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RUSH: A story from Boston.com. ItÂ’s the Boston Globe. “A storm many environmentalists see as linked to climate change has forced the end of a climate vigil in Boston. ” Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Two hundred environmentalist wackos “participated in a round-the-clock vigil since last Tuesday to protest the lack of discussion of climate change in the presidential debate and call on Scott Brown and [Princess] Elizabeth Warren to discuss the issue during their final scheduled debate” today.

And then the storm hit and the environmentalist wackos dispersed and the climate change convention ended. The only thing missing is Algore. Generally what happens is they’ll schedule a global warming conference, Gore will show up, and it’ll snow, or a cold front will worm its way through, but Gore wasn’t even there. So a hurricane disrupted a climate vigil. By the way, I wasn’t gonna do it, but grab sound bites one and two.
I think it’s one and two. Yeah. Joe Bastardi was on Hannity last night. He used to be with AccuWeather; now he’s with Weatherbell Analytics. He’s chief forecaster. And Joe Bastardi is great. He just knocks all this “Global Warming Equals Hurricanes” theory out of the water, and he’s beside himself that this hurricane’s being blamed on manmade global warming. Here’s the first of two sound bites…

BASTARDI: My father used to call it “the shortcut storm.” He said he was confident he would see it before his days were numbered, and he’s finally seen it, okay? That’s the first thing. Second thing is, get used to it along the East Coast. Maybe not this kind of track, but we are in a perilous time because the Atlantic’s warm; the Pacific’s cold. It’s the 1950s all over again. It has nothing to do with global warming, it has everything to do with nature, and then we’ll go back to where we were in the sixties and seventies.

RUSH: Hannity said, “So there’s a pattern to all this, right? This is not something unusual?”

BASTARDI: Do you realize we had ten major hurricanes run the Eastern Seaboard between ’54 and 1960? Six of them in ’54 and ’55 — six hurricane hits — from North Carolina northward. So, you know, the old Bachman-Turner song, “You ain’t seen nothing yet”? If anything, I was too quick on the gun several years ago when I said we were gonna see this type of thing.

RUSH: I really haven’t heard a whole lot about this being related to global warming. It’s such a non-issue anymore because it’s fraudulent. The whole thing has been proven to be a hoax. And if you’re new to the program, and you hear me say that and respond, “What do you mean by that? You just made that up.” No, no. The University of East Anglia is in the United Kingdom. There was a whistle-blower in there who anonymously released a bunch of interoffice e-mails within the last year and a half or two years.

They quite clearly indicated that the people involved were knowingly faking and fudging data to fit their conclusion that man and man’s activity was warming the atmosphere of the climate. They admitted making it all up. It wasn’t true. And even in the face of this evidence — because global warming is a political issue, it’s not science — it goes on. You can see the dividing line on this. As you people know, because I’ve told you, I happen to be a huge high-tech almost groupie. I’m a huge high-tech Fanboy. And for relaxation, I read high-tech blogs. And not just on Apple, everything.

They’re written by young, idealistic college age and recent college graduate-type people. And they all, to a man — every one of them! — are dead-set convinced that the science is indisputable, that global warming is happening, climate change taking place, and man is responsible for it. And they’re out there lamenting it! These are on blogs where you talk about cell phones and stuff, and they’re getting off track and talking about this. It’s fascinating.

You can see who believes things and why. I mean, theyÂ’ve come out of college; they’ve been indoctrinated, propagandized with this stuff. It’s amazing to see how easy it is to corrupt these young, fertile minds. I mean, the truth is there for everybody to see. It’s been hoaxed up. The whole thing. The hockey stick graph that shows the medieval warming period was doctored. And warming that existed long before the Industrial Revolution was written out of it to make it look like it’s never been this warm before.

When in fact it’s been hotter!

I don’t know how many times weÂ’ve had ice ages. How many ice ages have we had? To have an ice age you’ve gotta have what? Heat! Otherwise if it’s always cold… It’s amazing. Common sense does not factor. Common sense will not permeate a young mind that has been propagandized for four successive years in college. The only thing that will get through to ’em is their own aging and maturing, and some of them never do.

Some of them never let go of it because it’s politics. It’s ideological. It’s how they derive their identity. The great thing about the global warming crowd… Not the “great” thing, the smart thing about ’em is their method of conversion. They told people… Just for those of you new to the program, IÂ’ll say this. The regular listeners have heard this for 25 years, but the way it works is this. They tell you youÂ’re guilty. They guilt-trip you. “You’ve caused it!

“ItÂ’s not your fault. You didn’t know. But you still have caused it with all the gasoline you’ve used and all the big cars that you’ve had and all the coal and all the thermostats you’ve set and all the creature comforts. Boy, you pursued creature comforts and you’ve destroyed the planet.” Well, almost destroyed it. I mean, every year they say, “We got ten years, 20 years! We still got time to save it, but you did it.

“But, you didn’t know you were doing it, because Big Oil lied to you, and Republicans lied to you. But nevertheless you did it. But you can be saved. There is absolution for you if you accept bigger government, if you accept tax increases — if you accept, say, a carbon tax on coal — if you accept $10-a-gallon gasoline, if you go out and buy cheap little cars that get you nowhere. Those that make you think you are saving the planet. So they do it.

Everybody’s life wants to have meaning. Everybody wants to think they matter. They tell you that you can save the planet! “Why, my God, what could be more noble than that?” and all you have to do is let Democrats run everything. You vote for ’em, you support ’em, you donate to ’em, and you do what they say. You buy cheap little cars, and you get on mass transit, and you blame everybody else. And then you matter, and you’re saving the planet! And it starts with kids on Saturday morning cartoon shows. Anyway, the whole thing is a hoax.

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