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RUSH: Joseph in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. I knew it had to be Latrobe. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I can’t believe I got through. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hey, I’ve been a registered Democrat all my life, and —

RUSH: Another one.

CALLER: Yeah, well, I’m not no elected official, but you changed me over. I just started listen to you about three months ago, you and Hannity. Thank God we got you people out there.

RUSH: What made you change your mind or start listening three months ago?

CALLER: Ah, I don’t know. Everybody says you was a nut. (laughing) I said, “Well, if he’s a nut, I better listen to him.”

RUSH: Yeah, you know, I can’t legally do this, I really can’t even legally get too specific, but I would love to show you our audience ratings from a particular point in time last spring. And then I would like to show you, of that massive increase, how many have held on, because they were curious. What the hell’s going on on that show? And they tuned in here, and like you, they found that what they’d heard was going on on this show wasn’t going on. That, in fact, it’s smart, intelligent, true, and enjoyable at the same time. That’s what you found, my guess is.

CALLER: Nah, this thing in Libya just brings tears to my eyes. I’m military, and I was in ’66, and —

RUSH: Megyn Kelly just interviewed Mr. Woods.

CALLER: Yeah, I heard that.

RUSH: He’s now moved to television. He did radio interviews yesterday. He’s now moved to TV. Remember Brit Hume, earlier this week on Greta, said that the media’s not doing this story. They just don’t see how it relates to the campaign. It’s not that they’re trying to shield Obama or anything, they don’t see how it relates to the campaign. We got ten days to go, this is not really a campaign thing. I wonder at what point does this story become fascinating to our paragons of journalism? Everybody that’s up to speed on this story, has their mind around it like you do, Joseph, is outraged, and more and more so with every new thing that we learn. I really appreciate your call. I thank you very much.

An incredible day.

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