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RUSH: I have Beth in Lynchburg, Virginia. Hi, Beth. I’m glad you called. Welcome to the program. Great to have you here.

CALLER: (garbled cell) Hi. Great to be here. I’m just concerned about the way you deliver your presentations or whatever when it comes to things you don’t care about. It’s like driving a nail, driving a nail. You and Hannity both. You’re —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold it. I want to understand what you’re saying. What presentations?

CALLER: Against Obama. What else? It’s all I hear.

RUSH: Well, give me an example. Give me an example.

CALLER: Well, let’s start — let’s start with your approach from day one. When he took office, you said you hoped his administration will fail.

RUSH: That’s true.

CALLER: I knew you have that feeling ’cause you act dirt (sic), right?

RUSH: Uh, well, given what’s happened, I think I’ve been vindicated. I wish none of this had happened. I wish we still had 4.7% unemployment.

CALLER: Square that with (unintelligible)

RUSH: I still wish that family income wasn’t $55,000 a year. I wish that one in six weren’t in poverty. I wish that we didn’t have 47 million Americans on food stamps. But this has been an abject failure. I knew this was gonna happen.

CALLER: Naaaaah! N-n-n-n-n-n-no, no, no, no, no!

RUSH: (impression) “Naaaaah-n-n-n-n-n-no!” Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

CALLER: No. You did not.

RUSH: There’s no doubt about it.

CALLER: No. You did not.

RUSH: What do you mean, “N-n-n-n-n-n-no”?

CALLER: You’re not being fair with respect to what he walked in on. You don’t address it in a way to say —

RUSH: What do you mean?

CALLER: Wait a minute.

RUSH: See?

CALLER: Let me say something please.

RUSH: This is quite illustrative.

CALLER: You do not say —

RUSH: I wasn’t being fair? Well, okay. How…? Let me —

CALLER: You’re never fair ’cause you have a point to make.

RUSH: I do. Yes.

CALLER: You’re driving a nail. You and Hannity are (garbled).

RUSH: See, here’s the problem. I am too sure of myself. See, that’s right.

CALLER: You’re obnoxious, too, on the air.

RUSH: No, I’m not obnoxious. I’m confident.

CALLER: Who, you? You?

RUSH: You know, you’re one of these women that does not like certitude.

CALLER: (garbled) People like you —

RUSH: You want everybody to be wishy-washy like you are.

CALLER: N-n-n-n-n-n-no, no, no, no, no!

RUSH: You want everybody to be wringing their hands and upset about everything and all this.

CALLER: (garbled)

RUSH: Have I not been vindicated, Beth? Do you want four more years of this?

CALLER: Did you look at the debate the other night? I agreed with Biden yesterday when I heard him say, “I thought the — what’s his name there — Romney was supposed to be challenging the man. He’s up there endorsing him!” He’s (garbled) everything that Obama put into effect, and I guess that’s why he’s gonna (unintelligible) —

RUSH: You…

CALLER: (unintelligible)

RUSH: Beth? Beth? Beth?

CALLER: He’s gonna go for a tax cut!

RUSH: Beth?

CALLER: You know what? You know what?


CALLER: We are not gonna get jobs under Romney ’cause —

RUSH: Beth?

CALLER: It’s not going to turn around in the next (garbled).

RUSH: Really…

CALLER: (garbled screaming)

RUSH: Really, I value my IQ, and the more time I spend with you the more it’s at risk. I’m telling you, you can’t be pleased. On the one hand, you get mad at me for being so certain and here Romney was Mr. Agreeable and Mr. Nice and Mr. Fair, and you’re all over him for not challenging Obama? You know, I’ve got a story in the Stack here that says PMS is not really something that exists, premenstrual syndrome.

I’ve got it right here in the Stack. The scientists say there is no such thing as PMS. I wonder. Beth, thanks much for the call. Thanks much for the call, but I’m sorry. I’m so sorry that I’ve offended you. I’m so sorry that my ontological certitude has rubbed you wrong. I feel very bad. I’m so sad that you’re unhappy that Romney was too agreeable with Obama, and I’m really sad that you think Biden makes sense.

It makes me fear for the country.

“From day one!” Day one, that’s right! From day one I haven’t been fair. From day one I never gave Obama a chance “Day one! Day one!” Now one thing you should know, folks, is that she told Snerdley something. Her hook to get on the program was she told Snerdley, “You know, he’s driving me to Obama.” Snerdley said, “Well, maybe we can save her.

“Because when Rush talks to people, he can generally talk ’em off the ledge. Rush is really good at that.” Well, it turns out I’m not driving her to Obama; she has been there. She’s been there since day one. She’s still there, and there’s no talking her off that ledge. But, Beth, I’m glad you called. It’s been a delight. More evidence that the public education system is in trouble.

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