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