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RUSH: So Jay Carney, White House press secretary, just got some questions from the Drive-By Media. The White House press corps was asking Jay Carney if Obama might postpone Election Day because of Hurricane Sandy. And Jay Carney had no comment. Question: “Jay, some of the utilities are saying that the power is going to be out in some areas for up to ten days. That would obviously include Election Day. Is there any contingency planning to alter the Election Day schedule because of this?”

Jay Carney said, “I think that is not something I’m able to address.”

Question: “Would the president have the power to adjust Election Day?”

Mr. Carney: “I don’t know the answer to that question. I think you’re getting way ahead of yourself here.” For the regime, the election can’t come soon enough. They don’t have any momentum in their direction. The longer they delay this, the worse it’s gonna get. The question thus arises, can the president wave a magic wand and move the election? What do you think, Snerdley? Why not? He doesn’t have the constitutional mandate. He didn’t have the constitutional mandate for Obamacare, either. He didn’t have the constitutional mandate to award amnesty to the kids of a million illegals, but he did it.

Now, the Constitution is very clear on when presidential elections are, and to change that, you would have to amend the Constitution, and there isn’t time. That’s not the question. The question is, would that stop a statist like Obama? Let me ask you this. I want you all to just see if you can, off the top of your head, at any time in American history has anything canceled an election? One time. And it was a local election, and it happened on September 11th, 2001, in New York City. Local New York City elections were suspended because of 9/11. Those elections were not federally Constitutionally mandated.

We had every election on schedule, on time in the Civil War, during World War I, during World War II. There hasn’t been a time. But the question is, does that matter? If The One wants to change the election — can you see him going on TV — I mean, after all, look who’s gonna be affected here. Every Obama voter in the Northeast is affected by this. These are blue states being impacted. These are Obama voters. Can you see him on television painfully talking about how precious the right to vote is and how Mother Nature has interceded, and it isn’t fair that an act of God should keep people from voting? Can’t you see him tugging at the heartstrings of every American on the basis of fairness and what’s reasonable?

Well, the answer, of course, is, Mr. President, why don’t you just lower the seas like you said that you were going to? Why don’t you just make this storm not be as bad. You know, if you had lowered the seas in the first place instead of, say, doing Obamacare, maybe we wouldn’t be in this spot. I know, it’s no defense against the Republican weather machine. The Republicans have this evil machine that’s able to overcome everything, and the Republican weather machine, after all, steered the hurricane, Katrina, into New Orleans. Bush did it, you know, he had the levers and the gauges and the dials, he was steering it right into New Orleans. He blew up the levees. So they did it once, they could do it again. And it’s Obama voters, blue states here being impacted. You got Northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland.

Of course then there’s another retort to it. Well, wait a minute, though, we’ve had early voting. What do you mean, it isn’t fair? People have had the chance to vote before Election Day if they wanted to? (Obama impression) “I know, but I think we need to be fair and extend this for maybe like a year, ’til all repairs have been completed and all renovations have been completed after the storm.” I got people — none of my friends — I’ve seen e-mails from people who really think that this guy would declare Martial law to delay the election. That’s what’s thought of him by some people.

But then the question, “Does delaying the election help this guy? I mean, the longer this goes, the more ground he’s gonna lose.” I would think the regime would want this election as quickly as they can get it. The polling is not going in his direction here. And, what, is a great performance during a hurricane and its aftermath gonna reverse the polls? What can he do? He can’t lower the seas. He can’t stop the rain. He can’t go out there and hold his arms up and scare the storm off and have it turn out to sea. Anyway, the fact that the media is asking these questions is the first indication that you’re going to see stories about it. And, by the way, I didn’t say anything about it at the beginning of the program. That’s some of the restraint that I’m talking about, ’cause if the election were today, it would be a blowout.

Did he say that?

I didn’t say it.

Did he say that? Did he just say, if the election were today, it would be a blowout? And the election’s a week from tomorrow. The fact that the media’s asking old Jay Carney about this means you’re gonna see stories on this starting very quickly. And these questions to Carney are going to be the basis for the stories being legitimate. “Well, of course, Mr. Limbaugh, it’s a legitimate story. The president’s press secretary was asked about this very subject today. Of course we do stories on perhaps moving Election Day and seeking scholarly authority.” And you don’t think they’re gonna be able to find some Harvard Law School buddies who will come out with a way, “Oh, sure, moving the election will be easy.” If they think it will help Obama, you watch.

I could have predicted this Friday. I didn’t. I could have predicted it when the program started today. I didn’t. It’s the restraint. I know some of you don’t like me being restrained. I’m just using my instincts on this.


Well, if turnout in the blue states is down in any way, then he’s got no chance. If it weren’t for San Francisco, Seattle, parts of LA, and New England in the Northeast, he doesn’t have a prayer. This is all blue state voters. If his constituents can’t vote in full force, that’s how it hurts. Anyway, you know as well as I do that the very fact that the press asked these questions means these stories are probably in the process of being pre-interviewed right now for later discussion on MSNBC and CNN tonight.


RUSH: Now, of course by law, Obama cannot move Election Day. At least according to Section 7, Chapter 1, Title 2 of the US Code. I’ll read that to you: “The Tuesday next after the first Monday in November in every even-numbered year is established as the day for the election in each of the states and territories of the United States of representatives and delegates to the Congress commencing on the third day of January next thereafter.”

So he can’t move it. It’s in the Constitution; it’s in the United States Code. He cannot move the election. But it has not stopped him. The law has not stopped him in other things. The thing is, if truth be told, delaying the election is not really in their best interests. The longer this goes… Unless you think it could go on so long there could be a turnaround, that’s… All of this is just absurd. The media is gonna try to get a big discussion going on this, and they will. You watch.

You watch.

Oh, one thing that will be delayed is the jobs report. The Labor Department is saying, “You know what? We’re probably not gonna release the jobs number for October on Friday ’cause of the storm. We’re gonna have to delay that.” Austan Goolsbee was on one of the Sunday shows either yesterday or last week, I forget which. HeÂ’s a former economic adviser to Obama, and he made it clear that the October jobs number is not gonna be good.

So they are gonna delay the unemployment number. You could almost bank on the fact that you’re not gonna get an unemployment number because it’s still October, and nobody can get a job this week in the Northeast. They can’t even show up to the jobs they’ve got. So they’ll say, “Whatever number we put out is skewed way beyond reality.” They’ll already play that game. And I’m telling you: All this stuff, folks…

Don’t fret that it’s going to work. We’re at the point now where every traditional Democrat trick that’s played is going to backfire on them. The bloom is off the rose. Obama’s likability has tanked. It’s not what it was. Don’t doubt me. I know you’re still gonna be fearful. I know you’re gonna be worried. I know your confidence is gonna ebb and flow. But don’t doubt me on this.

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