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RUSH: My question, who from the Obama team is meeting with Bob Schieffer today? Why would I ask? Because I think somebody from the Obama team met with Candy Crowley and reminded her — see, if you go back, if you look, two weeks before the debate, Candy Crowley herself knew that Obama did not call Benghazi a terror attack, and then somebody, two weeks before the debate, called her attention to the fact that he had and gave her that transcript. I watched the debate, and Romney hears Obama say that he called it a terror attack, and Romney knows he didn’t. So Romney pauses and looks at Obama, “Wait, you are saying that you called it a terror attack, we have that on the record?” And Obama says, “Please proceed, Governor Romney.” Urges him to keep going on this. “Keep going, Governor Romney, keep going. It’s all right. It’s okay. Keep talking.”

So Romney keeps making the point that Obama didn’t call it a terror attack, and then out of the blue Obama points at Candy Crowley and says, “Check the transcript, check the transcript,” and she has it! She holds it up and says, “You know, he’s right, Governor Romney, he did use the word,” and whatever rhythm Romney had was halted or changed, and when something like that happens and you’re near the time limit, you have the time limit showing, the moderator inserts herself in the deal, you instinctively know you can’t go after the moderator. That will not look good. So you have to let Crowley do what she does.

Let’s put it this way. There could have been coordination a week before as they just walked her through, she’s a reporter, she hosts that show. Axelrod could have pointed, “Look, he said terror attack, if it comes up in the debate.” It came up, interesting she had the transcript right there. What are the odds? You don’t think so? Well, I do.

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