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RUSH: Vienna, Virginia. Holly, thanks for calling. Thanks for waiting. It’s great to have you here on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: It’s a great segue talking about closing the gender gap. Because I’m one of those women that voted for Obama last time and I don’t want anything to do with him this time.

RUSH: Why did you vote for him the first time? There’s no wrong answer. I’m not looking to criticize you. Don’t misunderstand.

CALLER: Oh, I know. I know. It’s just a little embarrassing for me ’cause I think of myself as a smart person, but I really got caught up in the campaign and the rhetoric and drank the Kool-Aid. You know, I heard him talking about hope and change, uniting the country, transparency in government, and all of those things sounded really good.

RUSH: The end of partisanship. The end of bickering and arguing and all that appealed to you?

CALLER: Exactly. But what I realized was, a lot of that they never really defined, so everybody had their own definition of what that change was gonna be.

RUSH: Yep. That was the design. He was a blank canvas.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: You could make him whatever you wanted him to be based on what your dreams were.

CALLER: Right. And I first started feeling some discomfort when I was noticing religious liberties being challenged and that kind of made me think differently and opened my eyes and I guess you could say I woke up.

RUSH: Are you Catholic?

CALLER: No, I’m a Christian. But, I mean, Catholics are Christian, too, but I’m a Protestant, I guess I should say.

RUSH: What about the War on Women? How did that hit you, when you first heard it? I mean, that actual terminology and the accusation the Republicans were conducting a War on Women?

CALLER: I believed it all. I believed it. I believed all the lies of the mainstream media. And actually, I even owe you an apology because I believed everything they had to say about you. So, sorry about that, sir. But as I woke up and I was realizing all this stuff, I felt so alone. I was just thinking, “Does anybody else see what’s going on?” And I was talking to one of my clients one day, and she had all this information. And I said, “Where do you hear all this? Where are you learning about all this?” And she turned me on to Fox News, and I live here in the Washington, DC, area, and she told me about listening to WMAL, and that’s when I first heard your program and, you know, Sean Hannity and a lot of the others. And I just really started understanding more and more about the truth of what was going on. So since then I’ve become quite involved with doing whatever I can do to get Obama out. I’ve taken friends to see the 2016 movie.

RUSH: Wow, you are all-in. You must have really ended up feeling insulted at some point.

CALLER: I felt insulted, but I just felt snookered, if that’s a technical term.

RUSH: I know exactly what you mean. You fell for it, and it made you mad, and you’ve seen through it. That is fascinating. Holly, welcome home. Welcome home.

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