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RUSH: Okay, so here’s the latest from the Obama campaign website. Drudge just put it on his front page. It’s a picture of Romney in a dunce hat. This is a campaign for the presidency of the United States of America. Obama, who just admitted to Jay Leno that math beyond the seventh grade confused him, and we know it does, is now running a picture of Romney sitting on a stool in a dunce cap. They expect that to work with who? That appeals to women and independents and the great undecideds and so forth? That appeals actually to who? I don’t even think it appeals to the girl that wants the first time guy to be — speaking of that, speaking of that ad with Lena Dunham, lose your virginity and vote for the right guy, make it the same guy, make it Barack Obama.

If I was as crude as Obama and Biden and his people are, we could make a lot of jokes about that, like, “Well, yeah, how many of you people did vote for Obama the first time and end up getting intercoursed?” would be the polite, refined way. How many of you have been intercoursed by Obama? How many of you did not enjoy your first intercourse by Obama? By the way, my friends, I, El Rushbo, am not surprised. This is who the guy is. You know, Peggy Noonan has a column out today about the importance of the Denver debate, that at debate Obama reveals who he was. Maybe to her. This is why this guy from Long Island, when he tells me that “you tell the truth,” he’s talking about January 16th, 2009, when I said, “I hope he fails.”

I have known Obama’s not the cool, calm, sharp crease in his slacks that all these idiot pundits fell for. I have known from the beginning who Obama is, and all of you have to. It’s just a question of accepting it. You can’t have a preacher like Reverend Wright for 20 years and not agree with that. You just can’t. You don’t stay in church for 20 years with a guy that repulses you or who you disagree with or embarrasses you. You don’t do that. It was plain as day for anybody who wanted to be honest with themselves about who Obama is. That debate may have shown it to people for the first time, but to many of us it wasn’t a revelation. It’s who he was. It’s who he’s always been. It’s how he’s treated Republicans since the get-go.


RUSH: Somebody needs to tell the Obama campaign that a lot of us just don’t want to be intercoursed by Obama anymore, certainly not in a second term. One was quite enough. Remember John Kerry, back in 2004, said, “I can’t believe I’m losing to this idiot.” And now Obama is running, “I can’t believe I’m losing to a dunce.” They actually have Romney in a dunce hat on one of their websites. All of you people that had these lofty ideas of who Obama was, how does that work for you now?

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