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RUSH: Mike, Long Island, great to have you. Open Line Friday. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Thanks for taking the call. This is an incredibly important call for me. First things first. I’m a Democrat, and I never really was a big fan. I must say that up front. I was elected to my town council, a small town on Long Island. But I’m just astonished at how you won me over and how critical the truths that you are telling are to the American people right now because —

RUSH: Wait. I want to make sure I’m hearing this correctly. You are an elected Democrat, town council, somewhere in Long Island?

CALLER: Yes. I’m actually astonished that, quite frankly, you’re the only person that I hear out there that’s actually telling the American people the truth. It’s a critical moment, and it’s something that I’m indebted to you as an American taxpayer, because the Obama playbook has trickled down so importantly to local government that I’m seeing it firsthand. My town has been downgrade by Moody’s to almost junk bond status, yet there is the same mentality, you know, the town went for a 15% tax increase. They tried to borrow from the state to wipe out their deficit. They raised their borrowing for the town by 40% in just a ten-month period. The responsibility and the stark contrast in the business mentality between the Obama people and the Romney people is critical right now. It’s incredible. I mean, the price —

RUSH: Mike, I need you to hang on. I got ten seconds here before a commercial break I have to take. And when I come back we’ll continue, ’cause I’m not sure I heard what I heard. An elected Democrat won over by this program. I got to confirm that.


RUSH: We’re back with Mike in Long Island. Mike, I really appreciate what you’re saying. When did this conversion happen? Elected Democrat —

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: This doesn’t happen. Not an elected Democrat. A lot of Democrats have called here and reported that they see things a different way, but never an elected Democrat like you.

CALLER: Well, you know, let’s be frank about a number of things. You know, there are some social issues that you and I may not see eye-to-eye on, but at the core, I’m a fiscal conservative. I come from the private sector, you know, the elected spot is just a part-time gig. But you’re responsible for the finances of the city. You vote on these matters. And these are times where the average American knows it because they’re doing it in their homes. Municipalities have to understand the same thing in the same way that the president just doesn’t get. We don’t have the money any longer. You have to do with less. We can’t borrow your way out of these things. At some point you have to say “no.” On a municipal level it’s easier to say “no” but it just isn’t happening, and it’s incredible how it’s almost the same playbook. And when you speak out, you know, I guess I’m the outspoken one, they come after and they kill you. The assassination. They put my business basically out of business.

RUSH: I’ve been trying to tell people for the last four years. Let’s just confine this to the last four years of Obama, that he is who he is, that being Obama means something, being liberal Democrat as Obama, he’s radical. It means something. You can predict it, it’s ideologically based, you can predict what he’s gonna do, what his opinion on something is going to be. You can predict, running up all the debt, that he’s not concerned about it, for whatever reason. He wants to add to it. He doesn’t want to reduce it. He’ll say he does, but he doesn’t. It’s scary to get into his reasons for it, but it’s clear that he’s not concerned about it.

CALLER: Well, that’s the part where you won me over, and I’m grateful to you, and I mean that, because somebody has to tell the truth. You have a short amount of time during the debates, and Romney coming from the private sector tries to articulate it, you know, when he’s not being interrupted by the moderator, but he tries to articulate the shift. It’s a philosophical shift that has to happen now, because the bigger view, you know, these guys will be gone in three or four years. We’re gonna be left holding the bag.

RUSH: That’s exactly right.

CALLER: And my gratitude to you and where you won me over — and I’m sincere about it — is because of the way you’ve been telling the truth, the American people need it. They don’t get it from many places anymore and, you know, I’ve made enormous sacrifices because I spoke up. It probably won’t help my town, but the country, I think, still has a shot at being saved.

RUSH: Ultimately it will. I’ve got the faith that you’re speaking up for your town. Ultimately it will, because, like it’s all trickle-down to you, it can all trickle down the other way, trickle up, too, once changes start being made. But look, Mike, I really appreciate your call today, and I appreciate what you’re saying, and I know what you mean. Folks, when he says that he appreciates my telling the truth, he’s talking about something. When I describe Obama’s intentions, that’s what he’s talking about, that’s his revelation. And that’s what a lot of people can’t get their arms around. A lot of people can’t get their arms around the fact that Obama has intentions that are not good for this country, that do not jive with the traditions and institutions that have made the country great. That’s what he’s talking about.

Anybody can tell the truth about Obama’s tax policy, but the truth about who Obama is is what he’s talking about. Mike, I really appreciate it. You’ve made my day. In fact, H.R. or James, pick up the phone with him, because I’m really way behind here. Ask him what he wants, iPhone 5, iPad, Retina MacBook Pro. He’s a politician. He might be able to take any of it or all of it, who knows. But ask him, ’cause I really do appreciate the kind words and the perception. He gets it. I know exactly what he’s talking about. And did you hear him? They put his business out. The Democrat Party in his town punished him when he tried to be fiscally responsible ’cause he went against the apparatchiks. They put his business out of business. He’s one of them, and all he did was stand up and say, “Guys, this isn’t the right thing to do.” There is no tolerance on that side. There is no room for disagreement. Not in the fundamentals.

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